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State Bar Exam - Chatty

I did not make my goal for the State Bar exam.  What's important to share is that I have no regrets about withdrawing from it. I feared I would, but I don't at all. I was completely burnt out and this did not give me a fair shot at absorbing the material. I get that now.  That said, I have taken a solid week off. I have placed some higher priorities to lower my resentment toward the material: Namely losing the 40 lbs I have put on.  Restoring some hobbies and personal interests that apparently mean a great deal to me (all of which were put on the back burner these past couple of years)I am capping the amount of time each evening that I will put toward this goal.  I have made a deal with myself that if I stick to this program and my body and mind is responsive to the material then I will sign up for the July bar.  But, I'm not going to sign up unless I'm absolutely convinced that my body and brain is up to the tasks and I'm comfortable with the progress that's been made.  I don't lack discipline as it turns out. I do have a 44 year old brain.  It needs more than an onslaught of law thrown at it in order to be happy.  I'm learning to throw it a bone instead of forcing it to sit in a chair and do something that it doesn't want to do.  That proved fruitless. It gets back at me by not memorizing what I'm throwing at it.  So, the goal is team work via balance.   I will let you know how it goes.  Beef stew!!







Still in the middle of Real Property

Okay.....working away from home is key. Walking at lunch is key.  I'm finding things that are working for me this time around. My absorption of the material seems to be better -  yet not at the volume and rate of speed that I need to be. However, I am enjoying it more and not so resentful. Possibly just the company of other people in the library is enough of a social connection that I feel noticeably less resentful.  So, I am at work. Again, I will do 3.5 miles at lunch. I will leave b/w 4 - 4:30. From here, I've got my briefcase and laptop with me. I will head straight to the library. I will stay there until closing. Then I will go home. Such is life!!!

Well done Chatty

Well done Chatty- you are doing GREAT! Smile

(JALLA) Thank You!!!

Thank you so much!!! :-)


Sounds like a good plan Chatty. Having Thursdays off sounds very sensible. It will give your mind to have  a chance to absorb all the info.


Your chum,


3 days down - This weekend's plan

Now that I have drafted the blueprint for the next 16 weeks, I need to figure out how I'm going to attack Real Property this weekend. I have 6 days [Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday]. Very good.  We can deal with this. Right? Right.  So, starting tonight. 


FRIDAY:       Estate & Future Interests - 1 essay - Multiple Choice Study Booklet, cards

SATURDAY:   Landlord/Tenant - Legal Memorandum PT Exam - 2 essays- cards

SUNDAY:       Land Acquisition - 2 essays/ Multiple Choice Study Booklet- cards

MONDAY:      Land Use - 1 essay/Multipe Choice Test Booklet

TUESDAY:     Repetition/1 essay/Multiple Choice Test Booklet

WEDNESDAY: Repetition/1 essay/Multiple ChoiceTest Booklet


FRIDAY:       Begin Evidence. 

3 days down - 112 left.

Okay. One of the ways I thought I would handle this project is to publicize the math. There's 112 days let to my chosen cut off date. There are 14 subjects, plus performance tests. That's 16 weeks.  If you figure one subject a week - this is doable. Right? It would appear so. I have given myself Thursdays off. This makes sense b/c that particular night presents a great deal of conflict for me. No reason to set myself up to fail.  

SO, let's plan this out.  With one day off, a week equates to 6 days. Most difficult subjects first. This way, if it turns out that I need additional time on a particular subject, that extra time would be accounted for up front - rather than at end. Fair enough. Each week will include the multiple choice questions (if applicable) and essays. 

Week 1:   Real Property  - Legal Memorandums

Week 2:   Evidence - Persuasive Briefs

Week 3:   Constitutional Law - Declaration or affidavit

Week 4:   Criminal Procedure - Closing Argument

Week 5:   Criminal Law - Opening statement

Week 6:   Contracts - Jury Instructions

Week 7:   Torts - Witness Cross or Direct Examination

Week 8:   Professional Responsibility - Discovery/Investigation plan

Week 9:   Wills - Client Letter

Week 10:  Trusts- Client or Witness Interview

Week 11:  Civil Procedure - Negotiation/Settlement Agreement/Proposal

Week 12:  Community Property- Analysis of contract/will/trust/statute

Week 13:  Corporations - Legislation

Week 14:  Agencies - Alternative Dispute Resolution Task

Week 15:  Repetition/Full on practice exams - timed conditions

Week 16:  Repetition/Full on practice exams - timed conditions



There is a book by S. Johnson: Who Moved My Cheese?  It is the story of four characters living in a
"Maze" who face unexpected change when they discover their "Cheese" has
disappeared. Sniff and Scurry, who are mice, and Hem and Haw, little
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This timeless allegory reveals profound truths to individuals and
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"Maze".In an effort to share what he has learned along the way, he
records his personal discoveries on the maze walls, the "Handwriting on
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Full of modern day insight, the story of Who Moved My Cheese?
invites individuals and organizations to enjoy less stress and more
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I love the slogan "Blessed are the flexible , for they shall never be bent out of shape."

Keep coming back, you are not alone.

Vic - Thank You!

Oh, I LOVE that! Thank you! I will definitely get the book!!

2nd day down

made a commitment. i get Thursday nights is only smart. it is never, ever a good night for anything. so why set myself up for conflict and resentment? the goal isn't to fail, but to succeed.. 

1 day down

Last night went well. exhausted as I was, I kept to the schedule. 1 day down.

Daily check in.

Okay, I had planned on coming home from work last night, going for a massive hike, and then doing 1 hour of law work.  However, I got home and felt really ill. Then my son started vomiting. We both went to bed around 6 p.m.  Nasty flu! I'm at work today. I have not really eaten anything in 24 hours b/c of the virus.  That said, I am planning on going home tonight and committing to the following: 


  • Review RP cards - estates.That's around 50 plus cards. 30 min max.
  • 18 Multiple Choice - Real Property. 30 min or less. 
  • Professional Responsibility - Duty of Loyalty. Review.  30 min max.
  • Contracts:  Formation of K cards. review. 30 min max.
  • 18 Multiple Choice - Ks.  30 min or less.

That's a commitment of 2.5 hours.  That's all I'm willing to do tonight.   Light exercises, depending upon my stomach.


Daily check in.

Postponed until Friday. Everyone in the house is ill and there are too many competing, higher priorities (dispensing meds, working, etc.)

Daily check in.

Actually postponed until Saturday. My son's fever just broke this morning. The house is unsafe for human habitation. In the interest of not setting myself up for disappointment and self hatred, I am postponing until Saturday morning. Friday night will be spent cleaning and airing out the house.  See you in the chatroom!

Solidarity Chatty

Hope you are all returning to health very soon.

Honored my commitment

I made a commitment to do 1 hour of law study, review landlord/tenant cards, and if on a roll - attack the Gallagher book.   I did the 1 hour, reviewed the cards, and attacked the Gallagher book. I put about 2.5 hours into it.  So, I went beyond the minimum I set for myself.  I lost inspiration about 2 hours 10 minutes into it.  Unlike before, where I would have suffered with diminshed returns. This time, I listened and put it away.   I move on to other more pleasurable tasks now. 


Status - Postponed until July.

Thank you for everyone's support. I have postponed the exam until July. I will keep you posted. Meantime, I will be in the chatroom. 

1 hour commitment

Today, I am committing to one hour.  

  • Review Landlord/Tenant cards
  • Memorize Present/Future Interest cards

If desirable and on a roll, read Gallagher's Performance Test book.

If desirable and on a roll, I need to memorize all civil cards promptly. Why? This affects my job. These rules are directly related to what I do 8 to 5. So, I should memorize the cards and put together some sort of notebook for my desk to be used as a reference tool.  If nothing else, give some thought to organization and break it down into manageable steps. 


Beef Stew as necessary!

Wise choice, Chatty

Sorry to hear you don't feel ready to sit yet, but glad you can postpone. As I think you've said elsewhere, many of your obstacles have not been of your own making. It's clear you have already put in a lot of hard work, so that won't go to waste.

I hope you can have some rest and time out before you re-commit to study for the July exam.

3-days-to-go Chatty

Sending you good luck, positive vibes and beef stew for D-day -3.


Bar bananas

Good luck for the last fortnight. Keep breathing! You are great!


Chattydo. Still thinking of you


Thinking of you, Chatty!

serene perserverance

25 Days tomorrow 'til I sit for bar

Thank all of you for support.  I studied for several hours. . Tmw is 25 days. I hope to rise extra early and get some stuff done.

26 Days to the Bar!!!

Panic has set in!!!! The question is:  Can I make an attorney out of me in 26 days?  That's the question!


That is the answer.


double yes.


Triple yes with bells ringing!


Take it a task at a time and remember all we can do is give our best shot. I am thinking of you, feel proud of your brilliant effort these past months and wish you another great day today, Jallaxo 

@ Chattydo

Hope you are jumping Jack Flash with your Bar in a Box.


@ Chattydo

You are doing really great with you Bar - exam bootcamp! I am hoping they serve BEEF STEW at this place. And that you are finding the odd moment to eat and drink and occasionally BREATHE. What is on the agenda for today?


Thank You, Hooch!

Just because of your email, I'm going to focus on beef stew today to rid myself of the fear, insecurities, and negative thoughts. I woke up thinking plenty of terrible, negative thoughts. I'm surprised I didn't do myself in. Instead, I got up and started the coffee machine.

Day 1 has caused panic b/c even though I put the time butt was in that car doing flashcards all day.....I still didn't make the progress that I had planned on making.  The noodle was absorbing, it just takes a lot of time to master the subject, and there are only so many hours in the day.  But, I'm further than I have been. I did not give up.

Today is day 2 of boot camp. I have coffee brewing as I type and flashcards in hand. I also have other bar study materials I'm looking at for clarification.  So, plan today is to get thru Supreme Court decisions, Flashcards: Civil Procedure, Real Property, Community Property, Evidence, Remedies, Professional Responsibility, and Crim Law/Procedure.  Multiple Choice subjects:  Real Property, Evidence, Crim Law, and Remedies. I also need to examine my submitted bar essays against the sample answers the State Bar has just posted on the website - find out what I did wrong.

Day 3 of boot camp is tomorrow. Flashcards: Contracts, Torts, Wills, Trusts, Business Associations.  Multiple Choice Subjects: Contracts and Torts. 

On Tuesday, I go back to work. I will have to develop a wicked little plan for when I get off work. Studying at home is just not ideal (though comfortable). Library is closed on Tuesday. The problem with the car is that I have to park under a street light (b/c it gets dark).  But, I'm not going to focus on that today.  I just don't have time.


Support for Chatty

Solidarity, sister!

@ Chattydo in Bootcamp

Well done for overcoming the negative thoughts and not doing yourself in. Who do these -ve thoughts even think they are to cause you such stress? The bstds. What do they know about Reality? Nothing that is what.

'Real property' sounds interesting.This is as opposed to virtual property i suppose. And 'Remedies' sounds nice. I always take a hot whisky & lemon when I have a cold. Feel free to put this in your exam if it comes up. 

As you say, you are much further on than you were before, than you have ever been! Even tho you dont think it is sinking into your mind, it is going in somewhere.  You have a PLAN and YOU WILL GET THRO EVERYTHING.

All the best!


Thank You, Ron 321, Vic, & Blue Eyes!!!

Thank you all for being supportive. I've been in a dark place, in great part due to fear, but also from outside issues that have crept in. It's all taken me by surprise. However, I had a good day yesterday. I did not come home from work until 10.  After I got off work, I went to dinner, hit the gym, sat in my car in the parking lot and did flashcards.  Then I worked out. Then I came home and did more flashcards. Even after I learned Mocha (12 year old Shepherd) peed on my bed (smack in the'd think she was a horse),    I still did flashcards!  Fear..... you gotta love it, right? 


go Chattydo!

You're still going = great!

Keep it up, grab those moments of momentum with both hands when they come! Or even better create them and go with them and if you need to crash and burn for a bit... maybe take a break (not too long!) but don't then give up.. don't worry that was just a lull! (I could really do with taking this advice myself :-)) keep going! In fits and bursts... just keep going!!

That cheeky Fear snaking his way in (not sure why it's a he!?) all of us here know his game.. he'll probably be popping in to see me at some point today, so maybe you'll have a break from him at that point :-) .. telling me I can't do it, making me feel that 'not doing it' would be the absolute worst thing in the world. Yeah Fear we've heard it all before! Sometimes when I remember that if I don't finish this project I won't die! And sometimes when I think that I feel relief... and then I think 'did I really think I was going to die if i didn't finish it??!!' That's just weird. Fear - you're weird!! lol

Try to think that if 'i don't achieve this it will not be the very end of the world no matter what the fear tells me' I find that can help me.. if I think OK horrible fear you're wanting me to feel like my life will be OVER if I don't get this done - well you're wrong, it's simply not true! I find that can ever so slightly lift the anxiety...

Then try to think of the reasons you're doing it.. and you're not doing it to avoid that 'terrible' thing that might happen if you don't.. even though Fear will make you feel that way - that's his favourite game! You're doing it because it's something you are really interested in, stimulates you (I hope!), it's a challenge in life and yes it's a career path you want to go down! These are all good things.. and you've chosen to do this (I hope!) no-one has imposed it on you.. so you must want to do it in some way.

And you have put hard work in so far.. so that's a good reason to keep going.. reflect on the work you've put in (NOT the work you haven't put in - that doesn't even exist so let's not think about that :-)) so you've done that, you HAVE done some work that's good! and of course there's more to do, but we knew that!... keep chipping away..

I've no idea how complex the exam is.. (Very, probably!) but you still have days hours minutes to go right!? Hoping you're putting some of those days hours minutes to good use.. and the minutes and hours you're not working you're not being hard on yourself.. you also need rest, eat well, sleep, relaxation to function well... so hope you're doing that too!

Keep going! Step by step..  

(I am very good at rambling.. it's one of my strengths, though not formally recognised by any employer I've encountered :-) not sure this is of help or not.. hope so.. good luck.. keep going..

Great stuff Chattydo!

Despite these severe challenges YOU ARE HANGING IN THERE. Great work with the flashcards! 

(I think your dog will also be happy when this exam is over!)

all the best, 

your buddy,


Hang in there, Chattydo!

What happened to the beef stew? 

You've come this far; go ahead and give it your best shot, all the way until the exam. Hang in there! 


I'm rooting for you!!



 First of all, I want to thank you for your sharing and courage. I would hire you before someone that passed the bar on the first try. Take what you want and leave the rest of the following article I found interesting. wishing you the best and solidarity.

Being with Fear
Allowing fear in and making friends with it is no small feat; fear is a
powerful emotion that demands understanding and patience. But trying to
block it will simply create further anxiety.

Fear comes—you breathe and let go. Fear comes—you see how the mind needs
reassurance and tenderness.Meditation enables you to be with fear. take a deep breath and let it go. Staying aware and open, allow whatever feelings are present to arise.Have no judgment, rejection or aversion. Accept whatever you are experiencing as simply a part of what is.

Be kind and caring to yourself.

Ed and Deb Shapiro



I will try the meditation.

Wishing you success!



I am thinking of you, and wishing you success!


50 Days 'til I Sit for the Bar

I'm struggling.  I don't want to talk about it. Understandably.  Best to all. 

Solidarity, Chatty

Solidarity, Chatty

53 days til I sit for the Bar!

Thank all of you for support. I really can't thank you enough.

Yesterday was a lost cause! I was so pissed! Like a surgeon I am now cutting out all things that keep me functioning. I have gym bag in car. I have law books in car. I am not going home. It's as simple as that. lol. On the way home, I plan to swerve my car off the road and hit the library and gym, which are about a mile apart. 

I am making progress, but am in panic mode as there are only 53 days left. I'm sure people in my personal life are feeling it.  My patience is wearing thin. Yesterday, I went into a mini-rant about Hugh Hefner. Of all people. I saw a photograph of him and his bride (who is reportedly 60 years younger than him) and all I could see is a wedding photo of a jackass and his child bride.  As if THAT was important! The sick thing is that it's me and not Hugh Hefner. I'm seeing jackasses everywhere I turn. And logically, that just can't be the case. It must be my response to stress. That's all I can say. My so-called Internet surfing is significantly reduced. My television viewing has been reduced to 1 hour, if that, a night. I did note yesterday that my memory is improving. I guess the brain is its own muscle. If you use it and poke it and prod it ON A REGULAR BASIS it will strengthen and come to life.

Thanks for the support!!! Will check in tomorrow morning. I hope all of you reading this have scalpels in your hand and a big red circle around Hugh Hefner's private parts! Just totally kidding!!! That poor man! Wink!


Beef Stew @ Chattydo

Hi Chattydo,

Good luck with the next 53 days of law books, gym & library! I hope you can bottle up your justified rage for when you are a qualified lawer. The Voice of Reason needs more representitives in the law.

All the best,


You can do this, but make

You can do this, but make sure you take care of yourself.

and i'm totally with you on heff. he's made it ok for men to be and be perceived as perverts when they are and can be so much more. 

deep breaths!


Its  430 a.m. and I'm up! flash cards before work

Solidarity Chatty Do

Wow, that's really early. Your committment is obvious, but you must be really feeling it to get up so early to revise.

Thinking of you.


Think positive! Do your best today. Let go of everything else and focus. 

 I'm rooting for you!


Well done chatty do keep

Well done chatty do keep going!

56 Days til I sit for the Bar

Had no idea January was here. Head was too far deep in my thoughts and I'm on the wrong side of the dividing line.  New Years Eve? Studying.  New Years Day? Studying.  It's full speed ahead for me or I'm not going to make it.  I am NOT where I needed to be by this date.  Will go forward.  To anyone reading this....don't let this happen to you.  Get moving on doing what you need to do. Today.

Chattydo your words struck a chord thanks

Hi Chattydo

There is so much great support at PA.. It's really good to have lots of encouragement and kind words... it makes me feel better about myself.. but I guess it doesn't always MAKE me do what I need to do.. and i shouldn't and don't expect that of others.. but maybe some stern words wouldn't go amiss too :-) I've got a big project on, have had a big project on for months but the people I'm doing it for are so understanding that I'm still working on it (or 99% of the time *thinking* of working on it) when in an ideal world it would have been done and done quite some time ago. But it's still there.. I still need to do it..

Anyway my usual ramblings aside.. your words struck a chord. Right here: 'don't let this happen to you. Get moving on what you need to do. Today' you're so right of course. It's simple straight to the point.. with each day and nothing done comes the fretting... the avoidance.. etc.. I'm going to try and continue my day with your words in my head.

I haven't read your whole thread.. going to pop back now and see how you're doing. Do hope it's going ok. So far it sounds like you're behind. But that doesn't mean you can't do it? My life is littered with lots of missed deadlines/opportunities.. but there have also been quite a few times I've pulled it out of the hat... under pressure... sometimes a crazy stressed lunatic... but I've done it. It can be done!!! And at these times with all the built up stress the release felt when I've achieved what I set out to is really quite something... and then I collapse in an exhausted heap, and say 'never again am I going to do that to myself!!' and then I forget and follow the same pattern again! :-)

Good luck to you!! I'm not sure how many hours, minutes seconds are remaining for you .. but keep going!  'Get moving on what you need to do. Today' !!!