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I'm not able to get into the chatbox either.  I got out of it accidently and I was not able to connect into the chatbox.  I need help.


reply to Lennon re: chatbox troubles

Lennon, you DID get into the meeting. We all saw you there.

This is the same thing that happened 3 weeks ago.

Three weeks ago, I wrote to you here:

Some wireless connections time out frequently. Try a different method of connection to the internet.

Each time you got bumped out of chat, we saw you return.

I think another problem is that ... you are not reading what is written here:

Sometimes, if you click on the meeting tab right away, you get sent to some twilightzone place where you can see the other names but you cannot read what people are typing. We can see you, and you can see us, but we cannot read each other.

So .. when you enter chat, DON'T go immediately to meeting room.

If you get bumped out of chat due to an internet connection issue, log back in and THEN, please.. .

WAIT until the "check-in" chat is fully loaded. Try saying "hello" in the check-in room.

THEN (and only then) click on the meeting tab. You should be able to connect that way.