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LizzieT Spring Semester planning--yikes!

Week of Feb 24-Mar1

For Ethics class:  Sunday, update log for Friday's class; Monday, write process record. Note Prelim paper is due Mar 15, 2 wks. 

Reading for Ethics, Thurs or Fri before class

For Adolescents Class:  Reading as possible, Sun-Wed.  Thurs, comment on blackboard. Annotated bibliography due on 5 weeks.  Start next week. 

For Trauma class:

Paper Due on Friday 

Already done: A bunch of potential references gathered.

For Monday, Identify 10 relevant refs, read abstracts, list refs APA style

Tues (afternoon), Write paragraph, Add title page. Spell check, print out.

Wed, read papers for class, post on blackboard by Thurs morning.


Behind, but have gotten some stuff done.  Concept paper for Trauma is done.  No reading done.  Work for pay has taken time.  Today is Wenesday Feb 27: Need to exercise, meditate, work, read for class, finish and print out concept paper.  Congratulate self for hard work.  

Due March 1, Concept paper: 1 paragraph and 10 preliminary references 


Plan for Mar 2-Mar 15   Process paper for Ethics due Mar. 15.  Weekend Mar 2-3 reread assignment, plan paper, complete as much as possible. Mar 9-15, Complete paper, read if possible.

For Adolescents:  Week Mar 2: ID 20-30 relevant papers, read abstracts, find 12 good ones, 8 less-good, write problem statement. This is spring break, a good week to complete as much as possible. Week Mar 9-15. Regular school work for week.  Complete small additional step for the paper and/or assess next steps for paper..

For Trauma, regular school work.

Week Mar 16-22

Ethics, read, update log

Adolescents: Reg. class work,  Next steps for paper as assessed end of previous week. If finish paper, Start trauma by reading papers ID'd so far and expanding list.

Trauma, Regular class work

Week Mar  23-29

Ethics, update log, process entry

Adolescents--Write Conclusion and Abstract, create title page.

Trauma-- Regular classwork or scholarly paper, as possible.

Week Mar 30-April 5--Shockingly, I'm close to being on target.  Need to finish paper (on track), update Ethics journal (behind) and get regular class work done (behind), but it could be SOOOOOoooooo much worse.  Today is 4/2. Time to finish draft of paper (by noon).  Work on catching up with classwork the rest of the day (and work out!!!)

Ethics, Reg. Class work

Trauma, Reg class work

Adolescents, finish paper to hand in, read assn if poss.

Week April 6-12

Adol, reg class work

Trauma, first draft scholarly paper (ignore other work if nec)

Ehtics, Update journal; talk to other presenters for prelim planning

Week April 13-19

Ethics, Complete journal Mon-Wed, to hand in Friday; preliminary portions my part of presentation

Adolescents, Early draft or outline final paper, find refs to use for support

Trauma, Revised draft scholarly paper

Revised plan: Adol, reg class work and start paper if possible; due in two weeks. Plan out daily goals

Ethics, do readings, update journal, start adding references; due in two weeks. Plan out daily goals

Trauma: Read articles for paper; plan out rough daily goals for paper. 

For Monday: Ethics, reading for last week; update log

Trauma, Read 2-3 articles for paper

For Tues: Ethics, add reference for paper, revise entries

Trauma: 3 articles

Adol: Begin this week's readings


Adol, complete week's readings; post on blackboard

Trauma, do week's readings, post on blackboard



Morning: do any catch-up work

Evening: reading for ethics


Class all day, afternoon and evening, relax, do stuff outside

Sat: Draft of Adol paper; read for trauma paper

Sun: Complete Ethics journal to hand in;  work on Adol paper


Week April 20-26

Adolescents, final paper  

Ethics, Solidify presentation, do not plan to work on it next week

Trauma Make clear plan for final week 

April 27-May3  

Finish Trauma paper gets priority over presentation

Ethics Presentation is Friday May 3