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When other people's success makes you feel like sh*t

(I think this is related to Harry's post on 'Being low-functioning')

Whenever I hear about the successes of people that I or my Family know, I really feel like sh*t.

This kind of emotion started when I relocated to a new country and battled to find a job for years. When I did get one, it was so far beneath what I should be able to get but I was so knocked down, I thought anything would be better than nothing. And so I tried my very best to never compare myself to other people to avoid feeling this level of despair. But of course, this feeling does show up at times when you are not at your strongest and that is what happened to me today. Sometimes I swear I've been knocked down too many times to get up. I've become bitter through a combination of factors that began with the upheaval and tumultuousness of relocating.

On days like these, I feel like SUCH a disappointment to my Family and to my Partner. I'm unemployed and have felt lost for so long. I just pray that I can overcome this and enlist the aid of my Higher Self to pull me out of this abyss.


Just wanted to send you some support and compassionate thoughts for what you're going through. It sounds like pretty challenging circumstances. Sending hugs.  



Thank you. Yes times can be hard. But I am grateful for the good. Hugs.

"You got hands, you got legs. Go open that door and walk THROUGH...
Cannot return."
Miranda Hope


That you for your brave share. You are not alone. Here, you can share your pain, have people who experienced the same pain, and get acceptance and support.

You are not alone. Keep coming back. One day at a time. We understand.fEELINGS ARE NOT FACTS.




Thank you for your empathy and understanding. It means so very much.

"You got hands, you got legs. Go open that door and walk THROUGH...
Cannot return."
Miranda Hope

When Other People's Success...

...but I bet there are people in your life thinking 'Wow, I wish I'd had the guts to relocate to another country' !! I /didn't/ have the guts to do that and though I'm happy again now, at the time the fact that I couldn't do it ruined a relationship. Just to survive that is amazing. And so you will be an incredible presence and support and joy to your partner just by being you.


Dear EleanorBE

Thank you for your lovely response, I wish I could be as kind to myself as you have been to me in this post. Learning to be kind to ourselves can be difficult if most of the time you haven't been.  

My Higher Self has a lot of work ahead Smile.


"You got hands, you got legs. Go open that door and walk THROUGH...
Cannot return."
Miranda Hope