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Phone meetings

I've tried twice to call in for a phone meeting but have had a busy signal. Is this common (is the line full?), or is there a problem of some sort?


re: difficulty accessing phone meetings

Hello AOTP,
In three years of attending PA phone meetings, I've never encountered a busy signal.

First be sure you have the correct phone number:

Here is how I dial in (from a USA landline)

and from a USA cellphone

The phone line answers almost immediately.
Then it asks for the code
and I input 119655#

If there are other callers on the line, I hear either silence or voices.
Usually, someone is there to greet you and start the meeting on time.
The morning meetings last only 15 minutes, so be mindful of that.

Occasionally, everyone is late (We're procrastinators).
If you are the ONLY person on the line, you'll hear MUSIC.
Just keep listening to the music until someone arrives.

NOTE: Right after you input the code 119655#,
you hear a recorded voice telling you what access code you input.
LISTEN to that, to verify that it took your input correctly.

It asks you to press ONE if you have the correct code, and TWO if you have the wrong code.

Note that if you input the wrong code, it won't tell you.  It will just send you to an empty room and you'll hear music.

I used to just hurriedly input ONE for yes -- without listening. And then I hear MUSIC, indicating that nobody was on the line.  I would wait, listening to music, hoping someone would come, and nobody did, and I would be disappointed.

I would then I would hear later on that the meeting had happened with many participants.  I would be puzzled.

One day, I LISTENED.
I discovered that when I input 119655,
the recording tells me I input 19655.
so then I input TWO to tell it that I was in error, and then re-input slowly the correct code.

I see you're in Canada, so I'm not sure how that works from there.

This is a conference line company.  It might be that your telephone service provider doesn't allow access for conference calls?  You might want to call your phone company to ask them.  Or maybe try from another phone.

Thanks, movingalong. I guess

Thanks, movingalong. I guess it might be the Canada thing. I'm with a mainstream provider, but I'll check with them, too. Thanks for the suggestions!