Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Another washed-up soul

Hello everyone,

I'm one of the new recruits as a result of the BBC Radio 4 programme.

Just when I was trying to give up the chronophagous computer altogether, this website hove into view.

I have a feeling of dread at anything new appearing in my life I am so incapable of managing what's there already.

But speaking of Radio 4, there was another programme back in April that ought to be
mentioned as well as the Rowan Pelling effort. I am referring to Inside
Health. It can be listened to at the link below, and there is a transcript of the programme as well. The connection is ADHD. If you are prone to procrastination you may have adult ADHD for which there are drugs that can alleviate the symptoms. The section on ADHD is towards the end of the programme.

I am being assessed for adult ADHD, but not till mid October, and I have been waiting since April... meanwhile my life crumbles about me, nowhere to live, no work, divorce. If you notice a pile of dust in the corner, that'll be me. What I would give for a simple life!

I'll stop there. My daughter's due in less than half an hour and I have to try and get my act together.

great info on ADHD

Thanks for posting the link to the BBC Radio 4 show that talked about ADHD. I read the transcript, and what it said about doing risky things for the stimulation was very interesting. I never thought of that. I knew about the dopamine problem and that this is why stimulants worked, but I hadn't put that other piece together.

I also know from my UK clients that ADHD is much more accepted here in the US than in the UK. I had a client who was teaching at a university in the UK and her doctor would not refill her prescription for Adderall - said he didn't "believe in" ADHD, like it was a religion or something. Very odd.

At one time, doctors didn't believe in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, thought it was "all in the patient's head", some kind of neurotic problem. Then they invented the colonoscopy, looked inside, and discovered massive inflammation and/or ulcers. Not imaginary.

I guess anything doctors can't see or fully understand is considered imaginary at first. You can see ADHD in brain scans, though.

Interesting point re ADHD

Hi Stalled,

I just joined yesterday, clued in from the same source.

I don't think ADHD applies to me, but I've always made (quite possibly wrongly) a personal link to Aspergers, which a counsellor clued me in on, back in the day before it became 'fashionable' - needless to say I never followed up with getting an official diagnosis because of my procrastination, but everything I read seemed to fit and I think it certainly promotes an inclination towards procrasting, if not being an outright 'cause'.

Of course, I may just be looking for an excuse...

Anyway, welcome (if I'm allowed to say that, being a veteran of one entire day)

Changed ma username, cos I could


thanks for the welcome; to you too.

I was quite taken aback when I heard that ADHD might apply to me. I mean, that's kids bouncing off the walls right? Then when I learned that the H (hyperactivity) can be replaced by easily-distracted or impulsive, then it started to dawn on me.::jawdrop::

Don't know much about Asperger's and have resisted the temptation to google it.

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Welcome Stalled-and-sliding!

Sorry to hear of your problems. May this forum of like souls and many resources give you hope and support, as it has me!

No, I am definitely not 'cured' but I can see some progress in the 2 years I have been a member :)

I just read a welcome that hazyjane wrote to another new member @

Just wonder if the comment re username is useful for you too? 

Point taken

Point taken.

Name changed to something more positive so as not to frighten the horses (and other mammals)



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Welcome Rebuilding (no longer stalled-and-sliding)