Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


hi all, i am new to this site

my first dilemma is..will i spend time procrastating here? i waste a lot of line on line, drifting from one link to another, most of it useless information. as on line is my biggest time waster that is perhaps where i need to cut down but i feel i'll just end up putting the tv on or something else.

procrataing causes me a lot of stress and disorder problems, or maybe i'm disorganised because i procrasinate. i've had a lifelong problem with time management to the point that it is a disability. why do we do this to ourselves?

the problems i can pin point right now are that it's 21.18 and all i've eaten today is a small banana and i've only just made a slice of toast, that's how badly i put things off. i know it's making me feel negative, not achieving anything...days where i get a lot done i feel better. i tend to live an isolated life, i don't let people come in to my flat, years of 'putting things off' mean that it's chaos. this is a great saddness, embarresment and stress for me. i am a 'depressive' type, i think it all tyes in together.

my name is jay, i'm 40 ish, live alone in the midlands, i don't work due to illness. i start lots of couses and things but i never maintain them, i think it's because my disorganisation is so bad, going to bed in time, PUTTING OFF GETTING THINGS READY FOR THE MORNING then in the morning i find it so overwhelming that i just can't cope.

well, that's a little intoduction to me, hello everyone

compulsive hoarding resources

Hi Jay

I read so many book on de-cluttering and organising which didn't make any difference. Cluttering may be a sign of compulsive hoarding, and for me looking at my cluttering behaviour this way (plus examining in parallel my procrastination & compulsive task avoidance addiction) seems to resonate better with me, and is helping me to find a way forward. I came across these links which might be of interest. 

Reclaiming Dignity

Plus a couple of interesting programmes on Channel 4 (UK) which I found quite inspiring. There're some interesting further resources under the "help&support" tab on each webpage below. (viewable UK only, maybe this episode can be watched internationally (viewable UK only)

These programmes might be on Youtube (there's a U.S. equivalent here:

With best wishes.



Thanks for the post, movingalong.  I'd not heard of a "squaloree" before, but that absolutely describes me and the state of my house.  I'm going to spend some time on that website because I really need to get my house sorted. (at the moment I can't invite anyone around because several rooms are infested with fleas which the cats brought in, and I haven't fully dealt with)



welcome :)

Welcome Jay!!!!

I'm in the UK too, down in London, will look out for you in the chatbox :). Just one thing though, that I'd suggest, is a name-change maybe? Your current one is kind of cruel and unkind (to yourself!) and here is the place to learn to be your own best friend. No more taunts and insults and self-recrimination, replace with gentleness, understanding and compassion, and you'll find it easier.

all the best


It's an inside job...

Hello Jay!

Fear not!  P.A. is a place where hope will thrive.

welcome jay!

This group has helped me a lot and I hope it will help you too.

A lot of people here have the same kind of issues (putting off eating, going to bed, etc.) It's nice to meet other people who need to concentrate on these kinds of basic things.

This site certainly could be a time-waster, but in my experience most people don't procrastinate here. We remind each other to stay on track.

The meetings, forums, chatbox, and articles on this site are all helpful. In  addition, for mess/chaos at home, a number of us have found flylady ( to be really helpful. (The flylady site looks messy and also really girly, but she has a great system for breaking down housework etc.)