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The 44 day Fitness Trajectory

Today is day 1 of the 44 day Fitness Trajectory

This entails that for 44 days I will consistently 

1) go running every day outside even if it is only for 10 minutes. 

2) practice mindfulness in eating. prepare meals which are light and tasty, try to eat only half the meal. or make meals half the size smaller than usual. Note down what is prepared for meals every day. 

3) yoga every evening as part of my evening routine before going to sleep. and every morning if possible. 

4) go to the gym at least 4 days per week

5) go to cap. at least 1x per week

6) Finances will be addressed by me monitoring them every day for the next 44 days too

It goes without saying that HP will be consulted regularly throughout the day in order to ensure that all is being done according to HP will not mine. 



Day 3

Grateful this morning for all that I have thank you HP. 

2 days ago I was told about a great website which is related to fitness and on that website I have enrolled into the 28 Day Fitness Challenge which focuses on fitness and eating habits. I weighed myself yesterday and am now on the 3rd day. I weigh 73.8 kilos yesterday and my aim now is for 63 kgs by the end of the 28 days.  I was feeling good yesterday. Was mindful about eating. small portions and drinking a lot of water. I did 2 visits to the gym yesterday. I  am feeling tired today though so maybe I overdid it or my body needs to adjust. However I am keeping to the guidelines described above, the 28 day challenge will fit into the 44 days I outlined before.  


37 days in


I did get into a good routine of doing fitness in the mornings almost every day at the gym, and had some improvements in morale for doing so, and better fitness, deeling stronger. Family -mum- visited for a few days (which was great) and I got out of routine but now I am back in routine. I will pick another ftness challenge in sparkpeople to keep me motivated. Currently low motivation and morale, but as they say, faith wins.


27 days into the fitness project

From the above list I have been doing 

1) visits to the gym a minimum of 4 days per week

2) have been mindful about writing down my meals every day

3) have been mindful about finances and noting what I am spending - need to still write down and record this better

In the last week I have not been doing: 

1)- the minimum of 10 minutes running per day 

2) -yoga

3) - not been drinking water (hardly any)

4) didnt buy a digitial scale nor meauring spoons

5) did not go to capoeira yet here

So the above I will attempt to turn around (turn the negatives into positives and keep the positives postive).  

Cal Frances