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I-want-to-write is writing the doctorate.

So, chapter 1 is due tomorrow. (I somehow managed to write chapter 2&4, so this is not my first time)

The target is 10,000 words.

So far have 3000 words, 2000 of which I wrote yesterday on a train using the pomodoro technique and focus booster. It took 4 session for every 1000 words, which hopefully means I will not miss the deadline.

Today I had a realxing morning seeing friends and enjoying my son, whom I have not really see much of this week due to the amount of reading I had to do.

Still, now I need to start writing. The plan for today is for three 4x25 pomodoro chunks with breaks in between, so six hours of work. I might have to cook dinner and spent some quality time with my mother in the meantime.

It is 2.30pm and time to start in earnest. Wish me luck :), I will update after the end of each 4x25 session. 

15.12.12 D-day

D-day work tally - I thought I could update by editing this entry as opposed to adding endless replies to my own post.

2.30pm 6x25, some distractions, 1350 words. Total is now 7350, 2650 to go.

This site is helping a lot, I never managed to work this much before. Feeling very grateful and almost optimistic I will get it done.

3pm break over, time to work again. I will only have time until 5pm, but will be back after 6pm again.

6pm after 3x25 session, total is now 7850, 2150 to write. I am completely guilt-ridden as I had to miss a family party because of my procrastination and disappointed so many poeple. Had a few distractions, but now have to start work again. Feeling sad and despondent.

8.20pm 4x25 sessions, total 9050, only 950 words to write. The guilt has dissipated somewhat and I am pleased with my progress, but I wish I was more disciplined, since my breaks are too long.

I have just sent off my

I have just sent off my work, a litte over 10000 words, to my supervisor. Two overwhelming feelings: one of relief, the other of guilt over having wasted so much time when all it took was three days of solid writing.

Still, I am happy and grateful it is over.

Well done I-want-to-write!

That is really great you got it sent in. Hopefully this major achievement will help give you confidence for the next part that you have to do. Courage!


D-day Work

The deadline is at the end of today. 

I am feeling anxious again and allowed lots of distractions to take me away from the work that needs to be done this morning. I managed a 100 words, 3800 to go.

Plan to do it in 4X25 sessions, since that seemed to work yesterday. I don't know why I did not hit the ground running the first time round, but I guess better late than never.

It is 10.40am and time to start work. 

Amazed at your progress!

Keep going to the finish line!

I am dreaming of enjoying such bursts of productivity :-) You are an inspiration to me.

Thank you so much, but

Thank you so much, but trust me, this is all the effect of fear and desperation, sadly. I'd like to achieve this prouctivity from a happy place.

What you cannot see on this thread is the three-week long procrastination feast, which led to me having to fly my mum to my place at a huge cost as I needed emergency childcare. Needless to say, I do pay for regular childcare as well, but wasted so much time when my son was with the childminder that I ended up begging my mum to come and look after him for a couple of days, just so that I could catch up on lost time. When will I learn?

But thank you for your kind words nonetheless! 

You managed anyway :-)

You managed.

Good luck I-want-to-write

You are really making a dent in it! Thinking of you in the further struggle.

v best,


Thank you so much Hooch,

Thank you so much Hooch, your ecouragement means a lot!

5x25 completed, circa 1000

5x25 completed, circa 1000 words

Irrational fear du jour: maybe I will run out of things to say by the next paragraph?

Off to make dinner and make the most of the break. 

Extended break over, now

Extended break over, now time to start again. I get so anxious just before starting, it is very helpful to be able to track this process here.

4x25 completed, circa 750

4x25 completed, circa 750 words.

My productivity is lower and I am taking extended breaks as I am now tired and anxious that I will not be able to finish on time. Counterproductive, isn't it? I am still 250 words short of even being half way through to the target. Still, I suppose 4750 words is better than none.

Time for a longer break. 

5x25 completed, ca.1150

5x25 completed, ca.1150 words

I am very tired, but managed to take my total to 5900, which makes tomorrow just about doable with a target of 4100 words to write. I might try to write a plan of what else needs to go into my chapter and maybe do a pomodoro or two before bed. For now I feel a little spent, but luckily a lot less anxious.

1x25 and managed to plan

1x25 and managed to plan the rest of the chapter as well.

6100 words, 3900 to go. Sounds less scary by the minute, but I need to go to bed now.

Focus Booster thinks I have done 16 sessions today, could that be right? I will have to work that one out in the morning. 

Well done Hooch!!

Well done Hooche!!! You are doing great. Best of luck with writing today.Smile