Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Special Projects and Master Lists

This forum is for checking in on the progress of large, multi-day projects like a thesis or catching up on tax returns. It's also a good place for master to-do lists, gratitute lists, New Year's resolutions, and other non-daily items.

Small Steps in February

This is to carry on from the January habit change topic. I'm working on three small habits for this week: 

-sitting up in bed when I hear my alarm

-putting on my exercise pants after I make my coffee

-setting my morning alarm after I put my pj's on

That's all for now. aotp



Attacking My Days & Habits 1 Day at a Time


The 44 day Fitness Trajectory

Today is day 1 of the 44 day Fitness Trajectory

This entails that for 44 days I will consistently 

1) go running every day outside even if it is only for 10 minutes. 

2) practice mindfulness in eating. prepare meals which are light and tasty, try to eat only half the meal. or make meals half the size smaller than usual. Note down what is prepared for meals every day. 

3) yoga every evening as part of my evening routine before going to sleep. and every morning if possible. 

4) go to the gym at least 4 days per week

Caly's Project For Jan & February: Writing a Book Chapter

As part of my PhD trajectory I am due to give in a finished book chapter by the End of February.

This means that I want to have the second draft (I did the 1st draft in November 2012) ready by mid-February, to give me some time to do last minute changes. 

I now create that I will have a substantial 2nd draft by Tuesday evening 29th January.

Learning the Big Scary Piece

For my exam this summer, I'll be playing a(to me)pretty challenging piece.
I have practiced on it for a long time, but haven't gotten so far, as there has been a lot of breaks between my practice periods.

But now I want to get the damn thing together so I don't have to stress about it when exams get close.

What I need to do is break it down into smaller sections and take one section a day.
There will be days where I can't practice in the studio, so I'll have to practice home.

Special project: Job hunt with love!

Project: Finding a job that I - 1) love doing,  - 2) studied for and  - 3) that pays the bills.

Daily Dare

For a while now, I've been toying with ideas about how to make a habit of doing things that are not routine and that I'm afraid of (and thus, gradually increasing my "comfort zone" and decreasing my tendency to be afraid of non-routine tasks).

What I've come up with is to start a kind of game in this thread (and I hope I don't violate any PA rules or step on anyone's toes with this – please tell me if I do!):

The Daily Dare

Creative Project/s

Thanks to Hooch for suggesting I post this here.

I feel some hesitation in writing this, worried about feeling 'exposed' or being self indulgent, or constantly failing.

LizzieT Applying for internship



Telephone interviewing to get other people's perspective on interviews


Fill out forms (not dependent on anything else)


Update resume (not dependent on other decisions) 


Decide on priority order for internships -- very close at this point


Write 2 paragraph statement customized for first choices.


Fill out any specific application forms for agencies.


The road to my licensing exam

A few months earlier, I had joined the forum with the intention to give my exam in January. Unfortunately that didn't work out. I didn't prepare and so I didn't apply. 

Now, I've applied and I've made a time table to study.

It's doable.

I've also cleared all distractions. Moved to a new place, completed all my project and college work, bid farewell to my college friends and school friends and ticked off a whole list of things on my to do list. 

I just have one thing to do now and that's studying and acing this exam.

Getting On With Life


Not because I want to, but because I have to.


Allovertheplace's January Project


December 2012 

I tend to get very excited about a variety of projects, research them to infinity (it has to be just right....perfectionism rears it's ugly head) then forget about them almost as quickly. Someone wise has pointed out that part of this is a form of emotional regulation. It goes something like this:

I experience frustration with something in my life (feelings of failure and overwhelm)...I get excited about it and feel some relief. As my negative emotions dissipate, I no longer "need" the project.

My PhD Journey

Hello all,

rather than post each day in the daily check in thread I thought I would start one here for myself as most of what I need to do in a day is related to my phd.

Today I would like to

i) work out search criteria for articles

ii)  search for them - this is going to take a day or two..which is fine..just need to stay on it. 

iii) Work out some sort of system for archiving articles (any tips from current / former phd'ers much appreciated)

ms steps towards great success.... 92 days and counting.


hi all

I have a project due in 92 days. This is the kind of work that I have most procrastinated about in the past. In  particular the type of procrastination in which it seems like I am waiting the perfect idea to arrive before I get started... which of course feels awful and stuck and leads to crappy work, lies and disappointment. There is enough time to not have to repeat this pattern. 

Steady good-enough will get this project done.

I-want-to-write is writing the doctorate.

So, chapter 1 is due tomorrow. (I somehow managed to write chapter 2&4, so this is not my first time)

The target is 10,000 words.

So far have 3000 words, 2000 of which I wrote yesterday on a train using the pomodoro technique and focus booster. It took 4 session for every 1000 words, which hopefully means I will not miss the deadline.

Today I had a realxing morning seeing friends and enjoying my son, whom I have not really see much of this week due to the amount of reading I had to do.

Elvira's plan up till Christmas

I've been signed off work by my doctor until after Christmas (work-related stress) but advised to keep active. I've been very much inclined to vegetate from the stress, and the thought of doing almost anything makes me panic, but I now have 9 hours a day more than I had before, so I've no excuse to get nothing done.

Every day I'm going to:


My PhD thesis and the PhD Rollercoaster

30 November 2012, Day 1:

2PM: I slept a lot and I watched irrelevant stuff.

Tabula Rasa - WordPress Site

This is the most complicated wordpress customization, configuration and install I have ever done, so I was experiencing some major demand resistance with it. Breaking through most of that--had a client call that was nearly two hours and getting close to what they wanted. 

Lessons So Far:

Battling on with my PhD

Inspired by Thesis I will start checking in every day. I am starting from a very unproductive place so to begin with I will just try to do as many 10-minute bursts as possible - on whatever thesis-related work I can manage. Later on I hope to become more focused on writing new stuff and progressing with a timeline. The first goal is to not let weeks and months (years?!) go by without daring to go near my thesis.

State Bar Exam - Chatty

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