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When people don't understand

What do you do when people put you down? When people say really hurtful things- you are lazy, trash, stupid, etc.? My parents don't understand that I am messy because I am SAD. That I have a hard time getting things done BECAUSE of the hurtful things they say. And other things I don't even bother with anymore because I know it won't be good enough anyway. It is very very hard to get started when people are less than encouraging.


I know exactly how you feel, katia. The way that I managed to get out of that particular dilemma was moving out. Eliminating negativity and constant pressure made a huge difference in helping me get out of depression and finding motivation to start on things. Distancing ourselves from negative forces, even if they are the loved ones who are near and dear to our hearts, helps. It did in my case.

You'll find the right solution for your situation. Until then, stay strong. Thoughts and well wishes.

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I am glad you were able to escape your negativity! It is really comforting to know that I am not alone.

I am definitely trying my best to move out, though I haven't really had the time to explore every option and every resource. I am hoping things come together soon!

In the meantime, I try to spend less time around and more time with friends who are a positive influence.

last week or so

Has been especially hard :( I know that a lot of things are my parents' problems and not mine, but it is making like very difficult. Plus I am getting a sitter very often when I go to work because I don't want them around him and then I end up not making any money.

Thanks for being there :)

thank you friends :)

thanks for the kind words :)

Things have been "ok" (mostly because I haven't seen my parents much lol) but I have been having to find some extra inner strength lately and that has been helping (and empowering)

Plus I know I have everyone on here :)

@ katia

Yes you do have inner strength! :)

@ Katia

Hi Katia- Sending you big solidarity hugs! Hang in there. We can't control other people or their actions but we can mind ourself, do our best and in the hard times try to be extra self caring. ( even though sometimes this is the last thing we want to do!

Keep checking in and keep coming back. Your not on your own!

In solidarity,


We understand Katia...

...and you do NOT stand alone!! 


My struggles help me to 'understand and stand with others who struggle in life.  There was a time when I did believe my life was my own, and 'managed' and together and it was because I made it that way.  Oh how wrong I was and now that I know the truth about myself, I find my reliationships are more empathic and deeper as people see that I care and try to understand instead of Judge.  Life is richer for it!




Yes, I "hear you" . I find I don't even understand, so how could I expect anyone else to understand? I try not to take things personally,and know I am not responsible to make anyone understand and am powerless over others.   I try to be grateful for pa where I see I am not alone with somany accomplished people struggling with this,  there is supoort and help. That s why I keep showing up, to make peace with who I am and find power from the place of peace. Keep coming back.


I just noticed this thread.  Instead of waiting until I have the "perfect" reply, I've decided to write you now to acknowledge your post.  I promise to give you a "real" reply this week.

much love to you

will write soon.


Remember that you are worthwhile, that there is a core within you that is wonderful, and nothing can take that away from you