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Learning the Big Scary Piece

For my exam this summer, I'll be playing a(to me)pretty challenging piece.
I have practiced on it for a long time, but haven't gotten so far, as there has been a lot of breaks between my practice periods.

But now I want to get the damn thing together so I don't have to stress about it when exams get close.

What I need to do is break it down into smaller sections and take one section a day.
There will be days where I can't practice in the studio, so I'll have to practice home.
Those days, I'll try and use the best way possible, by practicing on my electric piano and listen to the piece to get ideas and inspiration.

I'll have to play the piece for my teacher on the 29th of January so that is my first deadline.


YAY! :-)
You can do it!!

I've found this website so useful to help reflect on my practicing:
Have you heard of it?

If you need someone to listen & some unconditional support, I'm more than happy to be your (wo)man!


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-- Pema Chodron