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Setting Appropriate Goals

Hi everyone! So I am going part time next semester to give myself a much needed break as I surely would have just quit school and burned out otherwise.

This time is a great time to get things done that I need done. However, I am struggling with coming up with goals. I do not want to set so many that I get overloaded and either a) don't feel refreshed or b) don't achieve any of them.

Any tips on doing this?

I have school things (an incomplete course), personal things, hobby things, my son, and organization things that I would like to take care of, and this will be for approx Jan-May. So 5 months.

adult ADD and procrastination

i have adult  ADD  and find it hard to concentrate for long on some things especially house work i really want to overcome

how about building/creating something with your son?

I'm thinking of something like a little garden, even a window box, or a quiet space for chilling out/meditation.

How old is your son anyway? 

It's an inside job...