Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

What do you DO when you are procrastinating? Please comment details you'd like to comment.

Surf the web; email; other computer use.
53% (36 votes)
Do less important errands or chores.
6% (4 votes)
Play games on the computer and/or internet.
16% (11 votes)
Watch TV.
9% (6 votes)
Talk on the phone.
3% (2 votes)
Sit, stare into space, and daydream.
3% (2 votes)
Take a nap.
0% (0 votes)
Smoke a cigarette, drink alcohol, or do a drug.
0% (0 votes)
Shop for anything.
0% (0 votes)
OTHER - please comment below.
10% (7 votes)
Total votes: 68


Doing everything but what I'm supposed to do

Whatever that gives me buzz and takes my attention. That's about anything.

All but one

I do all of these, except sit and stare into space.

Find your "WHY"

I am choosing to finally start living for me. I am tired of coming in
last. I choose to create a life I can love, to be the person I am meant
to be, to work on improving myself so that I can do something

Daydream etc

Surf, sit, stare, daydream, nap, do puzzles, read

All of the above

Vivacity I do all of the above except the shopping and drink/smoke/drug.  The more pressure I'm under to complete a task, the more likely I am to get lost in the unimportant.  When I was studying for my finals I managed to paint all of the kitchen cupboards in my parents house.

doing everything BUT

>When I was studying for my finals I managed to paint all of the kitchen cupboards in my parents house.

Haha - I can soooo relate... I get the most done on OTHER tasks on my to-do list when I add something particularly odious. For instance, if I have an article to write that is particularly challenging, I'll suddenly have tremendous energy for accounting or cleaning the bathroom. :)

I do anything

I will do jsut about anything I can to distract myself.  I have done all the ones listed before as well as a few really exotic ones not listed, but usually I use the internet, play games, or get lost in my ADD.

If I'm getting to the point where I can tell that my procrastination could have some really severe consequences verry soon, my ADD can lead me into stinkin' thinkin' mode, where I procrastinate by just beating myself up.  Ironically, most of what I'm beating myself up about is or was caused by my procrastinating.

I see I'm completely

I see I'm completely normal....whatever that means....every poll I take my answer is always the most chosen. Normal? Maybe not...but definitely not alone. 

1 through 7

I do all of these except talk on phone, smoke etc. and shop.

Sometimes I focus on exactly

Sometimes I focus on exactly what I am spending my time on so I can become more aware of the procrastination.  Like knowing how much money you have and where it is going, it is important to know where your time is going. 

@LarrySeattle - Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness (e..g mindfulness meditation) is often recommended because it can make you more aware of your own procrastination. If we keep records of where our time is going, that is a bit like keeping a household budget to know where the money is going.  I totally agree.

I have occasionally tried to keep track of where my time goes throughout the day, but I invariably forget to keep notes throughout the day. There must be an iPhone/iPad app... I'd like something where I can record what I'm doing in just a couple of seconds and then move on. And I don't especially want to tell the whole world, like on Twitter or something.

But yeah, keeping track of time or money can be a motivator to change how we use those things.