Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Introductions and Procrastination Discussion

If you're just joining, please introduce yourself here. This is also the section for general discussion about procrastination topics - articles you've read, questions, thoughts, insights, etc.

Setting Appropriate Goals

Hi everyone! So I am going part time next semester to give myself a much needed break as I surely would have just quit school and burned out otherwise.

This time is a great time to get things done that I need done. However, I am struggling with coming up with goals. I do not want to set so many that I get overloaded and either a) don't feel refreshed or b) don't achieve any of them.

Any tips on doing this?

Motivation follows action. . . but what about passions/wants?

So as a longtime PAer I know the motivation follows action. It's generally a good idea to DO something rather than waiting until you feel like doing it.

But what about long-term things? I think most of us would agree that it is best to "do what you love". But what do you do when it doesn't really feel like you love very many things?

Let me explain further. I always "wanted" a Phd. But I never really thought about WHY I wanted it- mostly to show off. Which is a really bad reason. People who get Phds in say, physics, do it because they LOVE physics.

Why I don't finish things

I've tried to explain that I have a specific problem with completion which is not to do with success or failure but to do with moving on. At last I've found a quote which says what I feel so much better than I can:

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another." Anatole France

Does this make sense to anyone?

Experiential Avoidance

Through some google search or other I found this Wikipedia article on "Experiential Avoidance".

 For me it added to my understanding of my craving for procrastination/avoidance behaviour.


I'm now making a tentative start on practising "Mindfulness".  I've had a good day, where I got things done that I'd been putting off; and a bad day, where being sick and tired made my craving for avoidance stronger than my choice to be mindful.


When things are already late

OMG is it hard to do things once they are late.

And now I have a professor e-mailing me where the assignment is and I'm thinking to myself "I KNOW IT IS LATE GIVE ME A MINUTE!"

Not even sure what I am looking for. If you have advice, that would be great but mostly just wanted to express how HARD it is!

Upbringing and procrastination

 Reading this article: made me think about my own procratination roots. It has been clear to me for a while that my upbringing has played a big part in my problem. But it took me a while to come to that realization because my parents are so far from the image of stern, extremely strict and loveless that a phrase like "authoriative parents" conjure. 

Phone check in today

I will be trying the phone check in for the first time today if anyone would like to join me.

This is the format

And this is the details of the recent new number including international options. It also has details of all 3 dial-in times. 

12.14 pm BST Edited to change title and description to "Check in " from "Meeting"

email procrastination

Fear of starting

Sooo. . .I really want to be good at guitar or bass. Whenever I go to a concert, I have a hard time focusing on the music because I WISH that was ME. I want to know what that feels like.

But I'm terrified to start. So many people my age have been doing this since they were 12. It doesn't help that I have actual obligations (school, job, my son).

Rexroth Back

I'm back after a long time away and hope this is the right place to post a sort of reintroduction.

I am in a mess with tax, business and housing. This is a result of my procrastination over a long period of time.

Highly motivated in only one area, losing steam in the rest

Hi all, I've started to notice a puzzling pattern in myself. I have a studio apartment and it seems like every day I come home and feel extremely motivated to clean the kitchen. I'll clean it and get it looking nice (although it quickly deteriorates later) and then lose steam, energy, and motivation to clean the rest of my apartment, which gets cleaned only sporadically. Has anyone experienced something similar or know any tips to combat it? I know that my kitchen does in fact need to stay clean but the rest of my apartment is being neglected as a result.

When people don't understand

What do you do when people put you down? When people say really hurtful things- you are lazy, trash, stupid, etc.? My parents don't understand that I am messy because I am SAD. That I have a hard time getting things done BECAUSE of the hurtful things they say. And other things I don't even bother with anymore because I know it won't be good enough anyway. It is very very hard to get started when people are less than encouraging.

Quotes about Fear: releasing it, facing it, letting it flow by, and/or working through it

Quotes about Fear:
releasing it, facing it,
letting it flow by,
and/or working through it.

(from various viewpoints and philosophies)

I am not afraid - I was born to do this.

-- Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)

"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

Planning too much?

I am frightened about planning too much, that is I plan eveything to a small detail, it becomes too much as I have so many small things to do or I spend all my time on a perfect plan as it has to be right so that I can get doing what I have planned. Does anyone else feel this? any tips to get out of this? Do more and plan less?

How do you know what the right amount of time to spend on something is?

My ability to predict how long something will take is bad really. So is my ability to work out how long I should spend on a task once I have started, resulting in my spending ages on something small and rushing though / not spending the right about of time on something else. Is it just trial and error to try and work out how long is right and learn / get used to trusting myself and my judgement?

Procrastination as lack of commitment

The past few days it has occurred to me that my procrastination seems closely related to or resulting from a lack of commitment. When I was a young teen, I set a goal to go to a particularly competitive college. I got the application form as a freshman in high school and then developed a detailed, ambitious plan for high school that was designed to get me accepted into this college. I executed the plan pretty much flawlessly.

PhD volunteer needed - Procrastination in PhD students

Dear All,


Would you like to take part in a survey about procrastination and be in with a chance of winning £100?


As part of my PhD in occupational health I am looking for volunteers to complete a survey on procrastination among PhD students. Responses are anonymous and will be used for research purposes only.


The 15 Minutes Technique

Dear friends,

have you ever used this tool? It is quite common and consists in working in small blocks of fifteen minutes.

my failures have found me out

I've known for some time that I have been failing to keep up with my workload, mostly in the area of writing client reports.

When other people's success makes you feel like sh*t

(I think this is related to Harry's post on 'Being low-functioning')

Whenever I hear about the successes of people that I or my Family know, I really feel like sh*t.

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