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Unguilting Party This Saturday

Thanks, movingalong for the suggestion--I've renamed...Here's the original post.

I've tried to think lately about why I hate doing e-mail and paperwork so much, and I think it's this: there are 5-10 things/people I've put off for weeks or even months buried in my inbox or in my pile of papers, so every time I open my e-mail or think about starting my paperwork pile, the whole thing is reeking with guilt, and I feel just awful being in its vicinity. 

The realization I've had is that there are only 5-10 such things that give me this terrible guilt, so I am going to make a list of them and mark this Saturday as my Saturday of Guilt. I'm going to struggle through these 5-10 things and feel guilty the whole time for not doing them sooner, but at the end of the day...they will be DONE!

Anyone else out there who wants to join me in this Bacchanal of UNguilt on Saturday, you're more than welcome. 

1. Email Brad G. DONE!

2. E-mail Marzi DONE!

3. E-mail Joy P. DONE!

4. E-mail Michelle Zh. DONE!

5. E-mail Stephanie B. DONE!

6. E-mail Adam L. DONE!

7. Write Val H. DONE!

8. Write Kayla DONE!

9. Write Rosie DONE!

10. Write Daniel M. DONE!

11. Read stuff from M.M. DONE!

12. E-mail Chris M. DONE!

Wow. I guess it's pretty obvious what my procrastination of choice is. Now, how to tackle...

I'm going to get myself settled with some coffee, and then give myself half an hour to do each (so I don't cave into that weird thing where because you put it off so long, you have to make the product spectacular to make up for the delay...I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.) Any time left over in the half-hour, I'm going to let myself play, procrastinate, take a break, do whatever.

Okay, I'm going in! 

Mission accomplished!

Whew! I can't believe I did it! I felt like I was fighting all day long--first the guilt, and then the temptation to make up for the procrastination with perfection. But at the end of the day, I won! My e-mail box and paperwork pile no longer stink of guilt and regret. Whew, again! What a relief! I feel like I can move forward now!

Kudos to Kodos!


12/12 well done Kodos

That's a great achievement.


Thank you!!


An "Unguilting" Party

Ha! I almost didn't read this because I thought it was going to be an introspective thread about feeling guilty -- and I'm already doing enough of that.  But then I noticed that it was in the Special Projects and Master Lists area.  So I opened it to read.

YES ... I love group action threads.  We've had group weekend action threads here in "special projects" area in the past.  They work quite well!

joining in ...

I'm participating but not posting about it here.  That way I can just concentrate on it.  Some progress made today.

Guilt party

This is a great idea, Kodos. I have several other commitments on Saturday, but would love to put aside some time for my guilt pile.  And this sounds like a good and supported way of facing the monsters. I too have emails buried, a few people I haven't called, none of them huge things in themselves, but for each day they haven't been done they gain an extra aversion layer.  I am putting this in my diary right now.