Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Special Projects and Master Lists

This forum is for checking in on the progress of large, multi-day projects like a thesis or catching up on tax returns. It's also a good place for master to-do lists, gratitute lists, New Year's resolutions, and other non-daily items.

5 + 1 little things (or 5+2)

I have probably overloaded myself with work this semester, but I just know that if I work on everything regularily and do not burden myself down with perfectionism, I can do that darned double master and still keep the rest of my life together.

The problem is, as soon as I put things, even enjoyable ones, on my to-do list demand-resistance kicks in and I wake up from a haze of an internet-bender five days later with deadlines pressing on and my apartment a mess.

Hooch's accursed project

the dissertation is a 4 letter word

i'm new, and need a miracle to finish the dissertation. i have been struggling with it daily for such a long time, and i keep hoping to find some magic tip to make me motivated. i have so many reasons to want to be done, that it boggles my mind that i could procrastinate and waste so much of my precious time when i should be focusing and finishing. of course, i realize that procrastinating make me hate myself and being productive is such a good feeling. again, it boggles my mind that i cant just realize that and do the work.

Phoebe's Big Essay Project

Hello, everyone!

I really need to focus on the essay that I need to write. It's a very important thing for my studies, so I better keep this on track. During all the time I'm writing this essay I should regularly see my supervisor and talk to him about it. So I don't want to feel embarrassed during these meetings. And I can't allow myself to bring it to the point when I'll try to avoid my supervisor.. :( Because it's probably the worst thing I can do..

Unstuck-ing: Last chance for exams resit

Greetings- again!

So - almost-worst-case-scenario happened.  Failed my specialty college primaries that I sat in Aug/Sept which means that my last chance (unless I 'want' to go back to the beginning again) is Feb/March 2012.  Admittedly, there were some external factors out of my control and I've learnt to be kind enough to myself to not blame me for that.  BUT - the old thorn kept piercing and self-destruction ensued.

Lavida's New Focus

I had an interesting moment Sunday night while sleeping and not feeling
well, where I heard my Higher Power tell me that I was "dying" (not literally) and
then would be restored in a few days. This was very powerful after
everything I've been through (hell pretty much)

Salamander's Focus on Fitness

You may already have seen that I started to focus on my need to become fitter by supporting EleanorBE in her own weight loss/fitness project. I have quickly realised that I am the type of person to check in more frequently and probably also to use a lot more words than EleanorBE has so far done. I just don't want my wordy posts to swamp her thread and her own fitness/weight loss project so I decided to start a separate thread to avoid that.

EleanorBE's Losing 7lb and Keeping Fit Project

Right. Time to tackle this one again. Since starting to work properly and intensely on the book project I started ages ago and procrastinated wildly about for years, I've let the diet-and-exercise side of life go a bit. I'm not overweight according to UK govt guidelines for healthy BMIs! But I feel and look a lot better if I walk and swim more regularly and am about 7lb lighter than I am at the moment.

Lucky's new landing page

I'm experimenting with giving myself a special homepage with a couple of alternative (one religious and one not) entry rituals to go through before using the internet, and links to the sites that I choose to use. Any not on the list I'll try to put off looking at till tomorrow.

Warning! Includes links to social media sites.

Hello, entry.

I am preparing to enter this experience.

Hypatia's new catch-up project

After the success of my catch-up project for the stuff before and during my illness, I now need to work on the current backlog, which is 49 reports dating back to mid July.  One of the key learning points from the previous project was setting myself a realistic target. So the target is to be caught up by Christmas.

I'll work on one month at a time again


(reminder to self

July 7

Aug 16

Sep 28  ) 

Kodos--progress and next steps

Since I've joined PA about six weeks ago, and thanks to the quiet support of this community, I've made huge strides in my life. I now have a particular time slot to answer e-mail, and I answer all my email within a few days (previously, I could let them languish for months at the bottom of my box). My pile of paperwork on my stairs is down to virtually nothing, and I'm about 2/3 done purging the clutter from my apartment. I've spent the last five days or so resting up, and I've cleared my plate of an unnecessary (for now) project.

EleanorBE's long term projects

Hello to anyone who's reading this.

Rewards for Avoiding Temptation of Procrastination

I read this interesting article (link below) in which the author was talking about a particular strategy for overcoming temptations that would derail you from achieving a goal: every time you avoid the temptation, reward yourself. I'm going to do it for this month, rewarding myself $1 for every time I resist the temptation to procrastinate. I can redeem the $ once it reaches $10. I think the biggest challenge may be having awareness that I am tempted to procrastinate as it seems I often do it on auto-pilot.

Unguilting Party This Saturday

Thanks, movingalong for the suggestion--I've renamed...Here's the original post.

I've tried to think lately about why I hate doing e-mail and paperwork so much, and I think it's this: there are 5-10 things/people I've put off for weeks or even months buried in my inbox or in my pile of papers, so every time I open my e-mail or think about starting my paperwork pile, the whole thing is reeking with guilt, and I feel just awful being in its vicinity. 

Family & Personal Overhaul

Organize daughters room

Gather and file all family financial documents

Separate finances for personal and daughter

Create budget

Business finances

Business taxes - Federal and State

Establish new bank account

Set up records in Quickbooks

EM interview and final paper due October 28

Preliminary tasks:

Confirm appointment

Appointment rescheduled for Thursday OCTOBER 4

Decide on goal for the outcome of this interview

Develop interview questions

Ask for permission to tape session

Conduct interview by October 5th, 2012

Compile notes from interview

Draft paper

Revise paper

Submit paper 

Policy Paper due October 21

Preliminary task:

Review policy paper format

Read sample policy paper

Selected topic - immigration and em policy

15 page minimum

Other specifics included later.


Create list of references

Draft introduction

Submit references and introduction/Proposal to 502 by Friday

Review content requirements for final paper

Begin assembling final paper.



Master List - no more excuses

First I thank my God that I found this website! Thanks also to Pro for starting it.

Retaking my exam in 4 months.... the one that I failed last time because of procrastination

Hi everyone, 

So I'm going to keep a daily update of what I want to do and what I'm actually doing everyday. The last time I gave this exam I failed. It's a really important exam and already I may not get interviews in quite a few places because of my one failure. It's a career making/breaking exam.  

This time I want to ace it. I know I can do if I work for it. The problem is working for it.. So here I am.

Need to succeed.


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