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Waste time more productively - learn stuff & donate rice!

Far be it from me to encourage anyone down the slippery slope of procrastination... so I hope I am not doing that with this post, but if one _were_ to take a little break between tasks, then this is a nice site. It is not too addictive, it is educational and it results in a charity donation of rice.

Thank you for the link!

It's really a perfect combination of learning & donating (or rather, causing sponsors to donate) without having to pay anything!

I already learned a lot there - many things where I always thought "I really should know this, it's basic knowledge, but I don't have the time now to learn it!". Almost all the subjects available there taught (or still teach) me something. It was definitely not a waste of time.

I also recommended the link to a teenager to whom I give private coaching, and whose general knowledge is very scant. I hope she'll use it and show it to all her friends. Hopefully that will even save me some time in the future. (Private coaching is mostly in math and English, but I try to answer the other questions she asks, too, and it would be good if I wouldn't always have to start with the basics and explain, for example, that Pakistan is not something to eat.) I'll also continue to recommend the link - I know a lot of people who spend their breaks playing solitaire etc. every single day and who will probably welcome a bit of variation.

@ Riddled

I am glad you liked this link. I also think it is great. If I must waste time (it seems I must... ) might as well learn something while I am at it. So you are German but you coach English. You are very talented Riddled!


talented? not really!

Here in Germany, everyone wants a native English speaker to coach them but there aren't enough to go around... Besides, I wouldn't dare to give English coaching to anyone who already knows a bit more than the mere basics, but alas, that girl is still far from it. (I wish she'd at least speak and write correct German!)

@ Riddled

I know all about the native speaker thing. I hesitate to open my mouth sometimes (it seems everyone can tell English is my Muttersprache from the first syllable that I utter) because apparently I like nothing better than to hear people can practise their English. (I hope that doesnt sound too bad tempered, I am actually quite polite in actual life, but it does get to me.) Anyway, it sounds like you are doing this girl lots of good.