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Test anxiety

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, I just want to post something before I chicken out and decide "I don't need help, I'll be ok". Because that hasn't worked.

I want to come right out and say that I always was good at tests. I always thought "test anxiety" was a made up thing. I never had to study for tests in high school, I'd ace them most of the time. This is different.

I didn't do well on my first Midterm for class A. Like at all. It was frustrating because I did study really hard, but didn't get the results.

I stay up most of the night studying for classes B and C. Not the wisest choice by any means, but sometimes necessary given my personal circumstances. I end up so stressed and anxious that I literally end up sick after the second one. That is not good!

So now I have another midterm for class A next week and I am very anxious. I really want to do well, but now there is so much pressure that I fear I will explode. It is very hard to stay positive when no matter what I do I continue to screw up.

Hang in there Katia11

I feel for you Katia11. It is really a bit of a double-edged sword being usually good at things and good at exams. When then a subject comes up that is difficult to grasp and needs time to study then I know in my own case it seems so unrewarding that it is easier just to give up. Sometimes I think the less nimble students have an advantage, in that they are used to having to study for everything and they just get on with it.

I also think it is an important lesson to learn, that we cannot always do well in everything. A pass is good enough. Getting the homework handed in on time, even if not finished to a high standard, is good enough.

Anyway - I think you are doing great. You are sticking with it, being a good mum and getting thro your exams somehow. HANG IN THERE. KEEP GOING. It IS worth it.


@ katia


thanks moving

I am feeling a little more confident about things :)