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Struggling with last months of thesis


Hi all. So, i've finished the whole 2 years of masters. But my thesis is not done. I have a few months, till december, to present it without any kind of penalizations (from scholarship institution, mainly). It's september, and im not started with the lots of editing that my lousy sort of half-draft needs. I already had a scholarship to move abroad this september but as i didnt finish this thesis i had to renounce it and will have to ask again for it next semester. That was a bit painful, since that master abroad was for studying the career i think i actually want to do. I got into this master here for the wrong reasons, i hate the subject, but i have to be done, somehow. Since if presented my half, last minute draft in june, i havent been able to do anything on it again. Im trying a lot to be gentle with myself, but im getting desperate. I just want to be done. And i cant get started. I tried staying away from all this, for the last 2-3 months. I took up some sports I liked, which have also been kind of therapeutic for me (like horseriding...horses are so cute I cant feel sad or anxious when im around them) but still, I am not doing what i am supposed to be doing. I feel so uncapable right now. Like mentally, i cant put effort on this thesis, which at this point its so overwhelming. Im sure half of my depression has to do with the fact that i have to put through this thesis and subject i hate. However, avoiding it wont make it dissapear. it has to be done. i want to be done, if only for the fact that being done will allow me to move abroad and study what i think i really want.

Right now I want to commit at least to go to 12 steps meetings as often as I can (thank God theres a place a few blocks from my home, so i dont really have an excuse to not go), at least a few times a week. Im hoping that will help me to get unstuck somehow. I dont want to fall into the routine of just staying in bed all day. I need to keep my sports going, and a meeting routine, for keeping a minimum degree of sanity and emotional stability. I also want to go to the library to work on thesis there, but im not sure when ill be able to do that. So ill start small...thanks for your support!

How's it going, An4ever?

Hey An,

 Just curious how you are doing now?

I'm also finishing my master's, only thesis left to do and need to hand in within a month.

Hope you are well and making progress, perhaps I'll see you in the chatbox for work?

 Take care and wish you good luck and good focus,




Hello Wolke! I have a close deadline too, well actually im behind, but i need to have a full draft also in like a month or 6 weeks or so, otherwise i wont be able to finish by december, and I really want to! So far i've only managed to do 1 hour of daily work or so, and yes, i see progress, but im going too slowly! I can only do more work if im at the library but I havent been able to go recently, so all i can do at home is 1 hour or 1 hour and 40 min or so...which is slow considering my deadlines!! i hope to see you and thesis on chatbox, maybe that way i can force myself to do at least 2 + hours of work, which would be much better!! Im trying not to get desperate, but i hope soon i can be able to work for more extended periods. good luck on your own thesis!! 


Good to hear back from you, An4ever.

If I see you in the chatbox, we can definitely work together with the aim of reaching 2 hours or more. Make sure you actually turn it on. For me at least, it helps to have the chatbox on, even if its only to remind me I SHOULD be working. 

Best wishes, if you are committed and really want this, I'm sure you can make it happen. I hope the factors that slow you down/keep you from being able to work, will be minimal.

Good luck and focus!

I can commiserate An4ever.

I can commiserate An4ever. I had to postpone my thesis for 6 months because of unforeseen circumstances tha took me completely out of its orbit and when I came back to it I felt almost sick with repulsion. My turnaround happened when I was having some acupuncture on my arm (that well-known PG ailment RSI) and the practitioner said. Why don't you just stop doing it.? My immediate reaction was a sense of relief . I hadn't really seen that as an option.  But then l slowly regained a sense that l really, really wanted to get it finished. I think it was the possibility that there was a choice that gave me the oomph to forge ahead.

Good luck with it, and enjoy the horses - they must be good for you!