Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Introductions and Procrastination Discussion

If you're just joining, please introduce yourself here. This is also the section for general discussion about procrastination topics - articles you've read, questions, thoughts, insights, etc.

Another lost 2 months

I managed to keep a daily check of what I was doing via the special projects list - "my phd journey". I was doing well and had a deadline in early February that I was working towards. As the deadline approached  I lost a bit of discipline, stopped logging in on a daily basis and returned to my old habit of time binging. I met the deadline and past the committee that I needed to. It wasn't a particularly comfortable time and I wish I had not been so hard on myself but it did pass.

Sometimes it seems all too much

Dear Overcomers

Being low-functioning


I have noticed after reading many posts here that most of you people are what I would call high-functioning procrastinators.

Many of you are working on a PhD. I never dared to do this. Writing my masters thesis was a real nightmare for me. A PhD was just too big for me.

Many of you are able to live as a freelancer, self-employed. The level of self-control I can muster up was barely sufficient to live as an employee. I am unemployed for more than four years.

@ Vic -Thanks for post on problem-solving in checkin

Thank you so much for your post.

I run away from problems all the time. Especially ones to do with work or aquiring new clients. As of this moment I am avoiding calling a new client back after he called me following my proposal to do work. I initially avoided it because I didn't want to have the negotiating conversation. Now I am avoiding it because it's been a week  and I am so very ashamed that I have come to this point. AND NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME.

More and more tasks

Hi again! So I am having a hard time. I have lots of work I need to make up, but I also have lots of work that I currently need to do. Obviously the current work (since it is for credit) takes precedence, but I am just feeling so overwhelmed. It feels insurmountable. I often feel like my tasks for school are multiplying like bacteria!

I KNOW I need to break it down to small steps. But it seems like too many chunks in too little time.

Thanks for the support. Tips appreciated!

Does Procras have withdrawel symptoms?

Hi All

I've recently started (for the 187th time!) to stop/reduce procras.

 Whenever i've tried this i go through a horrible process, whic i think must be withdrawel.


I expereince various strong uncomfortable emotions and feelings for eg Sad, racing thoughts, massive conflict of stopping action and melting into procrastination again, regretful thoughts on what i've missed in life, frustrations with current situations, anger, vulnerable feelings, confusion. boredom, agitation etc

Test anxiety

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, I just want to post something before I chicken out and decide "I don't need help, I'll be ok". Because that hasn't worked.

I want to come right out and say that I always was good at tests. I always thought "test anxiety" was a made up thing. I never had to study for tests in high school, I'd ace them most of the time. This is different.

I didn't do well on my first Midterm for class A. Like at all. It was frustrating because I did study really hard, but didn't get the results.

new and not so new member

Hi everyone i finally logged since joining p/a over  a year ago. Hope to start making real changes in my life instead of planning all the time.

any thoughts on why, despite being so very late for this public presentation I am not feeling panic?

this has happened before, I am risking my career by not being where I need to be with this huge project, yet I feel kind of ok. Part of me thinks that this is becasue I know I can still pull it out of the bag, so to speak, and another (larger) part that i am protecting myself via denial. Does anyone else recognise this? 

Does anyone have a problem of sleeping too much?

Dear Recoverers

Does anyone have a problem of sleeping too much? I love to sleep and sleep in almost every day since I am not working at the moment. I know it's because I like the escape it provides from the reality of my unproductive life. The problem is I really LOVE sleeping but I need to start becoming a responsible, productive adult (unfortunately these last three words make me feel uneasy even though I know it's important to be one). I do have a chronic health condition that genuinely makes me tired but a lot of the time I sleep more as a means of avoidance.

Headlight out, ins card expired, license plates fr prev cars lying in footwell--just another day in the life of a procrastinator

Headlight out, insurance card expired, old license plates from previous cars lying in footwell
Just another day in the life of a procrastinator

Yep, i got pulled over. Because the police officer could see the headlight out. It happened tonight. I've known about the headlight for a couple weeks. It IS on my list.

Evidence of recovery : i have a list. headlight is on my list.

I still have a ways to go : i didnt actually get the headlight fixed yet.

Baby Steps?

It's OK to be Average!!!


Hi everyone,
I am a new member and I am so, so relieved to know I am not the only one with
this awful problem. I have felt so alone and embarrassed but now I know there
are people out there like me who are doing things despite their challenges. I
have never talked to anyone about my procrastination problem and only realised
what this problem exactly was a few years ago.

Has anyone heard about "Find Your Focus" by Zach Browman?

Chronic Procrastination/Depression/Lazyness?!?!?!?!?!??!!

Well, I joined this website 11 weeks ago and funnily enough I've put off writing on here.

My procrastination has become worse in the last four years or so. Although I have procrastinated since being at school when it came to completing work etc.

I am now 29 and I feel that procrastination is impacting on my personal life and employment - everything basically!

Hello from a new member

Hi All

So today's my first day on here. It's really wonderful to find such a resource and be able to share with likeminded. I do have a big project to be getting on with so I'm going to try not to linger too much on the forums.. there's so much to read and I do want to interact, learn, share and support others too - but that would stop me from doing what i need to do!

Phone meetings

I've tried twice to call in for a phone meeting but have had a busy signal. Is this common (is the line full?), or is there a problem of some sort?


Taking back power & control

Hello, I'm going to write here about my insights regarding my very severe avoidance/procrastination problem.

I recently learned the core reason why I have so many dysfunctional behaviors as well as physical problems. 

Tip for finding things after you put them away

Hi!  This is something I'm trying.  I resist putting things "away" in part because if I want them I won't know where they are.  So I've started an excel spreadsheet that I'm keeping on my desktop called "Whereisit." When I realize I'm resisting putting something away b/c I don't have an obvious place for it, I list it and its location in the spread sheet. I'm just starting this, so I don't know if it'll work long term, but here goes....

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