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Highly motivated in only one area, losing steam in the rest

Hi all, I've started to notice a puzzling pattern in myself. I have a studio apartment and it seems like every day I come home and feel extremely motivated to clean the kitchen. I'll clean it and get it looking nice (although it quickly deteriorates later) and then lose steam, energy, and motivation to clean the rest of my apartment, which gets cleaned only sporadically. Has anyone experienced something similar or know any tips to combat it? I know that my kitchen does in fact need to stay clean but the rest of my apartment is being neglected as a result.

re: uneven motivation

Hi Odette!
That's a great question.

This happens to me when I have s from a feeling of "accomplishment" -- the "high" causes the false voice of the disease to tell me I've done something and now never have to do anything else again.

I think my inner rebel doesn't want to know that there will always be tasks to do.  The disease wants me to just do one task and then nothing else.

So I have to contact higherpower or Greater Wisdom to help me to understand that all of LIVING LIFE is a task -- but it can be a grand joyful task.

Another thing that helps me is to remember that self-care is one of my tasks.  If I alternate self-care with other tasks, then I feel more open to doing the other tasks.