Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Introductions and Procrastination Discussion

If you're just joining, please introduce yourself here. This is also the section for general discussion about procrastination topics - articles you've read, questions, thoughts, insights, etc.


Another washed-up soul

Hello everyone,

I'm one of the new recruits as a result of the BBC Radio 4 programme.

Just when I was trying to give up the chronophagous computer altogether, this website hove into view.

I have a feeling of dread at anything new appearing in my life I am so incapable of managing what's there already.

New person

Hi there. I've just joined and am hoping to stop procrastinating after 47 years of it. OK, maybe 40 - I reckon I really didn't start procrastinating til I was about 7 and the need to Tidy My Room became apparent.

Last resort


I just joined the site. I’ve never been in any kind of help
group like this, so I want to apologise in advance if I say or act
inappropriately in some way which I have a habit of doing.



Hi - procrastinator of 10+ years signing in.

Hi everyone,

so I first wrote a complete, too long, text about my current situation as introduction. I decided to make it shorter in this way:

The Negative:

To Introduce Myself



hi all, i am new to this site

my first dilemma is..will i spend time procrastating here? i waste a lot of line on line, drifting from one link to another, most of it useless information. as on line is my biggest time waster that is perhaps where i need to cut down but i feel i'll just end up putting the tv on or something else.

Hello, again...


This is my second introduction; I deleted the first as not being anonymous enough - I'm terrified someone at work will join the dots. But thank you so much to lavida for welcoming me the first time :) 

I am a chronic procrastinator, on depression medication and regular psychologist visits as a result. I have a good job somehow, where I just about manage to keep afloat, but sit here in a dark abyss most of the time, watching the clock for when I can escape back home to feel bad for not achieving anything.

horrible habit formed



Getting started


 My name is Amanda. I am new to this site. I have only read a few parts of it but know I am in a place where people understand. I have always struggled with has been a family joke for many years...I've laughed along sometimes but I know it is not causes me (and people around me) so much distress and anxiety. I have tried many things (often as ways to procrastinate)...reading books, tapes, lots of self criticism etc.

Do you believe in recurring tasks?

Does anybody else have the same problem I have, of grasping the concept of recurring tasks? Other people laugh & think I'm joking when I try and tell them, but I wonder if it's a common difficulty for procrastinators?

I felt like I was at the bottom of a deep well...

without any way of getting out. I could see the sunlight where all the "normal" people were succesfully completeing tasks, going to work, actually doing things they say they're going to do, and basically taking care of business, but I felt completely hopeless that I would ever reach it. And then ago a few day, I saw the rope, and Procastinators Anonymous was printed on it. I was never good at rope climbing in gym class, and I know it'll still be hard for me to get out of this damn well, but at least I know there is a way out. I'm going to do some work now.

10 Min. Slots - Questions


new to PA and following the first piece of advice - break tasks down
to 10 min. slots. It works well, but still have some questions:

1 Does one take breaks in between
the 10 min. slots? I feel I need a 2-3 min. break.


For when we're lost and looking for a quick fix: motivating quotes/sentences! - We can be superstars...

I think we can be superstars, as long as we believe in ourselves and most importantly, JUST DO IT. NOW!


Hey guys,

We all know those tasks that make us feel overwhelmed because of sheer size. I've joined here about a month ago and since then sometimes in the chat box I see amazing motivating expressions!

Hello Everyone!


This is my first time posting. I joined over a year ago but then put off coming here...what a surprise. -_- 

I have a bit of experience in another 12 step fellowship, but what I've always had a problem with is procrastination. I've had this problem since I was a kid. At school, even though most years I had at least one study hall or free period per day, I could almost never bring myself to do work during them. I would get home, watch tv, eat dinner and then when the clock was really starting to tick, I would start my work.

The heavy toll of procrastination

Hi, I'm powerless over my procrastination habit.

My procrastination has affected my finances, relationships
and my self esteem (or maybe my low self esteem has caused the problem). From a
very young age I remember myself as a quitter. Anytime I faced difficulty of
any sort, the easiest thing for me to escape the issue, but things would always
get more complicated.

Pulling myself back from the Brink

My procrastination habit
started when I was in school. Recently, I found out from my mother than during
my early school days I used to come back home and do my school work on time. I
almost cannot remember such a period. What I remember from my school days is
cramming last minute, panicking before the exam because I haven’t covered my
lessons and despite that doing well. I think that started off a loop of

Hi everyone!I joined

Hi everyone!

I joined last night; not to use the forums reularly (computer time is a procrastinating time suck for me) but as this was the ony way that I could post a query:

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