Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Introductions and Procrastination Discussion

If you're just joining, please introduce yourself here. This is also the section for general discussion about procrastination topics - articles you've read, questions, thoughts, insights, etc.

Hi, 55 years old, just realised how serious procrastination is

I've been dealing with procrastination all my life, but for so many years it was either a joke, or a criticism, or too shameful /scary to even think about, or all of these.

Real solutions, real help, real understanding have been a long time coming.

New member

Hi, I am new here and a procrastinator all my life I am thankful I am here and looking for help to overcome this bad habit.  I need guidance through this long path of recovery and diligence.  I am trying to read everything and understand the path to recovery...any suggestions to me as a new member are welcomed!


Compulsively stay up late / procrastinate bed

Hi All, 

I almost never post on this forum because I find that I forget to use it as much as I could, but there's a topic that's been bothering me so much and I don't know where else to find camaraderie around it.

I absolutely, severely compulsively stay up late at night regardless of how tired and sleep-deprived I am. This is NOT insomnia and it drives me crazy when well-meaning people in recovery (or not) try to suggest ideas for falling asleep - my problem is not falling asleep, not at all! My problem is getting myself to go to bed.


Hi, my name is Katie. I've struggled with procrastination all my life. I learned it from my parents, especially my mom. However, mine is worse. I deal with some other psychological issues, so I think that has intensified my task avoidance compulsions. Until recently, procrastination was a joke to me and my friends, who told me to just "get it over with" and start projects early so I wouldn't have to stress. I realized I couldn't really put into words why it wasn't that easy.

Prosperity Prayer for those procrastinating with finances/career

“The Prosperity Prayer”

Dear God —

I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love.

I ask that you remove my worries, anxieties and fears about money, and replace them with faith.

I know and trust that my debts will be paid and money will flow into my life.

I have only to look to nature to see proof of the abundance you provide.

I release all negative thoughts about money, and know that prosperity is my true state.

Hi Everyone, I have a big test to take!

I have to take it in late fall and I need to use the rest of the summer to study a ton. I'm hoping to sign up for it this weekend, so I know it's looming, but I'd also like to post here to have some accountability.  Any tips for studying/getting thought-heavy tasks done when you're tired?  If it's not obvious, my favorite way to procrastinate is by sleeping!  (I work a full time job, so between working, being a normal human (gym, food, chores) and studying, I sometimes/often don't have the luxury of 8-10 hours of glorious sleep. 6-7 seems my standard operating procedure unfortunately)

Newbie coming back

Hello everyone

It's been almost a year that I'd said hi for the first time, followed by a long silence. I've not been inactive about my life, but I've not got there either. I'll get there someday!

Newbie knows procrastination is addiction

Hi, I'm a newbie.

And procrastination is ruining my life. Procrastination or avoidance. I can do plenty of hard enough tasks. I even have a Math. And my work is not easy.  

But I can't handle the ones I NEED to do to save my life. And I will lie and cheat to avoid coming clean.  I seem to want to pick and choose.

Finances, taxes, anything to do with what is just plain hard to do.  And anything to do with planning.

Hi, everyone! It's Phoebe :)

Hi, I'm Phoebe and I am a procrastinator.

So it took me almost 25 weeks to sit and actually write this introduction. I guess I wanted to write it properly and to tell my story but I'll try not to indulge my perfectionism :)  And anyway my story isn't something unique so it's not that interesting.

I'd like to thank Pro and all the members of this community for your help and just being here. You all are such a great inspiration to me. I'm here not for so long but I think it's already been very useful to me. Thank you! :)

A long introduction

I just learned about PA and heard a member compare the debilitating efforts of chronic procrastination to those of heroin, which sadly rang true. 

another newbie

I can’t afford professional counseling right now, so
hopefully I can use this site to get help. 
Sorry about the length, I get too verbose when it’s about myself.


doitnow introduction (first post)

Hi there- Glad to have found this resource. Hopefully I will put it to good use and not just use it as yet another form of the dreaded "P" word (I have enough of those already). 

Hello from Vagabondmoon

Hi, I'm new here- second time posting today. I did check in. Just like everyone else here, trying to break out of the vicious cycle of putting things off, on and on, until they pile up and come crashing down, literally and figuratively. I'm off to look around- thanks for having me! :rolleyes:

I'm 22 and procrastination is ruining my life.

Today I was on facebook (procrastinating) looking at the university graduation statuses and pictures of everyone i went to school with and felt like crap. They're all graduating this year and I'm still plodding along in the same supermarket job I had at high school.

First Post

This seems as good a spot as any for my first post.  

I just borrowed the book "The Procrastination Equation" from the library and read chapters 1 - 2.  Of course I should have been doing a very important project I've been putting off for at least 2 months.

I finally got started on it today, primarily because circumstances forced me to.

New to PA, but not procrastination!


I'm so thankful to have found this community of people.  My biggest problem is the perfectionism-procrastination cycle I'm in.  I've identified with so much that I've read here, and am very encouraged!  Just having people that understand me and don't think I'm lazy is huge.  Thank you all so much for your honesty.  This seems like a good place, where I'm going to learn some tools and gain some hope.

Hi, I'm new to PA, but a lifelong procrastinator!

It's great to be here. A little about myself:

I'm a 40-something woman who started recovery officially about 4 months ago, with Codependents Anonymous. My main issue was love/fantasy addiction. 

Helpful audio talk on procrastination

Dear All,

A teacher of mine sent me a link to this talk and I found it so helpful. It's humorous and, obviously, take what works and leave the rest, but it helped me so much to put back into perspective the work that is giving me so much fear. It's just work! In the context of a much bigger life and greater purpose and foundation... 

Procrastination and depression

I'm a long term procrastinator, but everything has been made much much worse by developing severe depression following the death of my husband 5 months ago.  I've been sitting in my office this morning having cleared all the easy bits of work, and then totally failing to get going on the backlog of report writing.  I finally got started on one report, but it's like wading through treacle.  My bosses are being very supportive and saying "do what you can", but that's not very much.

Tools that have actually helped you

Just wondering if anyone has any productivity tools that help them.

I'm a big user of google calendar, but most importantly, I have most things set to automatically send me email reminders about 10 hours beforehand. This has helped me manage my appointments and workshifts much better. I am also sending myself alerts that tell me when I should be a half hour away from leaving the house and need to be ready.

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