Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Hi - procrastinator of 10+ years signing in.

Hi everyone,

so I first wrote a complete, too long, text about my current situation as introduction. I decided to make it shorter in this way:

The Negative:

- some problems at work, showing up just too late, problems with deadlines/workloads,...luckily nothing too bad (this is not the major problem at all) 
- showing up late with family, friends,... so much so that I keep getting comments and even angry looks/discussions
- procrastinating has made me go from engineering study to a simple bachelor degree  (+-8years ago)
- started study again 1 year ago for master, now 7 out of 10 courses I got a re-exam. (this is the worst showing of my problem)

The Positive:

- luckily not problems with paying bills here or something of that sort
- after many lengthy talks with girlfriend, she now has some kind of grasp on what it feels like for me and is as supportive as she can be
- been using K9 webblocker to block out distracting websites (online series, games, reddit, forums,...) with password to my gf
- found super motivating videos on Youtube by Eric Thomas -> this guy has helped me tremendously lately, look him up!
- went back to the school psychology center for intake, will get result soon, will problably join a procrastination workgroup next school year
- I'm not doing  too bad on my exams now (I think! :) ), especially considering I have to study all the material in a couple of days per course, sometimes less.


So summarized: it is not as bad as some people I have read about here, but I'm not going to undermine my problem because I know if I don't get help and keep fighting it, I will never pass this master degree and this problem is going to chase me for the rest of my life. 

Welcome Yoh!

Good for you for seeking help BEFORE the procrastination gets as bad as mine was!

hi and welcome


Glad you have found some solutions. Feel free to post links to the Eric Thomas videos that have helped you. Who is he?

- pro

Hi Pro, yeah I'm glad too

Hi Pro,

yeah I'm glad too that I figured some stuff out already, but it still is a battle every day. Today for example, I was home an entire day. Planned to do at least 2 chapters for my last exam, if possible 3 (did not want to make the workload seem too big). Now I'm going to bed (work tomorrow morning) and still only finished 1 and a half. Didn't even get to some decent exercises.

Just to show that I do have some of my methods indeed, yet I can still learn because they don't always help.

For tomorrow, I plan to just take the battery and cable to my laptop to work and put them in my locker there for a day. That way my biggest distraction will be gone I think.

About Eric Thomas: He is a professional motivator/inspirator who now is doing all kinds of public speaking at schools/prisons/sport clubs/bussinesses/... even some of the big NBA,NFL,... teams. He got famous after this video: hit off on youtube.
But the best thing is, he never forgets his fanbase. So for 3 or 4 years now already he has been doing this thing called TGIM (Thank God Its Monday) where every week on monday morning he posts a video with some practical tips to get to your goals.
Anyway, there is a lot more about him, but you can best visit the youtube channel and/or facebook page for that. (I don't want to sound like a marketing agent or something.)
For me his neverending enthusiasm is the thing that makes his videos work for me. Now I only need to make sure I don't watch them too much as a way to procrastinate again... Frown