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EleanorBE's long term projects

Hello to anyone who's reading this.

I once read quite a useful book called Getting things Done. Its main advice was to make a list of all your projects - and a project is anything that is made up of more than one simple task, so 'ring mum' is a task but 'cleaning house' is a project because it involves getting out cleaning stuff, cleaning different things etc. Then every day you make to-do lists based on the next tasks you need to do to finish the project. The book advised making different kinds of lists associated with the places and situations in which it was possible to do the tasks - such as on phone, at work, when online etc - so when you, say, had a few minutes and you had your phone to hand, you could cross a few things off the phone list - rather than having one great big daunting to-do list. Then at the end of each week you'd go through your projects and write your next tasks onto your lists. This was a pretty good plan, I think. But I just couldn't get the habit of all the different lists! I know a big list can be daunting - but I'm happier with the Check In list that I'm doing here everyday. But I still like the idea of broad projects with tasks arising from them. So I'm going to write my Projects here. 

I guess I'd like to edit the list (hope I will finish some of the projects and cross them off!) so would prefer no comments/replies. It would be great to hear from anyone by personal find out where I would receive those!


Rewriting UG Cs 

EA book

SBE article

GTG article 

SA article 

SSS book

SiP series

PH series

REF stuff

Classes: M/T, C/D, PP, STA, HAA

New class prop?

GSs: P, B, C

Ta training and support

colleague mentoring

Funding props: QMW, Lh, researching other sources

Admin: TPap, PAR, TSScoms, Sen, SSLcom

Clear out work office


PPP/W-N/SS project

N/Hamdance project


Get into Procrastion Recovery! At the moment it feels like I'm there. But I'm always starting new self-improvement projects and not keeping them up so I'll only feel really confident when I get to the end of, say, this semester at work - or up to xmas - and am still successfully making and doing tasks on check-in lists



Clear out home office

Garden (March next year)


M, C and K to dinner

People for pre-xmas dinner/drinks?

post-xmas family dinner

Losing 8lb

Exercise - swimming, pilates, walking, gym...? (have to decide if I really want to do the third!)

Big Cleaning Days

Learning Portuguese

Continuing French and Italian in small ways