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Site Questions, Problems, and Updates

This is where I will post information about site outages and updates, fixes, new stuff, etc. If you're having technical problems, post them here.

Australia Zoom room contact link not working

Hi, sent you an email through the PA contact tab, Pro, but just found this new feature in the Forum -- sorry I wasn't familiar with it before. Just putting a note here about the broken link for Carol's contact info. (for the Australia Zoom meeting) in case others are finding the same issue and also need to see the response. 



forum messages show oldest first

It's really annoying that forum messages are ordered oldest first. If I can catch up on my other critical stuff, I'll see if i can go into the code and fix it. Drupal will not fix it, though it was reported many times.

To see the current messages in a forum, click on the forum and go to the last page.

can't change forum display order

When you click on the Forums tab at the top and then click on a forum, it shows posts from oldest to most recent. To see the most recent posts, you have to click "Last" in the navigation area. I looked into this, but there is no setting for it. It's a bug in Drupal 6. Sorry for the inconvenience.


please report site problems

I believe everything is working, but I can't know for sure until people try it. If you encounter problems logging in or with anything else, please message me through this site or through Facebook.

If you want to register for this site to use its resources, send me an email saying why you want access, and I'll create an account for you. I had to disable user registrations due to spammers.

Editing and recieving messages

I want to edit some details on my aacount but when I click edit, there's nothing but the submit button. Same thing with messages. I got an email notification that I had a new message, but when I go to the site, it shows nothing but "printer friendly version" under the "account" option.  
What is going on? Do others have the same problem?

- Steppin 

Crossing out on the Daily Check In


I love the daily check in but when I go back into it, I can't cross things off.  I block it off use the ABC crossed out button and it puts a line through it.  However when I post the finished version doesn't have a line thru it so it doesn't look like I have done it.  Could it be because I am using a mac? 



Chatbox blank

Anyone else seeing a blank chatbox in IE today? (Not just empty - completely blank, can't even see my own comments.)

My employer blocks some forum threads

I've just changed employers and my new one has really heavy protection from "unsitable" sites.  It's refusing to let me access the Monday 21st March thread on the grounds of it being "offensive and tasteless".

NEW ARTICLE: How to Get Started - A Magic Bullet That Works (Really!)

I just posted a new article (first new one in a while):

How to Get Started - A Magic Bullet That Works (Really!)

Chatbox Anonymous problem fixed (I think) - SAFE TO COME BACK NOW

Sorry for kicking everyone out of the chatbox just now, but I was concerned it was a hacker in the chatbox because it was an admin ID. I changed the code so anyone not logged into the forum will be automatically logged out of the chat. That should fix the problem - I hope.

Please let me know if you see further problems. You won't see "Anonymousxxx" again because I commented out that code completely.

Meeting Chatbox Trouble

I'm not able to get in.  I am on compatability view, but it said I need to be connected to send a message.  Help

Chatbos and Cross Out Problems

I still do not know how to get into the chatbox.  It keeps saying I need to be connected to send a message.  I logged in and out several times.  I don't know what to do,  I do not even know how to cross out chiores that I have done.  I need help.



I'm not able to get into the chatbox either.  I got out of it accidently and I was not able to connect into the chatbox.  I need help.



Are we allowed to use external images (not from in threads?

Or is there a way to upload to the site?

Thank you. 

Pcrastination BS: How to do strikethroughs (line over text) in posts?

Can somebody tell my why strikethroughs (line over text) works in edit mode (the strikethrough is visible) but does not show in the posted comment? I'm on a mac.

 I've seen it in other peoples posts. Would be cool to be able to cross things of digitally :)


fixed links in Resources block on right

I fixed a problem with the links in the Resources block. You could only access the links from the home page. If you tried from any other page (like from the forum) you'd get a "not found" error. No more - this has been fixed.

So if you thought these links just didn't work, try again! :)

Can't get into chatbox today

Hi Chick,

I'm having trouble getting into chatbox this morning.  I've tried logging out, restarting computer, erasing internet files, reloading, etc.  It gets stuck...  Just wanted to wish you a wonderful day.  I'll keep trying to log in.



Sorry I didn't post this earlier. I updated the chatbox late last night, and you will have to delete your cache for it to work. Delete your browser's temporary files, close your browser, then reopen and it should work. Let me know if you have problems.

some serious database problems on the site

Our Web host disabled my account a few minutes ago because of a database problem that threatened to bring down the shared server. They re-enabled it so I can work with them to figure out what is wrong. I'm going to stay out of the chatbox for now, in case that's the cause of the problem.

Hopefully the site won't go down again today, but if it does, this is why. We're working on the problem.

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