Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Special Projects and Master Lists

This forum is for checking in on the progress of large, multi-day projects like a thesis or catching up on tax returns. It's also a good place for master to-do lists, gratitute lists, New Year's resolutions, and other non-daily items.

Summer 09

Summer 09


long term project

Read s c

Read c.(done)

Read f (read through sec. 212) (done 6.22.09)

Read n (done 6.7.09)

Read every llj(fall 09 done)

Read every lm update (read June 09)

Watch (or listen to) masters one time per month

Practice 10 min per day(did on 4.15.09)

added 6.7.09

read l (read 401)


Constance's big project is completed: Got my Master's degree!

I made it:  Since Feb. 4th 2010 I'm the proud holder of a Master's Degree I thought I would never ever complete.

Daily tasks to keep me on my way to finding a job:

1. flylady - swish and swipe in the mornings

2. take daughter to daycare on time (leave house by 8:30)

3. go back to home office and work on freelance projects 

4. have lunch-break (45 min including coffee)

CI Dotnow Progress not Prefection

Please do not use dates without your username in check-in subjects. I'm tired of changing this for you. Not putting your username in check-in subjects makes a mess of the forum. I've sent you repeated emails about this. Please cooperate. Thank you. -pro


some old stuff:

complete online studies

Since I started University I stopped handing in assignments to my online high school course. I thought it was pointless, than I just discovered that my account is still active. Before, I thought it was pointless but this works into my new (and frustrating) overall academic plans. I have 3.5 months to finish my course and I doubt it'll take that long. I truly believe I can finish this course without my universities studies suffering. Over the months I've seen my procrastination improve, my study habits have improved and so has my willpower. This could actually be achievable.

e's projects place

I have revised the name of this thread from e's scary project place to e's project place because I am moving into a place where projects don't feel scary: they may be daunting but they no longer scare me. I think I have been able to move away from fear around these projects as a result of working the steps with a sponsor in another 12 step program. Viva la Change!


I have an essay due in 9 days. But I'm having immense trouble writing it. I've done the research and the preplanning but I'm having a lot of trouble with the thesis. I just need to get the thesis and it's all down hill from there.

Anyway, 9 days! Hopefully I'll have a rough draft in 3 days.

tiptree clocking 42 hours per week for the next 8 weeks

I calculate that I need to clock extra hours if I'm to cover my estimated taxes.

I'll track my hours in this thread through 2 PM on January 6th.

so here goes nuttin', starting... NOW!

Journey's 30 Day Challenge: Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I have been working on building the habit of going to bed on time and getting up on time every day but it's been 2 months now and I haven't made a whole lot of progress!  Starting today I'm going to post the time I go to bed, the time I get up, and the time I get to the gym on weekdays.   Hopefully this will be the inspiration I need to get this habit established.


My goal is to be in bed at 9:30, up at 4:30, at the gym at 5:15.   I know that sounds early but I think it will contribute greatly to accomplishing other goals.  


Education Road Map

I'm finally getting this done in this area of my life. Feels good. Right now I just need to pass each semester for the next 3.5 years and I'll be done :)

High School Degree
x pass A2 exam
x collect final BC papers and certificates
x check if need to stamp them
x Take original UAE certificates to BC for authentication
x get high school degree equated
x pay dues at institution

University Degree
x create budget/open bank account
x settle on university and major
x apply and register
x submit pledge in case of failing A2 subject
x buy books
- get BA

George Smiley's Project F

Project F is a new project for my favorite client.

It's an idea I came up with that is timely and important, I believe.

The editor is intrigued, but wary. He rightfully points out that the topic could easily lend itself to a bunch of talking heads in ivory towers leading to a bad case of MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) for readers. But he's given me a go-ahead, with the understanding that I have to tell this story in a way that really anchors it to interesting people and local situations. 

10 Week Study Challenge! (Codename : NightWing)

This is the place where I keep track of my weekly project list.

My goal here is to complete studying for all IIIrd minor subjects before finals.

So here goes.. :)

George Smiley's new routine

Hello all,

I'm going to try a new routine for myself to see if it helps me stay more focused. It borrows to some extent from The Now Habit, and it makes use of Outlook.

I'm laying out the basic idea here. Any feedback about your experience with similar efforts will be appreciated. And I hope my daily checkins will reflect how well I stick with this routine.


I've divided my workday during the week into alternating 30-minute and 90-minute segments.

The schedule goes like this:

Convalaria's Routines,Task Lists and Inspirations

A place to post my hopes and some of the steps needed to achieve them

PhD thesis

My Phd thesis has been 10 years in the making. I don't have much time, as I teach full time, and spend a lot of time looking after the home/meals, kids, husband, husband's surgery and accounts, but I've been making that an excuse, because when I do have time, I'll do anything but face the thesis beast (of which I'm very much afraid). I've been deregistered for 3 years, as my supervisors only want to see the finished (rewritten) project, so no supervision/ guidance, which makes me more afraid. Here's what I need to do.

RitaE's master list

God, please give me the honesty, open-mindedness and willingness to stop procrastinating, to surrender and accept responsibility for my own life. Please help me change my attitude and enjoy simply doing these "next right things," one step at a time. I can't do it on my own. Thank you, God. Thank you, my fellow PA-ers (aka "God as He expresses Himself in our group conscience").  Amen.

Project: Home & Garden


There is an on-going project that I want to continue progress on. I will call it the Home & Garden project. My hope is to have some check-ins on it; probably mostly on weekends. Talk to you later! :)


Weekly Postings

The daily check-in seems to be difficult (for me) to accomplish (at this time). Instead, this forum is for weekly goals.

Top Ten Goals

This advice came from a book by Brian Tracy called GOALS!   I recently started doing this again on a daily basis.

Every day, write down your top ten goals.   Don't refer back to your last list, but start from scratch every day.   Try to frame them in a positive manner i.e. (Be fit and healthy, rather than Stop eating too much) Don't worry if they change from day to day.  Don't worry if they seem too big.  Just write them down.  Every day. 

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