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Rewards for Avoiding Temptation of Procrastination

I read this interesting article (link below) in which the author was talking about a particular strategy for overcoming temptations that would derail you from achieving a goal: every time you avoid the temptation, reward yourself. I'm going to do it for this month, rewarding myself $1 for every time I resist the temptation to procrastinate. I can redeem the $ once it reaches $10. I think the biggest challenge may be having awareness that I am tempted to procrastinate as it seems I often do it on auto-pilot. I withdrew $100 in $1s from the bank and intend to carry the money with me, along with a separate "Rewards" envelope into which I will put the $1s as I earn them.

good plan

This sounds like a good plan Mollie. I know just what you mean about procrastinating without knowing it. But I'm finding that the more I focus on it, including make lists on the Check In here, the more I do notice myself doing it where perhaps before I wouldn't have.

I've read that we Procrasinators are often very reward/pleasure oriented - so this sounds like a good way into tricking our pleasure-seeking brains into getting things done!


Re: reward system

That sounds like a good approach, Mollie, maybe even an essential one. Money might work better than the breaks after completing a task because it represents accrued value. Thanks for the post.    

- "A procrastinator's work is never done."