Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

SAMssa soberiety contract.

bottomlines( things i should avoid to stay sober)

1. not going to the gym twice a day

2. going to bed after 10:00

3. not trd

4. not doing daily prayers and reading scripture early in the morning

5. not following daily schedule for self care

6. not eating properly

7. not attending meetings fully





My major Work areas can be divided into4 parts.

1. Trd

Every weekday atleast for 8.5 hrs

2. Training

Every day, weightlifting or jogging... EVERYDAY.  

3. Reading

atleast 4 books in a month; philosophy, mystery, sxual ethics/ssa, History

4. Writing.

atleast one article for any maganzine or paper. including online ones.

5. quality sleep

8 hours a day

6. Spiritual

Reading a chapter of Proverbs daily minimum

add more bible readings on a daily basis

Loud Prayer for 15 mts

prayers espeically with focus on soberiety.

for SAMssa

You are not alone. I find myself sinking too, usually around the end of each semester. Fact is, we are dealing with a real and present addiction. Its something we have to deal with minute by minute. There are so many contributing factors, so many temptations, so many opportunities to slip up, even though we may have the best intentions.

Hang in there. Solidarity. 

We can do it. 

a year has passed and i am still stuck in active addiction.

a year has passed and I am still stuck in an active addiciton mode. I did not achieve even one of the goals including going to the gym I set up for msyelf!

There are things i can controla nd there are things I cannot control. I cannot control if i find work or not, but I can control if i go to teh gym. I cannot control my alcoholic bf or his abuse but i can take care of my self! I need to seriously address my issues.

1. going to the gym

1. going to the gym twice

2. eating atleast 3 full meals daily

3. Working on Thesis, Trading

4. Sending applications in.

5.  Follow Scheduled Self care Routine.

Project - Publish Paper on FP.

draft deadline : 10 jan 2010.

send papers in by : Feb 2010.

 Readings to be finished by : 5th  of Jan.


  1. Go to Gym twice a


1. Go to Gym twice a day so that i can get the muscles i want!

2. Go to bed by 8 or 9pm/depending on gym timings so that i can get up in the morning and do my cardios and have a refresthing day.

3. put atleast 3 trades daily if working and 15 if not working

4. meditaions/ scritpures

5. read 2 hour atleast( academics 1hr) and (CFA 1hr)

6. eat 3 to 5 meals a day


re: samssa contract

A great list, but if I may make a small suggestion, I think it is more motivating to phrase your plans in a positive rather than a negative way i.e.:  I want to go to bed earlier than 10 pm so that I will feel rested in the morning.  


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

thanks Jo I see you

thanks Jo

I see you point. I am going to re- write them in a postive tone.