Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Special Projects and Master Lists

This forum is for checking in on the progress of large, multi-day projects like a thesis or catching up on tax returns. It's also a good place for master to-do lists, gratitute lists, New Year's resolutions, and other non-daily items.

Weekly Postings

The daily check-in seems to be difficult (for me) to accomplish (at this time). Instead, this forum is for weekly goals.

Top Ten Goals

This advice came from a book by Brian Tracy called GOALS!   I recently started doing this again on a daily basis.

Every day, write down your top ten goals.   Don't refer back to your last list, but start from scratch every day.   Try to frame them in a positive manner i.e. (Be fit and healthy, rather than Stop eating too much) Don't worry if they change from day to day.  Don't worry if they seem too big.  Just write them down.  Every day. 

Tracking Resolutions?

How do you guys keep yourselves on track with New Years Resolutions?
I tend to make them and then give up after a week or so...any tips for changing this?


Anybody for New Year resolutions?!?! Seems like a natural for procrastinators who are trying to break bad habits.

Newbie - Idea/Proposal: peer-to-peer "productivity pal" for writers, (dissertation/senior) students & freelancers

Hi you guys out there suffering from chronic procrastination!

I´m new to this group. I´ve been struggling with procrastination all my life. Over the last months, I´ve been trying to finish my thesis and I´ve already missed all thinkable deadlines.

I´ve got an idea and I would like to know if anyone is interested in it (if so, please keep reading)...  <!--break-->

New Year's Resolutions?

Do you guys make New Year's Resolutions?  

I don't usually, it seems sort of artificial and I never really stick to them, but this year I think I might make a real one.

I am making a resolution to do more realistic planning.  I always plan to do more than I can really do, and the urgent things always take precedence over the important but non-urgent things.  If I plan more realistically, and put in time for rest and recreation, maybe I can make time for those important tasks that I never seem to get around to. 

An alternative to book-ending

I am a new member here and this is my first post. However, I am not new to procrastination. I 've been fighting against it (or myself) for many years. I've read almost all the popular books on it; I searched the Internet for an effective solution; I implemented the Getting Things Done system; I also tried various tricks and tips.

Some of these are very helpful, but none of them can really "cure the disease". It seems that I am always in a cycle:

feeling good and being effective

Gratitude Journal November 11, 2006

Name 5 Qualities you are greatful you have?

Gratitude Journal Nov. 9th , 2006


Gratitude Journal Nov. 8, 2006

What are you greatful for today?

What are you grateful for

What are you grateful for today?????

Idea for rolling tasks over

Hi all. I had this idea when CUOP.

I noticed a lot of us use "rolled over", "deferred", "ditched" etc for things we didn't get time for during the day.

I have also noticed a lot of us have the same things appearing there often days in a row. Or they disappear altogether without getting done ;).

I thought that from now on I might keep a record of how many times a task has been deferred, rolled over etc by putting a number after it. Ie: - filing (3) to indicate how many days it's been rolled over. I'm going to do the same on my weekly plan.

October 2006 Master Lists

I need to keep track of my Big List (and hopefully update it as I get things done ;)), so I am reposting my list from September here. Anyone else who wants to keep a Big List to draw from can also post a list here!

Accounts and Tax Challenge!

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As a few of us have decided to anticrastinate on our taxes and accounts I thought it might be helpful to have a Check In thread where we can support each other and celebrate our successes, so here it is!

Breaking ToDos into smaller chunks

Just a quick post as I'm conscious I want to procrastinate [Normy stops to put timer on, just in case!] but I don't want to lose this thought.


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