Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Attacking My Days & Habits 1 Day at a Time


"Attacking Life Means Seizing The Day & Then Going Out There & Making Things Happen. Attacking Is The ONLY Secret."

"Discipline Is Remembering What You Want" -- CLARITY. PURPOSE. INTENTIONAL ACTS. PAUSE to remember what's important. Persevere.  

#1 Know Why It Is Important Knowing and remembering the importance of a goal or task will help you in meeting the challenge of following through even when your “mojo” is just not there. Choose goals that are important to you. PLAN my day and WORK my PLAN!

• I commit to the structure of exercising 30 minutes + every day because I want to get rid of stress, sleep better and be healthy and in a better mood.

• I  commit to the structure of doing timesheets and working on billing for 30 min daily because I want to have steady cash flow and have a successful business. I want to have money to travel to Europe, Asia and Africa.

  • I commit to stop responding to email ad hoc and emptying my email box daily. Instead I put into place a system for processing and responding to my email at set times because (1)  I want to carve out undisturbed time for my more thoughtful work and (2) I want to be a dependable colleague.
  • I commit to the structure of returning business calls within 24 hours because I want to be a dependable colleague.
  • I commit to the structure of doing 8+ billable hours daily because I want to get the work done and have a succesful business. 

  • REMEMBER #2 Set Boundaries & Be Okay With Others' Displeasure. You Don’t Need Everyone’s Support. You won't be able to please all people all time.
  • Dave calls on cell phone, asking for a response to an email he sent 1/2 an hour ago. “Dave, I’m working on this filing deadline right now. I’ll be able to look at the email by 11:00 and can respond then.”
  • “Bob, I did notice your call yesterday and it definitely is important to me, but I had a full plate. I always try to get to people in 24 hours.”
  • #3 REMEMBER - I Will Likely Hit A Wall and it seems like nothing is working. The excitement and hopefulness of finding a way to work with my time issues, procrastination habits, ADHD, etc.  starts to wear off. I MUST PERSEVERE
  • If I can anticipate this challenging middle part, hopefully I will recognize it as just part of the journey. 

    At this point I can

    • Strategize the best way to move forward.
    • Alternatively, I may decide to alter my goals, if I decide they are not the right ones.
    • So, when the going gets tough, I should NOT go it alone or give up. Instead, reach out and strategize with…

      • a friend or family member (who can I call? V or K?) 
      • my accountability partner SE
      • a coach or therapist (hire one if needed

~ David Campbell

 "When You Work Hard At Something You Become Good At It -- Master It & Good Things Will Happen." 

"We Must Be Willing To Get Rid Of The Life We've Led [Planned] So As To Have The Life That Is Waiting For Us." 

~ Joseph Campbell

 "If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve It;  If You Can Dream It, You Can Become It." 

~ William Arthur Ward


+1 What's the 1 thing I can do to appreciate myself & HPl

What’s 1 thing I can do to appreciate myself
even more in this moment, and
 appreciate God (or The Universe’s)
guidance even more right now?”

+1 - what's the 1 think I can act on to make something better?

Life Hacks :)

This morning. Task is to get an important letter written.

what's the +1?
+1 - open and print key email
+ 1 - outline response

thanks for self-regulation tracy-la

Thanks for your comments on self-regulation. It appears that way to me, too--overcome automatic actions with deliberate ones.

I also think scheduled helps to achieve that in the way you said.

And, right now, i need to do that very thing, and this post helped. And there's my 5min timer....

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


you're welcome Clement

It's so wonderful we're all here to share our experiences, support each other and learn from each other!!

Have a great day.



Self-regulation: It is the process of overriding automatic thoughts and emotional reactions in order to respond in a controlled, intentional manner.

When we get up and don't "feel" like doing something for a known or unknown reason or due to anxiety (conscious or unconscious) or feel tired or overwhelmed - need to have method to override those auto thoughts and emotional reactions.

It's one reason why schedules can help because it helps override those auto thoughts and emotional reactions. But if it's scheduled - you are more likely to do it if you remember - stick to schedule.

Today I got up at 5:30 and decided I'd try to sleep more instead of going to yoga. Went off schedule. Used excuse of going to sleep late..That change in schedule threw my day off :(

I know that's what will happen but I fool myself. Use schedule as a way to override auto thoughts and emotions which can take over!

11:11 - leave for meeting for work

Get to office - plan top 6

Get them going. Use Whoa!! Go!!!!!!!! to stimulate my attention when I get distracted. It's why the Go!!!!!!!!! in chatbox appeals to me.

Also use if mentral contrast training. If I go off track, I will set timer for 15 min & get back on track. I will stay off internet website except this one & real work.







Projects for 12/1

Project PPT - 3:55 - 7:07 done

Project Powerpoint - Goal get done tonight

5:00 PM - 

 break down slides

slide #1

[got distracted for 5 min by call about teenage kid sport practice. not avoidable. back on track. SOT = STAY ON TRACK Cool

[distraction #2 - exercise class - signed up] 

slide #2 -  

slice #3

10 min BREAK 6:15 - [AFTER 1 HOUR 15 MIN]  

6:25 - #7, #8 #9 #10 slide 4  slide 5

7:30 - Time to stop.  spent 2 hours 15 min working & took 15 minutes total in breaks.  I didn't get off track except for 2 brief moments & I got back on track right away.


WOOP - Mental Contrasting - iPhone App and website too

New favorite phone app is WOOP. 

Based on great research. The Wish, Outcome, and Obstacle part of WOOP builds nonconscious associations (1) between future and reality and (2) between the obstacles and the actions to overcome the obstacles. These associations provide energy and foster the mastery of set-backs. The Plan-part of WOOP further helps to overcome difficult obstacles by strengthening the association between obstacles and actions even more.

#1 Wish / Goals based on Purpose - Know Why It Is Important VISUALIZE.  Knowing and remembering the purpose and importance of a goal or task will help you in meeting the challenge of following through even when your “mojo” is just not there. Choose goals that are important to me because it's part of my life purpose.  Visualize my goals.  

  • Living Life to the Fullest Means Seizing The Day & Every Moment & Then Going Out There & Living & Being Present in Moment (15 min block, hours, days) to make things happen. 

    Discipline Is Not Hard - IF I Can Remember My Purpose & What I Want" -- CLARITY. PURPOSE. INTENTIONAL ACTS. PAUSE, BREATH & BE PRESENT to remember what's important. Persevere. Take my stubbornness and use if for my own self good.  

  • Whatever task is facing me -- positive or negative, wanted or unwanted -- should be approached with 100% presence of thought. Now, no one does this all of the time – we’re human after all. But I should do it as often as possible.

  • #2 OUTCOME - VISUALIZE remember the goals based on my purpose in life. How will I feel when there is the outcome.  What else do I like about hte outcome? Be specific.
  •   maybe I'll find that these are not good goals or should be discarded or are unrealistic. if so, that's good too.

  • #3 OBSTACLES. MASTER SETBACKS. What obstacles will I face? Visualize. Internal obstacles (fear, stress) as well as External obstacles (money, time, other people, etc.)
  • #4 PLAN FOR OVERCOMING OBSTACLES. How I will overcome obstacles. Visualize ways to overcome internal obstacles (fear, stress) as well as external obstacles. Plan includes: blocking out time, no Internet, no phone calls, no emails, and be creative. Be ruthless because this is my goal based on my life purpose. 
  • Think about how to reframe where I see procrastination (fear or avoidance) so that I get it in my goal. Doing my invoices can be called "getting money sent to me" or something else. 

 "When You Work Hard At Something You Become Good At It -- Master It & Good Things Will Happen." Mastering focus, concentration, eliminating distractions is part of this.


 "If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve It;  If You Can Dream It, You Can Become It."  


Turnaround Nov 3 - Denial


Denial is fertile breeding ground for the behaviors we call codependent: controlling, focusing on others, and neglecting ourselves. Illness and compulsive or addictive behaviors can emerge during denial.

Denial can be confusing because it resembles sleeping. We're not really aware we're doing it until we're done doing it. Forcing ourselves - or anyone else - to face the truth usually doesn't help. We won't face the facts until we are ready. Neither, it seems, will anyone else. We may admit to the truth for a moment, but we won't let ourselves know what we know until we feel safe, secure, and prepared enough to deal and cope with it.

Talking to friends who know, love, support, encourage, and affirm us helps.

Being gentle, loving, and affirming with ourselves helps. Asking ourselves, and our Higher Power, to guide us into and through change helps.

The first step toward acceptance is denial. The first step toward moving through denial is accepting that we may be in denial, and then gently allowing ourselves to move through.

God, help me feel safe and secure enough today to accept what I need to accept.

From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie ©1990

Oct 21 - #2 - What irritation can I let go of today?

Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves.
  —Queen Victoria

Isn't that always the way? We cope with major events, like births and weddings, fairly well. It is the little things - so inconsequential in the long run - that upset us. If the kids don't pick up their rooms, or dinner is late, or we can't go to the movies because we haven't done our homework, we become irritated and annoyed. Minor things like these upset us much more than they should. 

Are they really so important? A messy room is not a terminal illness. A late dinner won't affect our health unless we get so upset about it we make ourselves sick. We'll survive.

If we think back to the last time we were angry or upset, does it seem important now? We probably can't even remember why we reacted that way. How much better life is when we let go of the little irritations.

What irritation can I let go of today?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families 

Checking in Oct 20 - #1 - we choose attitude & actions we take

...You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now.
  —Joan Baez

How thrilling to contemplate that we can choose every attitude we have and every action we take. We have been gifted with full responsibility for our development. What will we try today? It's our personal choice. How will we decide on a particular issue? Our options are only limited by our vision.

Every situation in life offers us a significant opportunity for making a decision that will, of necessity, influence the remaining situations we encounter. Just as we are interdependent, needing and influencing one another in all instances that bring us together, likewise our decisions are never inviolate. Each is singly important; however, its impact is multiplied by the variety of other decisions triggered.

The choice is ours for livings fully today, for taking advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves. Our personal growths, our emotional and spiritual development, are in our hands. God will provide us with the guidance, and the program offers us the tools. The decision to act is ours, alone.

I will exercise my personal power. My choices determine my development.

From Each Day a New Beginning: 

I'm inspired, thank you for

I'm inspired, thank you for sharing! 

The ’3Ts’ aka ’Timed Task Tomorrow’ method - 3 questions before doing something online:
Is it Timed (set a timer)? Is it a Task? If it's a sudden impulse, can I act on it Tomorrow?

thanks for 3Ts Lucky

Lucky - I like the 3Ts. Love it! 

t-la checking in sept 16 2014 - reinvent yourself

Quote from Steve Chandler -

Most people wait for a major life crisis to reinvent themselves. So it only happens every ten years (if that often).       You want to do it every Monday. Who do you want to be this week?

     Keep strengthening your character, like an actor rehearsing a role does, always growing into the ultimate creative personality. If you don't consciously, joyfully do this, you'll be stuck in the habitual you. You'll be doing things the way you've always done them, and you'll have no opportunities for dramatic innovation. 


1. checking in.

2. exercised 30 min a.m.

3. work meetings/misc. 10am-12pm; 8:30-9:15 - misc work


t-la checking in sept 6 2014

 My basic 4 daily plan (since 1/2 finished to do lists made me feel badly my daily list is something I can do every day no matter what even on my death bed): 

1. Check in / Show up 

2. Plan to plan. Check calendar for day & week. Block out time when I exercise, work, do my priorities (Top 3). 

3.  Exercise (even if stretching or walk) - plan class if possible. Block out time.

4.  Gratitude.

Grateful for the the path of recovery and awareness. Aware that the self-defeating behaviors (taking on too much & procrastinating) are a combination of learned survival behaviors from my childhood - a way not to feel or confront anxious or difficult feelings -- and brain wiring.

 Have a terrific day everyone.



Quotes for Day:

1. "You are on time." Quit blaming yourself for being late.  Even extends to blaming myself for not addressing these issues earlier. I am ready and willing now. Wasn't before. The time is right. If I want to work on being on time for appointments, then I can set up that structure and have a goal. But time to quit the blame and shame game.

 2.  "Substance over form." today, I will focus on substance in my life. I will fill in the lines of myself with a real person - me. I will concentrate on the substance of my relationships, the real workings of my life and what I do with my time - rather than what they look like. When doing "kid" or "recovery" things that take time doesn't seem productive because it doesn't let me check off lots of things on a "to do" list - I know I am showing up for life and participating to the best of my ability.

Check in August 11 - Focus on the beauty, not the misery

I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.
  —Anne Frank

We don't find the rewards of today by searching through our misfortunes. Pausing to seek out something good for everything we find bad is a step in the right direction. We may find the good outweighs the bad.

But how much more chance we will have of living a happy day if we skip over our setbacks and concentrate as much as we can on what is going well. It is smarter to look for diamonds in a diamond mine than in a garbage dump.

Let us discard our failures, using only what we have learned from them to achieve success. Looking back at missed opportunities will make it impossible for us to recognize new chances to enjoy life to the fullest. Looking only for beauty is a beautiful thing in itself.

What beauty can I see around me right now?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families 

5-7:30 - project TC

7:30 - 10:15 project LT

10:15 - 10:30 break

10:30 - 11:30 - Misc

11:30 - 11:55 - project T

11:55 - 2:30    project T

2:30 - 8:30   PROJECT T ; project J; worked on draft #1 

  break 8:30-9:00

9:00 project RJN - 11:30

break 11:30-12:20

12:20 -  

re: discarding failures, learning, and finding beauty.

Tracy quoted a passage above ... I especially enjoyed this section:

"Let us discard our failures, using only what we have learned from them to achieve success. Looking back at missed opportunities will make it impossible for us to recognize new chances to enjoy life to the fullest."

Thanks for posting. I needed to read this today!

Check in July 30 - TAKE IT SLOW AND EASY (but take it)

t doesn't seem like it would be true.  It doesn't seem like slowing down would get more done. But it does.  
      Every day I do it, I get more done. Every day I experiment with slowing down I understand the tortoise and the hare.
      If I'm doing the right thing, I can do it as slowly as I want and my life will get better.  If I'm doing the wrong thing (caused by a stressed,  rush-rush contaminated decision-making process) it doesn't matter how fast I go I'm going to be even more STRESSED when I'm finished because it wasn't the wisest thing for me to be giving my time to. And I know it, and it stresses me out to know it.
     If I am on the wrong road it doesn't matter how good I get at speeding down the road. It's the wrong road.
   - Steve Chandler (author Time Warrior)
  6:15-7:45 - exercise time / missed
7:45-10 - project L
10-11:35 - misc projects
11:35 -  5:30 project P, project T, project S

Check in July 30 - TAKE IT SLOW AND EASY (but take it)


It doesn't seem like it would be true.  It doesn't seem like slowing down would get more done. But it does.  
      Every day I do it, I get more done. Every day I experiment with slowing down I understand the tortoise and the hare.
      If I'm doing the right thing, I can do it as slowly as I want and my life will get better.  If I'm doing the wrong thing (caused by a stressed,  rush-rush contaminated decision-making process) it doesn't matter how fast I go I'm going to be even more STRESSED when I'm finished because it wasn't the wisest thing for me to be giving my time to. And I know it, and it stresses me out to know it.
     If I am on the wrong road it doesn't matter how good I get at speeding down the road. It's the wrong road.

     I need to remind myself of this: Slow down and win.

-Steve Chandler  (author of Time Warrior)

 6:15-7:45-missed exercise time Frown

7:45 - 10 - project L. Done

10-10:45 - Misc

10:45-  check messages


project P







Check in July 23 - Don't get trapped by negative attitude

For this is wisdom; to live,
To take what fate, or the Gods, may give.
  —Laurence Hope

We can't control the events of our lives, but we do have mastery over our attitudes. The chances will be many, today, to react negatively or positively to circumstances we find ourselves in. We can consider that each circumstance has something special in it for us.

Positive expectations regarding the planned as well as spontaneous activities of the day will influence the activity's flow, our involvement with it, and our interactions with the other people involved. A positive attitude seems to breed positive experiences. In other words, we attract into our lives that which we expect. How often do we get up angry, feeling behind when the day has only begun, short-tempered with our children, "ready" for a tough one at work? And we generally find it.

The Serenity Prayer offers us all the knowledge, all the wisdom we'll ever need. We can accept what has to be, change what we can, and not get confused between the two. We can inventory our attitude. Are we taking charge of it? Our attitude is something we can change.

I won't get trapped today by a negative attitude. I will accept the challenge of turning my day around.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women


10-10:30 - drive to work

10:30- 12pm - meeting at work

12-12:35 - misc.

12:35-2:11 - projects -

2:11 - out for errand;  

checking in July 22 - Learning to trust ourselves & HP

Learning to Trust Again

Many of us have trust issues.

Some of us tried long and hard to trust untrustworthy people. Over and again, we believed lies and promises never to be kept. Some of us tried to trust people for the impossible; for instance, trusting a practicing alcoholic not to drink again.

Some of us trusted our Higher Power inappropriately. We trusted God to make other people do what we wanted, then felt betrayed when that didn't work out.

Some of us were taught that life couldn't be trusted, that we had to control and manipulate our way through.

Most of us were taught, inappropriately, that we couldn't trust ourselves.

In recovery, we're healing from our trust issues. We're learning to trust again. The first lesson in trust is this: We can learn to trust ourselves. We can be trusted. If others have taught us we cannot trust ourselves, they were lying. Addictions and dysfunctional systems make people lie.

We can learn to appropriately trust our Higher Power - not to make people do what we wanted them to, but to help us take care of ourselves, and to bring about the best possible circumstances, at the best possible times, in our life.

We can trust the process - of life and recovery. We do not have to control, obsess, or become hyper vigilant. We may not always understand where we are going, or what's being worked out in us, but we can trust that something good is happening.

When we learn to do this, we are ready to learn to trust other people. When we trust our Higher Power and when we trust ourselves, we will know who to trust and what to trust that person for.

Perhaps we always did. We just didn't listen closely enough to ourselves or trust what we heard.

Today, I will affirm that I can learn to trust appropriately. I can trust my Higher Power, my recovery, and myself. I can learn to appropriately trust others too.

From The Language of Letting Go 

 6:30-7 ck email

7-8 get ready

10 - project R

11-7:45 - slow . . .  




check in july 20 -letting go of resistance

Letting Go of Resistance

Do not be in such a hurry to move on.

Relax. Breathe deeply. Be. Be in harmony today.

Be open. There is beauty around and in us today. There is purpose and meaning in today.

There is importance in today - not so much in what happens to us, but in how we respond.

Let today happen. We learn our lessons, we work things out, we change in a simple fashion: by living our life fully today.

Do not worry about tomorrow's feelings, problems, or gifts. Do not worry about whether we can trust life, our Higher Power, or ourselves tomorrow.

Everything we need today shall be given to us. That is a promise - from God, from the Universe.

Feel today's feelings. Solve today's problems. Enjoy today's gifts. Trust yourself, life, and your Higher Power today.

Acquire the art of living fully today. Absorb the lessons, the healing, the beauty, the love available to us today.

Do not be in such a rush to move on. There is no hurry. We cannot escape, we only postpone. Let the feelings go, breathe in peace and healing.

Do not be in such a hurry to move on.

Today, I will not run from my circumstances, my feelings, or myself. I will be open to others, Higher Power, my life, and myself. I will trust that by facing today to the best of my ability, I will acquire the skills I need to face tomorrow.

From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

July 17 check in - the narrow path

The Narrow Path

Abstinence is the narrow path that leads out of the swamp of compulsive procrastination. If we allow ourselves to deviate from the path, we immediately put ourselves on slippery ground and run the risk of falling into a bog of quicksand.

The longer we maintain firm abstinence, the more sure our steps become as we walk away from the crippling effects of our disease. It is so much easier to stay on the narrow path than to slip off and have to find it again. Without abstinence, we compulsive procrastinators are lost.

If abstinence is not the most important thing in our lives, then procrastination & avoidance becomes our number one priority, and we gradually destroy ourselves.

Guide my steps, I pray, on the narrow path of abstinence.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations 

 Project T 6:00 - 6:10

Project S - 6:10 - 8:50 


July 15 - check in - How can I share my joy today?

Quote for today reminds me to remember joy and embrace it and share it. So easy to focus on what's 


Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by.
  —Carl Sandburg

There is a song that says joy is like the rain. It comes across our windowpane and then goes away again. When joy comes knocking at our window we can reach out and let it in. Joy comes to us in many ways - through deep laughter, through games played together in a spirit of fun and sharing. Singing together, skating, and being around a campfire are all ways we share joy. Yet joy can also be felt alone.

Each moment of joy we reach for strengthens our spirits. Joyful memories can sustain us through days of long hard work. Like rain, joy comes and goes; yet its nourishment keeps our spirits alive.

How can I share my joy today?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families


4:30-9 am - R***

9-10:30 - admin & marketing work - got ready

 10:30-11:45 - project T and H

11:45-3:41 meetings and office things

3:41- 5:25 - project T/H - 8:48

break - coffee;





Check in July 15 - clean abstinence and daily inventory

Clean Abstinence

It is easy to become sloppy in our abstinence and in our program. This is where a daily inventory is an invaluable aid. When we catch ourselves cheating just a little on measurements, making excuses to skip meetings, neglecting to follow the promptings of our Higher Power, it is time for housecleaning.

If we have stopped calling in our plan and are having trouble with abstinence, we may need to get in touch with a sponsor. Many of us find it hard to admit that we cannot do everything alone! False pride can be our downfall. If we pretend that all is well when it is not, we cut ourselves off from the help of the group.

The time to correct small mistakes is immediately, before they get bigger and make us discouraged. Admitting the mistake to another person clears the way for correction and change.

Thank You for those who help me maintain clean abstinence.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations

 6-7:00 - went off track - habit of getting up and exercising missed

7-8 - get ready for school/work

8-9:30  went off track - wrote article I didn't need to write now

9:30-10 - drove to work

10-3:30 - work

3:30 - late lunch



Check in July 12 - Grant me the willingness to grow up.

Growing Up

There is no magic. Nothing - be it person, place, or thing - is going to give us instant and permanent gratification. We keep thinking in the back of our mind that there is some way we can manipulate life into granting us all of our desires, even when they contradict each other.

When we seriously and with honest effort work our way through the Twelve Steps, we begin to grow up emotionally and spiritually. Abstinence from compulsive procrastination makes this growth possible. It is not easy, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Acceptance and renunciation are necessary if we are to live with satisfaction in the real world. Grandiose illusions are of no help. We come to understand that certain foods, emotions, and attitudes are not for us if we are to maintain our sanity.

There is no magic, but there is a Power greater than ourselves. Who is directing our growth.

Grant me the willingness to grow up.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditation

7:30-8:45 - read (procrastination) I know that I need to get out of bed and not stay in and read and avoid the start of my day. Interesting article however . . .

8:45-10:45 - did a couple of tasks needed; rest was more putting off getting into the office - showing up is needed.  Got into office by 11:20

11:20 - project H. done

11:20 - 12:56 -  project B; reviewed projects outstanding DONE

12:57 - 2:15 project S

2:15 - 3:30 - project - GOT OFF TRACK -- made list of others; break

 3:30 - 6:26 - project R, email to P, email to R - break for 30

 6:26 - 7:39 project T  CoolCool




Check in July 11 - Always think of what you have to do as easy

Always think of what you have to do as easy and it will become so.
  —Emile Corie

How we think about the activities before us is very important. If we think cleaning the garage is hard, dirty, and no chance for fun, that's just how it will feel. We'll be tired before we even begin. However, if we approach it like a treasure hunt, expecting to rediscover some long-forgotten treasures, we'll enjoy the task. In fact, it will feel like a game.

The thoughts we carry in our minds determine whether our tasks are fun or not. What good fortune it is that we can control those thoughts. If we approach an assignment for school or a job believing that we're able to do it, that it's not too hard for us, we'll finish with ease. Our thoughts determine our successes. In this way, our lives are in our own hands.

How much better can I make my life today?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families

 7:00- 10:30 worked on projects

 10:30-11:15 - got ready/drove

11:15-11:30 - misc 

11:30 -  11:51 project T Cool

11:51 - 12:06 - bus devpt

12:06 -5:30 - project L  - left for haircut

Check in July 9 - Have I ceased to rely on myself only?

Thought for the Day

Disillusionment and spiritual confusion mark our age. Many of us have cast aside old ideas without acquiring new ones. Many men and women are creeping through life on their hands and knees, merely because they refuse to rely on any power but themselves. Many of them feel that they are being brave and independent, but actually they are only courting disaster. Anxiety and the inferiority complex have become the greatest of all modern plagues. In A.A. we have the answer to these ills. Have I ceased to rely on myself only?

Meditation for the Day

Disillusionment and doubt spoil life. The doubting ones are the disillusioned ones. When you are in doubt, you are on the fence. You are not going anywhere. Doubt poisons all action. "Well, I don't know"-so you don't do anything. You should meet life with a "Yes," an affirmative attitude. There is good in the world and we can follow that good. There is power available to help us to do the right thing; therefore we will accept that power. There are miracles of change in people's lives; therefore we will accept those miracles as evidence of God's power.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I will not be paralyzed by doubt. I pray that I may go along on the venture of faith.

From Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Checkin July 7-Painful as present may be-1 day will see reason

Thought for the Day

We had become hopelessly sick people, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The power that controlled us was greater than ourselves - it was addiction to procrastinating activities (akaJohn Barleycorn.) Many drinkers have said: "I hadn't gone that far; I hadn't lost my job on account of procrastination; I still had my family; I managed to keep out of jail. True, I took too much sometimes and I guess I managed to make quite an ass of myself when I did, but I still thought I could control my procrastination. I didn't really believe that I was a procrastinator." If I was one of these, have I fully changed my mind?

Meditation for the Day

Painful as the present time may be, you will one day see the reason for it. You will see that it was not only testing, but also a preparation for the life work, which you are to do. Have faith that your prayers and aspirations will some day be answered. Answered in a way that perhaps seems painful to you but is the only right way. Selfishness and pride often make us want things that are not good for us. They need to be burned out of our natures. We must be rid of the blocks, which are holding us back, before we can expect our prayers to be answered.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may be willing to go through a time of testing. I pray that I may trust God for the outcome.

From Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Checking in July 2 - strengthen us with spiritual strength

Spiritual Strength

What we compulsive procrastinators need in order to control our disease is spiritual strength. If we are strong spiritually, we will not turn to mindless activities and avoidance to fill our inner emptiness. We procrastinate because we were spiritually impoverished, anxious and emotionally stressed and procrastinating further depleted our spirits.

Paradoxically, we are strongest spiritually when we are most aware of our weakness. In order for our Higher Power to take over, we must recognize and admit our powerlessness. Spiritual strength comes to those who have the necessary humility to receive it.

We do not acquire this strength overnight. The more time we spend each day in communion with God, the stronger we become. Cultivating the awareness of His presence as we go about our activities enables us to rely more and more on His strength and less and less on our own.

Strengthen us with spirituality so that we do not need to procrastinate.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations


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Checking in July 1 - be calm in the midst of daily storms

Thought for the Day

In following the A.A. program with its twelve steps, we have the advantage of a better understanding of our problems. Day after day our sobriety results in the formation of new habits, normal habits. As each twenty-four hour period ends, we find that the business of staying sober is a much less trying and fearsome ordeal than it seemed in the beginning. Do I find it easier as I go along?

Meditation for the Day
Whatever sorrow or difficulty the day may bring, God's command to you is the same. Be grateful, humble, calm, and loving to all people. Leave each soul the better for having met you or heard you. For all kinds of people, this should be your attitude: a loving desire to help and an infectious spirit of calmness and trust in God. You have the answer to loneliness and fear, which is calm faith in the goodness and purpose in the universe.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may be calm in the midst of storms. I pray that I may pass on this calmness to others who are lonely and full of fear.

From Twenty-Four Hours a Day 

Check in June 30 - Am I living in the now?

Thought for the Day

Compulsive procrastinators are unable or unwilling, during their addiction to procrastination, to live in the present. The result is that they live in a constant state of remorse and fear because of their unholy past and its morbid attraction, or the uncertain future and its vague forebodings. So the only real hope for the compulsive procrastinator is to face the present. Now is the time. Now is ours. The past is beyond recall. The future is as uncertain as life itself. Only the now belongs to us. Am I living in the now?

Meditation for the Day

I must forget the past as much as possible. The past is over and gone forever. Nothing can be done about the past, except to make what restitution I can. I must not carry the burden of my past failures. I must go on in faith. The clouds will clear and the way will lighten. The path will become less stony with every forward step I take. God has no reproach for anything that He has healed. I can be made whole and free, even though I have wrecked my life in the past. Remember the saying: "Neither do I condemn thee; go and sin no more."

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may not carry the burden of the past. I pray that I may cast it off and press on in faith.

From Twenty-Four Hours a Day 

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Check in June 28 - spiritual awakening. May I continue to awaken

Spiritual Awakening

Many of us remember back to a vague time in childhood when our world seemed right and we were full of enthusiasm. Somehow, somewhere along the way, we lost that feeling of rightness and security.

For some of us who experience a spiritual awakening through the 12 Step programs, childhood faith is rediscovered and takes on new meaning. We may have lost sight of our real selves and abandoned our original faith in a Higher Power. When we have a spiritual awakening as a result of the Twelve Steps, everything falls into place, and what was lost is recovered, plus much more.

This spiritual awakening continues as we continue to work the program. It gives new meaning to our present lives and new hope for the future. We see that spiritual growth is "where it's at" and that nothing else will satisfy our needs and our longing.

May I continue to awaken.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations

Check in June 27 - passing on my blessings

Thought for the Day

If you can take your troubles as they come, if you can maintain your calm and composure amid pressing duties and unending engagements, if you can rise above the distressing and disturbing circumstances in which you are set down, you have discovered a priceless secret of daily living. Even if you are forced to go through life weighed down by some inescapable misfortune or handicap and yet live each day as it comes with poise and peace of mind, you have succeeded where most people have failed. You have wrought a greater achievement than a person who rules a nation. Have I achieved poise and peace of mind?

Meditation for the Day

Take a blessing with you wherever you go. You have been blessed, so bless others. Such stores of blessings are awaiting you in the months and years that lie ahead. Pass on your blessings. A blessing can and does go around the world, passed on from one person to another. Shed a little blessing in the heart of one person. That person is cheered to pass it on, and so, God's vitalizing, joy-giving message travels on. Be a transmitter of God's blessings.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may pass on my blessings. I pray that they may flow into the lives of others.

From Twenty-Four Hours a Day

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Check in June 26: surviving slumps- focus on recovery behaviors

Surviving Slumps

A slump can go on for days. We feel sluggish, unfocused, and sometimes overwhelmed with feelings we can't sort out. We may not understand what is going on with us. Even our attempts to practice recovery behaviors may not appear to work. We still don't feel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as good as we would like.

In a slump, we may find ourselves reverting instinctively to old patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, even when we know better. We may find ourselves obsessing, even when we know that what we're doing is obsessing and that it doesn't work.

We may find ourselves looking frantically for other people to make us feel better, the whole time knowing our happiness and well being does not lay with others.

We may begin taking things personally that are not our issues, and reacting in ways we've learned all to well do not work.

We're in a slump. It won't last forever. These periods are normal, even necessary. These are the days to get through. These are the days to focus on recovery behaviors, whether or not the rewards occur immediately. These are sometimes the days to let ourselves be and love ourselves as much as we can.

We don't have to be ashamed, no matter how long we've been recovering. We don't have to unreasonably expect "more" from ourselves. We don't ever have to expect ourselves to live life perfectly.

Get through the slump. It will end. Sometimes, a slump can go on for days and then, in the course of an hour, we see ourselves pull out of it and feel better. Sometimes it can last a little longer.

Practice one recovery behavior in one small area, and begin to climb uphill. Soon, the slump will disappear. We can never judge where we will be tomorrow by where we are today.

Today, I will focus on practicing one recovery behavior on one of my issues, trusting that this practice will move me forward. I will remember that acceptance, gratitude, and detachment are a good place to begin.

From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

Project H and B

Project U and other issues
- 3:15 - 8:07


Check in June 25 - your weakness can become your greatest asset

Thought for the Day

One of the most encouraging facts of life is that your weakness can become your greatest asset. Kites and airplanes rise against the wind. In climbing up a high mountain, we need the stony crags and rough places to aid us in our climb. So your weakness can become an asset if you will face it, examine it, and trace it to its origin. Set it in the very center of your mind. No weakness, such as drinking, ever turned into an asset until it was first fairly faced. Am I making my weakness my greatest asset?

Meditation for the Day

Whenever we seek to worship God, we think of the great universe that God rules over, of creation, of mighty law and order throughout the universe. Then we feel the awe that precedes worship. I too must feel awe, feel the desire to worship God in wondering amazement. My mind is in a box of space and time and it is so made that I cannot conceive of what is beyond space or time, the limitless and the eternal. But I know that there must be something beyond space and time, and that something must be the limitless and eternal Power behind the universe. I also know that I can experience that Power in my life.

Prayer for the Day 

I pray that I may accept the limitless and eternal Spirit. I pray that It may express Itself in my life.

From Twenty-Four Hours a Day 

Check in June 24 - go forward on path of duty

Thought for the Day

Procrastinating activities are our weakness. We suffer from mental conflicts from which we look for escape by drowning our problems in procrastination and mindless or busyness activities. We try through procrastination to push away from the realities of life. But putting off our responsibilities or using mindless activitites does not feed,  does not build, it only borrows from the future and it ultimately destroys. We try to block our feelings in order to escape life's realities, little realizing or caring that in continued procrastination we are only multiplying our problems. Have I got control over my unstable emotions?


Meditation for the Day

When I let personal piques and resentments interfere with what I know to be my proper conduct, I am on the wrong track and I am undoing all I have built up by doing the right thing. I must never let personal piques interfere with living the way I know God wants me to live. When I have no clear guidance from God, I must go forward quietly along the path of duty. The attitude of quiet faith will receive its reward as surely as acting upon God's direct guidance. I must not weaken my spiritual power by letting personal piques upset me.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may not let myself become too upset. I pray that I may go quietly along the path I have chosen.

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Check in June 23 - let go of old beliefs

Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Try harder. Do better. Be perfect.

These messages are tricks that people have played on us. No matter how hard we try, we think we have to do better. Perfection always eludes us and keeps us unhappy with the good we've done.

Messages of perfectionism are tricks because we can never achieve their goal. We cannot feel good about ourselves or what we have done while these messages are driving us. We will never be good enough until we change the messages and tell ourselves we are good enough now.

We can start approving of and accepting ourselves. Who we are is good enough. Our best yesterday was good enough; our best today is plenty good too.

We can be who we are, and do it the way we do it - today. That is the essence of avoiding perfection.

God, help me let go of the messages that drive me into the crazies. I will give myself permission to be who I am and let that be good enough.

From The Language of Letting Go

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Check in June 22 - God is a verb

God Is a Verb

We cannot contain our Higher Power at a fixed point or in a closed system. However we may understand God, our understanding is always limited. The Power that rescues us from compulsive procrastination is an active force, which constantly beckons us to move on. What we were to do yesterday is past; a new day brings new challenges and opportunities.

Our compulsion had us trapped in a pattern of self-destructive repetition. We did the same dumb thing over and over again. When we turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understand Him, we are linking up with the source of newness and creativity. God moves, and if we are linked with Him, we also move. His spirit changes us, and what we thought and did yesterday is not adequate to the demands of today.

Trusting our Higher Power means acting according to His promptings. We follow Him as He leads us into new tasks and activities and ideas. We learn from experience that He is always more than adequate for our needs.

May I follow where You lead.

From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations



6 pm - 7:25 - PROJECT D 

Check in June 21- Faith in HP stabilizes our emotions

Thought for the Day - Player for calm and serene mind

Intelligent faith in that Power greater than ourselves can be counted on to stabilize our emotions. It has an incomparable capacity to help us look at life in balanced perspective. We look up, around, and away from ourselves, and we see that nine out of ten things that at the moment upset us will shortly disappear. Problems solve themselves; criticism and unkindness vanish as though they had never been. Have I got the proper perspective toward life?

Meditation for the Day

A truly spiritual man or woman would like to have a serene mind. The only way to keep calm in this troubled world is to have a serene mind. The calm and sane mind sees spiritual things as the true realities and material things as only temporary and fleeting. That sort of mind you can never obtain by reasoning, because your reasoning powers are limited by space and time. That kind of a mind you can never obtain by reading, because other minds are also limited in the same way. You can only have that mind by an act of faith, by making the venture of belief.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may have a calm and sane mind. I pray that I may look up, around, and away from myself.

From Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Check in June 19 - Our real work in life is to grow spiritually

Thought for the Day

We have this choice every day of our lives. We can take the path that leads to insanity and death (and remember, our next self-destructive act of procrastination could be our last one). Or we can take the path that leads to a reasonably happy and useful life. The choice is ours each day of our lives. God grant that we take the right path. Have I made my choice today?

Meditation for the Day

Your real work in life is to grow spiritually. To do this you must follow the path of diligently seeking good. The hidden spiritual wonders are revealed to those who diligently seek this treasure. From one point to the next, you have to follow the way of obedience to God's will until finally you reach greater and greater spiritual heights. Work on the material plane should be secondary to your real life's work. The material things that you need most are those that help you to attain the spiritual.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may keep growing spiritually. I pray that I may make this my real life's work.


From Twenty-Four Hours a Day


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WowHP leading ....

The 24 hr meditations come from God
by Two Listeners Edited by
A. J. Russell

they are on line:

The story of the God Calling devotional book
is very interesting.  You'll find the story of the
, Two Listeners
, (2 women/anonymous/ England)
in The Voice Divine.  You'll find the story
of the editor, A. J. Russell, in The Story of the Book.


this and much moreon

it is #1 in my basic meditations, and worked miraculously when paired up with a friend. 

June 19 - The
Success You Covet

Follow the path of obedience.  It leads to
the Throne of God.  Your treasure, be it success necessary on the material
plane, which will further the work of My Kingdom, or the hidden spiritual
wonders revealed by Me to those only who diligently seek, this treasure lies at
the end of the track.

From one point (a promise of Mine or a Command) to
the next, you have to follow, till finally you reach the success you covet.

All your work for the moment is in the
material plane and the spiritual is only to help the material.  When your
material goal is reached then the material will serve only to attain the

For your obedience is come abroad unto all
men.  Romans 16:19


thanks vic!!

great share! appreciate it so much

June 17 - check in - to be alive is to have conflicts


To be alive is to have conflicts. We find ourselves in disagreement with other people and in conflict with ourselves. Often, the things we want seem mutually exclusive, such as more money and more free time, more projects and getting things done.

Our Higher Power does not promise us freedom from conflict, at any rate, not in this life. Like all growing organisms, we struggle with opposing forces. Frequently, our procrastinating is an attempt to escape the conflicts, which we should be facing. Sometimes we need to be more self-assertive with those around us instead of futilely trying to suppress justifiable indignation with mindless tasks that masquerade asprocrastination. There are times when we need to fight for our legitimate requirements.

We cannot always resolve our internal conflicts without a long and difficult battle. Time and maturity are often necessary before a problem is seen in its proper perspective. Some problems we may expect to wrestle with as long as we live. Having faith in the light, even when we cannot see it, makes our darkness bearable.

Lighten our darkness, Lord.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations


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June 14 - What new joy can I discover beneath my fear today?

Fear not that life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.
 --J. H. Newman

Our fears lock us up if we let them. They can prevent us from tasting adventure, from experiencing new wonders. We are often terrified of unknowns and fret about what might happen if we try something new. We worry if new people will like us - if we'll fit in.

It is natural to be cautious about the unknown, and anything new is just that. But we can keep our caution from becoming fear by taking action, with the faith that we never encounter anything we can't handle in some way.

Unknowns are merely joys we haven't met. We hold the keys to our own cages and can free ourselves when we use our courage and inner strength to overcome our fears.

What new joy can I discover beneath my fear today?

From Today's Gift:


Positive Addiction

Since we seem to have addictive types of personalities, we can make this characteristic work for us, rather than against us. We can develop life-enhancing habits - positive addictions.

The PA program is an example of positive addiction. We become habituated to writing down a to do list, day plan, attending meetings, making phone calls, and working the program. We replace the negative addiction to compulsive procrastinating with a positive commitment to action and abstinence from procrastination.

Other activities, which we perform regularly take on the character of positive habits. Exercise is a healthy routine. Hobbies and creative self-expression can be habitual parts of our daily schedule. Whenever we choose a life-enhancing activity and perform it regularly until it becomes an ingrained habit, we are using our addictive tendency to build ourselves up rather than tear ourselves down.

Thank You, Lord, for positive addictions.

Adapted From Food for Thought 

5:15 am - 7:30 am - reading (not needed - next time replace with workout)

7:30-8:45 - got ready , wrote article

8:45-9:15 - drive to work

9:15 - 10:15 - return calls, etc.

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@tracy-la re: quote on worry ...

Thank you for posting this quote:

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its strength.
-- A. J. Cronin

That was what I needed to hear today. ...


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June 11 - Worry saps today of its strength

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its strength.
  —A. J. Cronin



June 4 - #4 of 90 - THIS PERFECT NOW

 I used to wait around and hope I would get my act together. I used to think that was what I needed... so that I could show what I could do!  I used to think that way.
      Those were the days before the mind shifts started...those were the days when I thought thoughts like these:
       "When someone gives me the right opportunity, watch me!"
       "When I get all my work caught up, I'll be happy."
       "When I get all caught up and get a big break in my career, then  I'll be able to display my true talent-the real me." 
      Then one day my mind shifted to this: You can display the real you right now.  You can have it be in every encounter. You can light up even the smallest task with enthusiastic creativity if you want to. That's the whole meaning of shifting the mind. There can be light in every word.
      That shift in my mind was from a falsely projected "hopefully better" future, to the perfect now.
This is the perfect now.
I don't need to wait until I am all "caught up" as there is no such thing. 

June 3 - Day #3 of 90 - Purpose becomes energy

"I've got more energy now than when I was younger because I know exactly what I want to do." -- George Balanchine


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