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Chatbos and Cross Out Problems

I still do not know how to get into the chatbox.  It keeps saying I need to be connected to send a message.  I logged in and out several times.  I don't know what to do,  I do not even know how to cross out chiores that I have done.  I need help.



(oops duplication)

Crossing Out

(Oh just saw this thread - so I moved my comment from the check-in forum to here :))

Hi Lennon

You can cross out your tasks by highlighting the text you want to cross
out, then clicking the ABC button in the grey
formatting menu above your text box.

I think it's the 4th button from the left on the top row, next to U

If you don't see a grey formatting menu or the buttons I'm talking
about, I think you need to enable TinyMCE rich text by going to the Edit
tab in My Account in the top left of your screen.

Sorry I don't know how to fix your chat problem - but I hope this helps!

> Allegro

Even i need to strike

Even i need to strike through and i know how is that done but somehow I cannot see the edit option before my own post..shouldnt it be there? It was when i forst posted. I cant edit now. Can anyone help ??

Thank you

I solved it.  Thank you so much.  Now, I am able to do the program.

Perhaps some tips for you


This is happily bizarre...I am only half-a-wk into chat, so weird that I am telling anything to another newcomer.....Hope it's useful:

- Use compatability view (click on it) under your own computer's "tool" tab

- Hit refresh (or the 'join check-in' tab) repeatedly and then do  a test post

- Send me an email directly if it does not work...I can try and help