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It's OK to be Average!!!

I am accepting that IT IS OK TO BE AVERAGE. All my Life, I have felt the need to be perfect. The perfect everything. And when I wasn't (as none of us are) I felt like I was such a disappointment. So now I am accepting who I am and where I am in life and IT'S OK. Let me tell you, the relief is immense and while I haven't fully mastered the attitude, the moments I have, have been so full of relief. That if this is all I am going to be, then it's OK.

And so if I just pass the project I am working on, then it's OK!! The point for me is just to finish it. No more, no less.  


Thanks for this, Kawaiineko!

Thanks for sharing your realization! This is something that I struggle a lot with too, and like you said... in the moments where I can be kind to myself and feel that "I am enough" already, without "oh but I have to do ________ very well, etc" afterwards, it's a huge relief.  And it helps me get more done with less anxiety.

YAY. :-)


"Do I prefer to grow up and relate to life directly, or do I choose to live and die in fear?"

-- Pema Chodron

It's a pleasure!

Dear gotmusikk

I'm glad you can relate! Everytime I read this post of mine, I get happy. The irony is we are better than we think we are. But to the psyche, it is a huge relief to know that: it's ok to be average!!!

Kind Regards,


interesting point Kawaiineko!

really good i like it a lot!!!!

Coz if I view my life so far through the 'lens' of perfection (if that makes sense) then that means that I have failed... I have not received accolade after accolade, reached the top of my profession (nowhere near that!) etc..

It is so easy to view our lives and achievements in a negative way... but if as you say 'we're allowed to be average' - then I have done just fine!! And that makes me feel better already :-)