Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Please post messages that aren't directly related to procrastination or time management in this forum.

Bullet Journaling?

Hi friends! Does anyone on here keep a bullet journal? Basic overview (be warned! youtube link!!!) :

In my many years of being on this site, I am realizing that the daily check ins are helpful not only because of the accountability of other people seeing it, but because usually tasks that are not completed migrate to the next day, which is a big part of bullet journaling.

A Place for Bookending Without Replies

Here is a place you can bookend without replies. 

Breakdown Forum

I thought I would create a place to post breakdowns 

Feelings Dump- no replies please

I wanted to create this topic as a space for people to just write through their feelings as a way of getting to their productivity, without having to worry about exposing themselves to others or being confronted with feedback. 

Please donate to PA - Web hosting fees are due!

Hey y'all!   How ya doin?   I know you don't see me here much anymore.    I am not perfect for sure, but I consider myself a 'graduate' of the PA program.   I definitely credit PA with saving my job 7 years ago.   

Although I don't post regularly here anymore, I still donate monthly because I think the program is so important.   Won't you join me?  

Logistics- what is your physical "system"?

Ok so I realize we are on a procrastination site and not everyone might have the "perfect" system in place, but I am looking to buy a planner (and use it!) so I'd love to hear any tips and tricks you've found over the years.

Do you color code all your tasks? Where do you "capture" random tasks that you think of? Tell me anything and everything that has made things helpful/easy/fun/etc! I'm especially curious how you keep track of tasks that need to get done at some point but aren't practical to do right when you think of them.

The big issue I'm dealing with

There's this issue I have. It's something I have to do as part of my job, but I find parts of it really hard. Mainly those parts which involve calling people and/or asking them for money.

New Underearners Anonymous Meeting in Boston

There is a new Underearners Anonymous (UA) Face-to-Face Meeting starting in Boston!

Where: MGH Yawkey Bldg (across from the Charles/MGH T stop on the Red line)
4A Room 4.810 4th floor

When: Every Tuesday Evening

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm

For more information about UA, go to
(This meeting is not yet listed on the website.)

Yet another rant wallow

I just feel so alone and cut off from people. Which is crap because I have lovely people in my life, but my mind keeps putting weird slants on stuff. Makes me believe that people are not what they seem or that they do t love me really. It just seems I am incapable of doing the things or making the changes that will make me happier. I just want to sit here and cry.

Waste time more productively - learn stuff & donate rice!

Far be it from me to encourage anyone down the slippery slope of procrastination... so I hope I am not doing that with this post, but if one _were_ to take a little break between tasks, then this is a nice site. It is not too addictive, it is educational and it results in a charity donation of rice.


Feeling really bad about myself right now. Was angry at my husband for doing his own thing without really asking if I needed help. What I forgot is that he works a 40 hour week with at least another 8 hours travel on top. This is his first day off in ages, and he's perfectly entitled to do his own thing. I work 22 chargable hours a week most of the time, and even that is a constant battle.

Letting off a bit of steam...

This thread is just to have a place to let off some steam about anything that frustrates or infuriates us.

For me, today, it's realising that the PA meeting was last night 2030 UK time and although I remembered I wanted to go *twice* during the day, I didn't remember to get there when it came down to it. AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! It was only going to be my second meeting but I really feel unsupported here so I had wanted to attend.

My new business! Useful destuckification stuff

I've just launched a new business!

Please check out my website - even if you don't buy anything, there's lots of useful/amusing stuff there :D I'd love to know what you think (but be gentle, please!)  

Emergency, need help

HUGE EMERGENCY. Please, please can anyone with any proofing skills contact me. I've screwed up a deadline, I need help finishing the work asap.

Writing project for Do It Now

Finish this writing project.  PROGRESS NOT PREFECTION


Step 1.  (est. 30 mins)


See what I have written and figure what needs to be added.


Step 2.  (1-3 hours)


Load up what I have that is usable (type it in)


Step 3.  (est 1 hour)


Figure out what else I need


Step 4.   (2 hours)


how do you manage email traffic?

I've noticed several other PAers also work on mutiple external projects with overlapping timelines, so I'm seeking experience, strength and hope on managing the email traffic this generates.  On a typical day I get 40-60 work-related emails.  In most cases, the sender expects a response that is either immediate, within the next hour or two, or at the very least within the work day (crossing three time zones).

the HOW of the program

Hi Im coming back, after almost a year of not calling in and even dealing with my procrination problen/addiction.  I am looking for how and what you are doing daily to over come the addiction.  Janetrose

Please donate to PA

I didn't harass you about donating in January - because I forgot!   I am late making my February donation but I'm doing it right now.    Join me and make a small (or large!) donation to keep the site going.


Please put PA on your holiday gift list!

Fees for the web server come due in December, so now is a good time to make a donation.   Pro donates a lot of time and energy to the site but can't pay for the services out of pocket - so help keep us going in 2012.   I need you guys and I need the site to keep me on track.   PA pulled me out of a deep hole 3 (or 4?) years ago and I wanna stay out of it!


Innertruth's article on Procrastination

Here's an article I wrote on Procrastination for an association magazine. 


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