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Headlight out, ins card expired, license plates fr prev cars lying in footwell--just another day in the life of a procrastinator

Headlight out, insurance card expired, old license plates from previous cars lying in footwell
Just another day in the life of a procrastinator

Yep, i got pulled over. Because the police officer could see the headlight out. It happened tonight. I've known about the headlight for a couple weeks. It IS on my list.

Evidence of recovery : i have a list. headlight is on my list.

I still have a ways to go : i didnt actually get the headlight fixed yet.

The insurance card was expired. All it takes it to receive it in the mail, and walk out to the car and place it in the glove compartment. However, upon arriving home, my wife and i discussed it, and it could be i'm uninsured cuz we have automatic payment and the bank changed my credit card number. Ins company may not have the updated number.

Evidence of recovery : acknowledging my limitations and using auto-pay.

I still have a ways to go : i didnt stay on top of the changing credit card number and insurance expiration.

The license plates are from 2 old cars that we've gotten rid of. They're lying in the footwell of the back seat waiting to be taken to the DMV to be turned in. The nice officer explained that it is actually illegal to hang on to them. Then i explained how i'm a procrastinator and i'm chemically addicted to NOT turning them in. No. jk. I did not explain that.

Evidence of recovery : well, actually the license plates are not on my list, so i'm not sure there is any evidence here :-(

I still have a ways to go : i didnt put them on my list, and i didnt turn them in yet.

On the whole affair:

Evidence of recovery: I was only a little nervous, not sick to my stomach. I have already worked thru the phenomena that government expects citizens to be responsible, and because of my condition that is extremely challenging for me. I fully expect there to be times when i am penalized by gov't for not being able to adhere to regulations. Also, i did not drive away swearing to myself that this will never happen again. Rather i thot, i am already involved in a program that is helping me overcome this disability. I trust that as God continues to mold me thru this program, things like this will happen less and less often.

I still have a ways to go : eventually i will be recovered enuf that i will have all these requirements met on time.

P.S. While i did not plead procrastination, i DID use a technique a cop-friend clued me in to. Own up to your mistake. Take responsibility. Cops go easier on you than if you try to weasel out of it. Perhaps it worked; he only gave me a ticket for 1 of the 4 violations (the 4th is tinted windows--car had them when i bought it (used) so that particular one is not due to procrastination).

@vic @riddled

@riddled good for you getting your frame number. I definitely use tricks like the rubber band thing. I think of them as my prosthesis since i can't remember on my own. Like a cane for someone who has trouble walking. Or a wheelchair.

@both of you : in a period of healthy recovery, i fixed my headlight.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb



thanks for your support and comments. They're a blessing.

Turns out the ins is still valid, didnt miss a payment yet, and the cards must be somewhere in the mail pile :( Anyway, my wife (not me) called and had new cards mailed, and printed out temporary cars, and *I* put them in our cars. But it was sort of based on the extra motivation that comes with recent failure, not steady, measured, planned task completion. But still happy to have done it.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb



In movie Leap  of Faithwith steve martin:

"BOYD:Well, what diference does it make if you get the job done"



Procrastination is always delay, but not all delay is procrastination.

1.headlight- unless you could fix it yourself, you needed to go to shop, schedule appt, get it fixed. mine was out and i just never got stopped, my son fixed iut I forme.

2. insurance card . similar happened to friend who is not a procratinator. she changed insur. and she had auto withdrawl the insur reports insurance lapse to DOT , so can be really messed, FYI jump on that or you may have to deal with DOT/insuranse, etc This may be a gift from HPand angels watching over you  to save you from all that before what happened to my friend happens to you.

3. What? License plates turned in? that is news to me. you must be kidding....


Evidence of recovery : your whole presentation. I especially liked the comment " I have already worked thru the phenomena that government expects citizens to be responsible" lol

thanks for having courage to share ESH

Comforts & solidarity

Comforts, clement, I can so relate to that. (Alas!) I've been trying to find my driving licence for over 3 years now. (Yes, it's definitely somewhere in my flat, I haven't lost it anywhere else, it's not stolen either.) Thankfully, I have no car, and there are few regulations about bicycles, and hardly any paperwork. "Hardly any?" - Well, yes, I really, really should note down the frame number of my new (pre-owned) second bicycle. It's permanently parked at the train station at night (in the town where I work), and if it gets stolen, I'll need the number to have any chance of getting it back. Been on my to-do list for a few weeks now, but I always forget it. Not today, I hope.

Edit 1: I forgot it again today. So, to remind me of it on Monday, I put a rubber band around the bicycle lock key. I won't be able to unlock the bike again without removing the rubber band first and - hopefully - remembering to note down the number.

Edit 2: The good news: Wrote down the number today. The bad news: Bicycle has a flat tyre now... as if I needed any additional tasks on my to-do-list... Frown