Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Would you be interested in attending an online Procrastinators Anonymous meeting on this site?

80% (187 votes)
6% (14 votes)
not sure
14% (33 votes)
Total votes: 234


This is a really old outdated poll ... re: online meeting

The poll is dated 2006.
I'm posting this because someone just noticed the poll and replied to it.

We have had an online meeting at this website since April 2008.
Anyone interested in finding this meeting, read this link:

There are also other meetings (in person and via phone)
-- see this link:



Best for me....

... is late in the day...eastern time US. Any day of the week is ok...I am away from home several days a week though and do not have internet access so my "attendance" may be spotty.

Meetings online

Evenings are best for me.

online meeting

I'd be interested in this. I'm normally free in the morning 7-11 am (CT) or later in the afternoon-after 2 pm. I don't know how soon you are planning this. I'm going to be gone from 8/1-8/15 but until then I'm avaliable most of the time.

Possible days/times...

I would love to do this, and I will try to attend no matter the time chosen, but for me...

Between 6 & 7 pm weekdays
Sat & Sun mornings 1- 12 noon


day/time for online meeting?

A lot of people said they'd be interested in an online meeting. If you were one of them, please post some day/time options that would work for you.


I will try to do anytime possible, though getting an early start (say early mornings like 7:00 might be a good introduction to the day).  I think maybe a few meetings at different times might be helpful, especially because people are from all over.

online meeting

Hello everyone

yes i would be interested to participate at an online meeting.I live in morocco so there is an average of 5-6 hours differences between us ( morocco & usa) so the best time for me is during Saturday where im free to connect anytime in the day even late & early.

ps: i procrastinated a lot to introduce my self here :-) but i have for excuse that my english is not very fluent... and im sure most of the members do not understand moroccan or french ..
humm i know its a bad excuse ;-)

Happy new year to every P.A. member :-)

Bienvenue, Adam Zep

Je lis francais bien, mais je ne le parle pas tres bien, ni l'ecris pas bien. But if you can read English well, I can read your French.

Meeting times

I'd be very interested in an on-line meeting. In general, I'm free Saturdays from 12-6, Sundays all day, and weekdays after 7pm except not Wednesday nights. Thanks!

online PA meeting - please read

There were comments about this somewhere else that I was going to add to, but I can't find it so I'll post this message as a comment to the poll.

I was going to spend time this weekend working out the PA online meeting format since 45 people have voted that they want it, and some people have asked about it in messages (those are the messages I can't find). But for the last 2-3 days, there has been almost no one here but me. I don't want to do this work for nothing. I want to see more activity in the forum before I spend the time. I feel sad enough posting with no response. I don't want to have a meeting that no one comes to.

So if you want the help this site can offer - and it's potentially very helpful - please visit regularly and contribute through adding your own questions and comments. Interaction - active discussion - is what makes for an effective recovery site. I can't do it alone.

I know how you feel

In the early days here after you first set up the site it seemed like it was just me and Gwen posting regularly - it definitely helps the motivation levels now there are more of us.

I did post on the Friday thread that I would be away on a course this weekend and wouldn't be back until today.

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Normy - I missed your post about being away.

I'm very glad you're back!! I felt very lonely when you were gone. Anouk and you both disappeared at the same time - and then there was one. :( But today the forum has perked up quite a bit, which makes me very happy. :)


Understandable Pro :P
I was out of town this weekend.

Is there a way for you to accept donations on this site? Does it cost you very much to run this?

Myabe we can start w/a specified chat time for a while and see if people would participate?

donations and a scheduled chat

tl - you're right that there should be a way for people to donate towards the expenses of hosting this site. It's not meant to be (and will never be) a profitable enterprise for me, but there are costs involved in registering the domain name and hosting the site, and I shouldn't be bearing them alone. That's not how 12-step programs work. We're supposed to be "self-supporting through our own contributions."

The problem is, if I add a Donations button so people can contribute through PayPal, my anonymity will be instantly blown through my PayPal account. It's okay for people within the program to know who I am (the anonymity principle was never meant to apply within the fellowship), but it's a problem for me to be known publicly. If I put up a Donations button, anyone visiting the site could click the button and find out who I am. I actually paid extra when reserving the domain name to hide who I am. I couldn't be frank in my posts if I didn't have anonymity.

So donations through PayPal are out. But I could set up a mailing address for the fellowship, which would allow people to contribute towards registration and hosting costs by sending checks or money orders (if they want to protect their own anonymity). The downside of this is the additional cost of renting a PO Box. If no one contributes, I'm out even more money. Well, maybe it's not too expensive - I'll look into it.

Scheduling a regular chat and seeing how many show up is also a good idea. I can't set that up right at this moment because I have some consulting work that I urgently need to finish, but I can do it when I get my consulting work done.


I'm not sure how PayPal works but could you set it up with the group name, with you as administrator?

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how PayPal works

When you buy something from someone through PayPal, PayPal sends you full information about the person or company receiving the money. So if I did it through my current PayPal account, I'd blow my anonymity.

To open an account for Procrastinators Anonymous would require incorporating Procrastinators Anonymous so it's a legal entity, renting a post office box under the name Procrastinators Anonymous, and opening a bank account under the name Procrastinators Anonymous. That takes time and money - serious money for the incorporation. I'm not able to front that much - there would have to be enough contributions in advance to support it.

It would be nice to have a PayPal donation button though, because people are much more likely to donate through PayPal than snail mail. There may be a way to do this without incorporating, but this is not what I should be thinking about now. I really need to get off this forum because I'm using it to procrastinate and that is really bad.

More later.


I understand. If you want to email me a way to donate - please do. I'd be happy to make a contribution :)

thanks, tl! FYI... I will post expenses and contributions

I can't do this now because I have work pending, but I decided that when I put up the contribution info, I will also post information on what the site's expenses are, and what contributions have been received, and I will update this regularly - maybe once a month. I want all this to be completely transparent. My purpose is not to make a profit - just to not bear the entire cost of maintaining the site.

I can't give you a mailing address until I set up a mailbox, and I haven't had a chance to do that yet. I will, though.

online PA meeting

This weekend I'm going to see if I can plan out the online PA meeting and get that going.

I'm trying to arrange a meeting place for the face-to-face meeting of DA for Procrastinators in NYC, but haven't succeeded yet. I sent an email but haven't received an answer. I haven't been pushing hard to rush it because it occurred to me that many people have left New York for the summer, and now may not be the best time to start it. I'm thinking August or September - probably will take me that long to figure out a meeting place.

But the online meeting can start much sooner - maybe even this coming week, if I get the format sorted out.

online meeting - great

how may I help? somewhere at a DA meeting, I received a list of 12 signs of Time-Debting, but can not find it. Anyway, if you need anything, please ask:)

how come there's not a real smiley face?

no real smiley face?

Do you mean that you have to type the symbol instead of clicking on the icon and have it inserted automatically? This site uses the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), and Drupal doesn't have a very good forum component. It's other components are pretty good, though.

The other thing about Drupal is that it was written by demented hyper-geeks who believe that complexity for its own sake is a Good Thing (NOT!!). It is the worst-written program I've ever worked with - utter nightmare - and I'm a pretty good PHP programmer. It's very hard to customize.

if you can find it...

...please email it to me with the Contact form (button at far right on top of page - I'm not typing my email address to minimize spam). That would be helpful.