Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

the dawn of realisation ?!

Maybe, I don't know ?  He says in a procrastinating tone.

Hello people, from a UK victim of the plight. Heard about this site on a Radio 4 program in the UK and it was somewhat of a surprise. It had never occurred to me that procrastination was an issue in itself, or something I suffered from. I'm already a long term sufferer of clinical depression and social anxiety but I thought my sluggish motivation was just a result of these problems. So, is it or am I also a procrastinator ?

For certain I do exhibit all the symptoms, so if I am a procrastinator has it been caused by the depression ?

I feel the need to get upto speed on this but I don't want to talk myself into another illness !  Although my mind is very definitely a log jam. Let the game begin.

@nescire re: procrastination or depression, which came first?

Hi nescire!  Welcome to PA!

I've gotten a lot of recovery from the simple phrase:
"Motivation follows action".
It sounds weird, but it's really true!

The concept comes from the book
"Feeling Good: the New Mood Therapy"
by David Burns.
It's a book on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  It's a book on overcoming depression.

[Disclaimer: I have NOT read the book.  I'm just giving credit for the concept.  I really don't know if the book is good or not.]

I've been told this concept "Motivation follows Action".  I tried to apply that to my life, and was amazed to find that it really works.  When I begin action, the motivation follows.  And then eventually a sense of well-being.

If you're looking for ways to take action, PA is the place to learn how to break through the paralysis.

NOTE: I'm *not* claiming that action alone will cure depression.

But action sure does help with motivation.  Welcome to PA!


There is also a book called
"Get It Done When You're Depressed:
50 Strategies for Getting Your Life on Track
by Julie Fast and John Preston.
I have not read it -- but it's been greatly helpful to some friends of mine.

i actually googled depression and procrastination today!

in my quest to find find answers to the vicious cycle. same here social anxety and depression

i don't have any advice, just saying i have the same related problems and as a consequence am drowning in clutter (or is hoarding a consequnce of my procrastination?) i think in moments of clarity the depression/anxiety/procrastination makes a very bad desion maker therefore items are still in the home because i truly couldn't make a simple descion of wether i would use it or not so i couldn't commit to disposing of it.

hi nescire and i wish you a good day, jay

procrastination and depression

Hi nescire,

Welcome! Procrastination is associated with depression (as well as some other problems) and it can become a vicious circle. You are depressed so you procrastinate so you feel depressed so you procrastinate, etc. Could you describe what you are procrastinating on now, specifically? That's a good place to start.

- pro

Well my motivation to do

Well my motivation to do anything is poor. There are many problems I need to deal with, some extremely important but just thinking about them sort of paralyses me and causes anxiety.

I suppose the most pressing is my house. I don't work as a result of depression and anxiety so my only income is income support. My mortgage is interest only and last year the benefits agency reduced the percentage interest they would pay. This means my mortgage is underpaid and in in arrears. Also, the pension fund I took out to pay off my mortgage when it finishes in about 18 months won't be enough to pay it off, due to the global economic crisis. This means I could be homeless and have nowhere to keep my stuff.  I have spoken with the Building Society and whilst they have been helpful and understanding to an extent, they do impose pressure on me, which causes me to go into anxiety and become very stressed. This I try to avoid, so it becomes a vicious circle. I just don't know what to do.

I also have a sister with epilepsy and learning difficulty, she lives with my mother but she is over 80 and becoming less able to look after my sister. Ultimately of course, and sooner rather than later my mother will be unable to look after my sister and I feel so gulity that I won't be able to then. The guilt I feel about being unable to help and look after my mother is also crippling. She should be able to depend on me and she can't.

I have another sister who has been estranged from the family for many years, due to the fact she and her husband betrayed the family over business. This led to my father becoming ill and passing away 10 years ago as he was crushed by the betrayal of his trust in her husband.  I loathe and detest her and him for that.

I was very close to my father, we had been in business together for many years, which helped us understand each other and develop a strong bond. I miss him beyond imagination, it was so cruel that he never had a retirement and a chance to relax and enjoy the things he loved.

So I have many issues and I feel almost helpless to find a solution.