Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

CI Dotnow Progress not Prefection

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some old stuff:

called rr, Otank delgated to Y YkP finished - Y has rest

called went to Tenafly  Did calc  DR cemetary and minyan

finished WGO and Forest City.  Lm for JS

Also: (at work) spoke to LC about Dave R, switched to new book and calcs (decision) sent rec for Ji


To do:  contact Alex, get back to RR do something (decide) about mortgage 

 Jb search  summer 

pt  ridgewood  3 resumes from Y

next yr  frisch and 3 resumes Wayne (get transcripts)

set appt w dr.    Call Radon,  PVWC and 

***  Major***  Plan, Build in what decisions are on table, prep                         Progress not perfection

Prep for next day:  lunch


At work:  Mike's article, create on time log, journals, set a routine plan a trip.  call Chabad

Personal: journal for learning and what to learn 

dotnow - May 24, 2009

Have  two days

Focus: Responsibility and No excuses.  Keep up journal.  Consequences not right/wrong.  Hope to H, only.  

Decsions: car and mortgage, do Wgo prep.  Read  2 texts.   Summer work!

dotnow - May 11



FU Doug

clean up office

journal  LT


hw postongs, lp's 



dotnow - sat Night Mar 7

call Robby alex

respond to D chute

Moms taxes - look

Looka tmine

ck eamil RX

Learn 2+ hrs Record learning   


School: Lp's Hw and Tues 

dotnow - wed ci mar 4

call js doug Plan ( little)

look for j:  Work: study guid and Mike's thing  Find somthing to do for 4th period

Enough stuff in my nb 

dotnow - Monday Mar2

Missed yesterday (a Sunday) and I knew there was a day off today for snow.  REmember that Sunday is a danger day!

ok lookeda t Alg 2.  Today call JS and maybe alex and RR plan and look at LAg 2 -stretch goal - taxes look at money meeting tonight call Marty Doug.  Write altetter.  do LPS and Hw - no compromise 

dotnow - ci tuesday

called js lookat alsg 2 caleed doug lps and hw on tues

so 5/ 5 required

to go alex rr fu w/ js and Dad

dotnow - fiday feb 25

called joe and Doug

Do: LP's and HW

Monday meeting


clearing up the backlog 

dotnow - thursday feb 26

called Radon   Frisch 3 resumes called Ridgewood,

If I called Radon last summer still under warranty now it costs 5x.  Progress not prefection.

To do: call DR.  Call JS in Israel call NJ tax and RIS

Call Thor 

dotnow - ci

called Thor Doug Lm for js in nj spoke to Champion

AM call JS  

dotnow - Sat night CI feb 28

study tongiht 1 hr say shma

say modeh and this is my lucky day          Plan: ***study 4 hrs record studying***do hw and lps **lookea test 2o mins**  think about why that is so hard  When dsometihgn is hard do the am pp.  Lookat taxes this wk  Prep to tell LC about day off in 2 wks.

This Week:   MOnday meeting send res to Wayne get transcirpt 


Lookat taxes and Sat went pretty well studied about 4 hours 3-4 inc Fri night and took Sh on playdate.  Alos on time all 3 times.  Irt follow 

dotnow - may 21 2009

Continue with diary 

and track speed minutes