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George Smiley's Project F

Project F is a new project for my favorite client.

It's an idea I came up with that is timely and important, I believe.

The editor is intrigued, but wary. He rightfully points out that the topic could easily lend itself to a bunch of talking heads in ivory towers leading to a bad case of MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) for readers. But he's given me a go-ahead, with the understanding that I have to tell this story in a way that really anchors it to interesting people and local situations. 

I understand him completely and agree completely. I understand what this publication wants and I am in sync with that. I also know that my own style is sometimes a bit quiet and reserved, and sometimes needs to be juiced up to suit this particular publication and its readership. I have no problem with that.

And I've decided, along with some of the other planning I do, to use this space to check in from time to time on how I'm keeping the ball moving. I won't blog here about the content itself, but rather about how I'm staying on task for it, or what's hanging me up when I don't stay on task.