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Does Procras have withdrawel symptoms?

Hi All

I've recently started (for the 187th time!) to stop/reduce procras.

 Whenever i've tried this i go through a horrible process, whic i think must be withdrawel.


I expereince various strong uncomfortable emotions and feelings for eg Sad, racing thoughts, massive conflict of stopping action and melting into procrastination again, regretful thoughts on what i've missed in life, frustrations with current situations, anger, vulnerable feelings, confusion. boredom, agitation etc

I feel like i'm waking from amazing dreamy Utopia (th utopia is when i'm procrastinating.It feels like bliss) into the 'real world'.  I've been struggeling with it for i'd say 25 years at least


Has anyone experinced this ?

Much Appreciated

Your not alone with those

Your not alone with those feelings. I think it's a combination of two things: First one is feeling the weight of the real world with all its responsibilities and worries. Secondly I think our brains adjusts to our  "procrastination drug"of choice. I.e. if you're used to surfing the web for several hours a day, then your brain is gonna miss that entertainment fix and you'll feel some withdraval symptoms.

I think it was pro that wrote some interesting things about procrastination being more like an addiction, than a time management problem. We're addicted to avoiding reality so to speak, so yes withdrawal symptoms are gonna show when you try to quit.


'The best way to get something done is to begin.'

Withdrawal symptoms / anxiety

In my case, I procrastinate to avoid the anxiety associated with whatever task I am supposed to be doing. Anxiety reducers are surfing the web, eating, reading, day-dreaming. If I have to stop doing the anxiety reducing behaviour I sure feel the anxiety. So, for me, not withdrawal symptoms as such, more like task associated symptoms. Sadness is a huge part of this. I have not worked out why. Maybe, like you say Neon it is to do with oportunities missed. I am not sure tho.

All the best with it,


Withdrawl symptoms

I think I would need to go for a long time without procrastination to experience the withdrawl symptoms. Usually when I am productive I feel good about myself and I continue to be productive.


I have experienced these feelings many times.

The comment by Steppin says it all.

I could not express it better.


What does it feel like fo you Harry? I would be interested to know.


I'm scared that i'll get sacked from work, seen as i keep avoiding important things and thinking 'i will deffo start tomorrow, i promise myself'! I hate these stupid***** excuses that i keep making. I'm so creative that the excuses are unlimited and varied as there are flower species!!

Thank you all for your comment

I have not managed to get to the point where i will avoid EVERYTHING and anything that i feel is uncomfortable. So i feel paralyzed sometimes about actually starting anything. It's quite scary sometimes, because you do feel like you're living in a 'procrastination world' .

I know the cure is to 'just do it'. but i keep getting oulled back to the procrastination feeling.


Do any of you ever feel like it has a magnetic pull?