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Special project: Job hunt with love!

Project: Finding a job that I - 1) love doing,  - 2) studied for and  - 3) that pays the bills.

Challenge: applying to enough jobs (especially now I'm working a full time 'intermediate' job to get some money back into my empty bank account)
Ongoing challenge: making sure that despite job changes and moves across country my love and I can continue to live together.

Start project: 13 January 2013
If I work hard, committed and steady:
Partial success anticipated: March/April 2013 (Getting a nice but non-study related job in the RIGHT area of the country to be near to other opportunities)
Full success anticipated: June/July 2013 (Nice job that studied for)

Measurable: amount of job applications per week must be at least 5 (includes less intensive applications... to be reviewed when I have "ready"cover letters).

GO GO GO! Cool

Thank you Hamlet, Hooch, Jalla and Mollie2007!

 Than you so much guys. I'm very happy too. Almost half a year of patience in a horrible job was needed, but it paid off in the end. :)

Best wishes for all your endeavours too.

Hugs, Wolke


The only way to overcome stagnation, is to take 1 small step in the right direction.

Good News

Happy for you.  Thanks for sharing.  Hamlet.


So pleased for you!


Job found

 So my working methods weren't always exactly the way I planned them, but nevertheless I never gave up and have been given my perfect job in an international disaster relief organisation. :)

It's guaranteed for 3 months, and then we must see how things continue (finding funding etc) but holy moly I'm happy!

x Wolk. 

Work today, play (guilt-free) tomorrow.

fantastic news Wolke

That is so great to hear!

 Congratulations Smile


Yay, Wolke!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

Congratulations Wolke!

Congratulations Wolke on your fantastic News!! Well done!!Enjoy this new chapter in your life!!

Wishing you the best of

Wishing you the best of luck! The very best!!!

Good luck Wolke

That perfect job is out there somewhere!


Thank you Hooch!

I appreciate it! :) 



Work today, win tomorrow.

@ Wolke

And i see from the Chatbox, that you have found the perfect job! That is great, now you just have to persuade them to give it to you!!!

My fingers are xd.


Go Wolke!

You can do it!