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The road to my licensing exam

A few months earlier, I had joined the forum with the intention to give my exam in January. Unfortunately that didn't work out. I didn't prepare and so I didn't apply. 

Now, I've applied and I've made a time table to study.

It's doable.

I've also cleared all distractions. Moved to a new place, completed all my project and college work, bid farewell to my college friends and school friends and ticked off a whole list of things on my to do list. 

I just have one thing to do now and that's studying and acing this exam.

I can do it and I will do it.

I have to prove it to myself more than anything.

Few things that will be tough in the beginning:

Sticking to the schedule (eventhough it's ridiculously simple and easy)

- Waking up on time

- Getting dejected, if I don't complete one day's list (then everything falls down like a pack of cards)

- Concentration

- Number of hours

- Recall (it's been a while since I've done hard core studying)

- Not reading novels

- Not using the internet for too much recreation

- Procrastination (the let's do it tomo excuse) 

If I get through the first few weeks with this schedule, I'm positive I can crack this exam.

Help me endeavour... and, 

Wish me luck!  


Yes you can!

What seems to be working for me is to post here even on days when I am not achieving anything. Don't give up even if you can't report progress every day! You can do it.

You will do it!

Best of Luck.


Progress not prefection


Do It Now