Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


What do you DO when you are procrastinating? Please comment details you'd like to comment.

Surf the web; email; other computer use.
54% (36 votes)
Do less important errands or chores.
6% (4 votes)
Play games on the computer and/or internet.
16% (11 votes)
Watch TV.
9% (6 votes)
Talk on the phone.
3% (2 votes)
Sit, stare into space, and daydream.
3% (2 votes)
Take a nap.
0% (0 votes)
Smoke a cigarette, drink alcohol, or do a drug.
0% (0 votes)
Shop for anything.
0% (0 votes)
OTHER - please comment below.
9% (6 votes)
Total votes: 67

Do you want the PA forum to be private - visible only to members?

Yes - make all the boards private.
6% (1 vote)
Yes, but make some of the boards private, not all.
41% (7 votes)
No - having a private chatbox is enough, and the public forum helps attract new members.
53% (9 votes)
Total votes: 17

What do you think is the most important thing(s) you need to overcoming procrastination?

Building up your self confidence
4% (5 votes)
Strengthening your willpower
11% (13 votes)
Remove distractions around you
2% (2 votes)
Letting go of control (be less controlling)
3% (3 votes)
Overcoming a fear (failure, success)
11% (13 votes)
Counselling or therapy
1% (1 vote)
Making yourself start a task
16% (19 votes)
Involvement with a program (e.g. twelve-step)
6% (7 votes)
Changing your attitudes toward the task you're delaying
12% (14 votes)
More effective time management and scheduling techniques
3% (4 votes)
Acceptance you have a procrastination problem
5% (6 votes)
Combination of the above (please comment)
22% (26 votes)
Other(s) (please comment)
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 117

What do you tell yourself (in your head) when you are procrastinating?

"Just 'x' more minutes of doing this then I will work on it later!"
25% (26 votes)
"I deserve to take a break now!"
1% (1 vote)
"I got plenty of time to do it later!"
3% (3 votes)
"I don't feel like doing it now!"
21% (22 votes)
"I'm going to do it later, I promise!"
8% (9 votes)
"There's no point in doing it now if I can't do it well!"
2% (2 votes)
"This is more important to do now. That can wait till later!"
2% (2 votes)
a combination of the above
27% (29 votes)
you don't tell yourself anything at all
9% (10 votes)
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 106

What do you believe is the root (main cause) of your procrastination?

Lack of mental focus (not being clear about intention or purpose)
5% (6 votes)
Fear (of failure)
21% (27 votes)
Pleasure seeking (avoid activities which cause pain in favor of fun or pleasure)
21% (27 votes)
Perfectionism (things must be done perfectly or not at all)
13% (16 votes)
Easily distracted (not being able to maintain attention for periods of time)
7% (9 votes)
Sheer laziness
6% (8 votes)
Lack of self discipline (or will power)
17% (21 votes)
Poor sense of time management
2% (3 votes)
Weak planning or goal setting skills
5% (6 votes)
Impatient (tendency to want immediate results)
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 127

Would you be interested in attending an online Procrastinators Anonymous meeting on this site?

80% (187 votes)
6% (14 votes)
not sure
14% (33 votes)
Total votes: 234

In what area(s) of your life do you procrastinate?

None - never procrastinate
0% (3 votes)
School homework, studying
11% (85 votes)
Writing books, articles, papers
3% (22 votes)
Getting ready to leave (chronically late)
2% (16 votes)
Work- or job-related tasks
6% (48 votes)
Filing tax returns, accounting
1% (11 votes)
Handling bills and insurance
1% (7 votes)
3% (25 votes)
2% (18 votes)
Seeking medical care
2% (17 votes)
Following medical advice (e.g. taking medication)
0% (3 votes)
Other (please specify by posting a comment)
0% (3 votes)
Three or more areas (post comment to explain)
11% (88 votes)
Five or more areas (post comment to explain)
10% (81 votes)
Seven or more areas (post comment to explain)
10% (77 votes)
Procrastinate in all areas of life
37% (299 votes)
Total votes: 803

Which of these categories best describes you? (See comment for details.)

No procrastination problems, No addiction problems
0% (0 votes)
Moderate procrastination problems, No addiction problems.
10% (36 votes)
Serious procrastination problems, No addiction problems.
30% (111 votes)
No procrastination problems, Moderate addiction problems.
1% (2 votes)
Moderate procrastination problems, Moderate addiction problems.
12% (45 votes)
Serious procrastination problems, Moderate addiction problems.
36% (135 votes)
No procrastination problems, Serious addiction problems.
0% (0 votes)
Moderate procrastination problems, Serious addiction problems.
1% (2 votes)
Serious procrastination problems, Serious addiction problems.
12% (45 votes)
Total votes: 376

To what extent does procrastination negatively impact your happiness?

Not at all
1% (2 votes)
12% (46 votes)
Quite a bit
21% (80 votes)
Very much
32% (124 votes)
Extreme impact
34% (132 votes)
Total votes: 384
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