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Small Steps in February

This is to carry on from the January habit change topic. I'm working on three small habits for this week: 

-sitting up in bed when I hear my alarm

-putting on my exercise pants after I make my coffee

-setting my morning alarm after I put my pj's on

That's all for now. aotp



thanks for the info, bookmarked

Although I'm not sure when I'll get round to reviewing it... :) 

It's an inside job...

morning alarm

people say motivation won't last. neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily

zig ziglar

hi aotp

well done on the tiny habits carrying on. is the setting the alarm clock after pj's a way to get out of the house on time? good idea, i tend to take my time in the mornings

the habits i have mostly maintained (from 3 tiny ones) are

bouncing on my reformer for 30 jumps straight after toilet in morning

body brushing tummy for 30 strokes before nightly bath

i am ready to intoduce a new one but can't decide what, also i need to expand the ones i have but don't know how to without finding it a drag/overwhelming and abandoning completely

have an amazing day



Hi Jay

Glad to hear you have had a good experience with your little habits. My alarm clock setting is in the evening, so that I don't forget to set it. I often remember to set it after I'm in bed, now I've linked it with my pj's so it's done. 

 Back to work! 


Just deleted my almost finished post by accident!

Jeez. I just wanted to say I made some significant insights these past few weeks about perfectionism in my life. And whoah, is it ever correlated with procrastination in the literature. 

One of my perfectionistic tendencies is to research, research, research and so along that vein, here is some of what I uncovered that might be helpful for my fellow procrastinators and perfectionists. Try not to use it to procrastinate!

workbooks with modules: one for perfectionism and one for procrastination.

That's all for now. I didn't realize how pervasive and maladaptive my perfectionism was. this is THE issue that keeps me from completing projects more than any other.

Thanks Hooch and moving along for your posts. ;)


thanks for researching aotp!

You are full of resources! Brilliant.

And oh boy - researching is something I do best (maybe a career in it would have been a wise choice for us! :-))

I do definitely research to an almost obsessive level at times.. oh heck.. can definitely relate - like I have to have all the past and present knowledge on a certain subject in my head before proceeding!!

Looks like there's lots of good stuff on that website.. and thanks for posting some of christine carters stuff.. I missed most of it online and couldn't really afford to pay for the course.. so it's great to read about some of it!

And oh I did sign up for the three tiny habits thing.. but I managed to miss the intro email.. but I'll look it up again

Lots of really great suggestions - your research is actually really paying off for all of us here!!!! ;-)



Thanks, Dotty

One of the reasons I knew this perfectionist thing was an issue was that it finally explained my "excessive data gathering"!! I knew it was obsessive, almost compulsive, and fairly neurotic, but didn't know WHY....and I do it at the expense of other things. It sounds like you have some similar issues. Have you found anything that helps you to put a limit on it?

I do have more of the Christine Carter stuff and would like to go back to it. If I get back to it, I'll keep posting that info here.  

I'm glad you find it useful; thanks for letting me know. It makes dealing with this stuff so much easier to not suffer alone.  


news black out

people say motivation won't last. neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily

zig ziglar

hi aotp and dotty

thanks for the posts, i also have this problem with excessive data gathering, i havn;t found a solution to it but i have realised it is a way of procrasting on actually putting in to action the thing we are researching because we are looking for 'the right way or best way' to implement the action..i do it over and over again, one that has gone on for years is research on stopping's become a farce, i have so many books, articles, ect ect

i am thinking of joining leo babauto's seachange programme, i found him ayear or so ago and find his posts simple and effictive, you don't have to think, just do!

maybe it's just ANOTHER way of thinking i need to find the best way


oh i forgot

people say motivation won't last. neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily

zig ziglar

meant to mention that every so often i have a week or month of news black out, it enables me to concentrate and simplifies life. information overload is a bad thing for me

Small Steps

I love these. I will try to adopt some of them too. I should start by buying an alarm clock.


I need to make small changes, too.

Thanks for the inspiration.