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Unstuck-ing: Last chance for exams resit

Greetings- again!

So - almost-worst-case-scenario happened.  Failed my specialty college primaries that I sat in Aug/Sept which means that my last chance (unless I 'want' to go back to the beginning again) is Feb/March 2012.  Admittedly, there were some external factors out of my control and I've learnt to be kind enough to myself to not blame me for that.  BUT - the old thorn kept piercing and self-destruction ensued.

So - had a decent mourning period, got some sleep and exercise and some fun and now I'm as ready as I need to be to get back to it. Being 'ready' does not necessarily equal 'doing it' for me though so I'm going to commit to myself and to you as witnesses:

-to be ACCOUNTABLE by being honest, regular (not a reference to bran)

-to be EFFECTIVE by being realistic, essential, specific, intentional 


Aim: to pass my Physiology and Pharmacology

Writtens: Feb 12th 2013 - 16weeks

Vivas (orals): March 22nd 2013 - 21 weeks


My biggest 'thin ice' points that I need to shore up:

-STARTING. Each and every day. 

- concise revision notes - no need to be 'perfect' and re-write the textbook.  Thats done for you already ;)

-to ACTUALLY revise, everyday, from the get-go.

-doing past papers, everyday, from the get-go. 

-keep to the timetable and don't fall behind.

-no excuses - fit in something EVERYDAY. 

-don't try and fool yourself - be honest if its not going well and figure it out. 


So - to spur me to do the above I will commit to posting my checklist/update every 2-3 days.


Thanks for all your support,

76 days and counting...

Just came to review my goals - I try to avoid the computer and post (as tempted to go on internet benders...) but miss the accountability of the forums.

 Had a good night study tonight after work...just behind schedule and out of the daily habit still. I'm into the junk food so know I'm stressed!

 Aims for this week: 

Go to work0700-1730

Home & precooked dinners.

Pharmacology 1830 -2230 w 30mins shower/scream/tea making

Revision for previous day 2230

MCQs 2300

 Bed 2330 

Also this week:

Go to gym x2 and run x2 this week.

4 treat meals this week only. Eat fresh = sleep remember.

 Here goes!


I'm on the exact same page. Best of luck to you! You are not alone! 

Thanks for sharing this.. Go

Thanks for sharing this.. Go for it ! YAY!

good luck, I'm rooting for

good luck, I'm rooting for you.


Wishing you good progress, L.

Hello L./Un-stucking,


Best of luck, progress and determination for your aim in February.

You can do it! Keep coming back, updating and one day you'll find you've made it to your goals.