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Editing and recieving messages

I want to edit some details on my aacount but when I click edit, there's nothing but the submit button. Same thing with messages. I got an email notification that I had a new message, but when I go to the site, it shows nothing but "printer friendly version" under the "account" option.  
What is going on? Do others have the same problem?

- Steppin 


Regarding editing our profiles:

Our profiles have been blank -- and non-editable
--since October 14th, 2013 when there was some change in company that hosts the website.

That was the same day that the chatbox went down.

The chatbox has been working since October 28th, 2013, but our profiles remain un-editable.


Regarding messaging:

These forums have never had internal messaging. You can click on someone's profile, and then the "contact" tab within their profile, to type them a message, but the message is sent directly to their email address.

If you received an email that you have a message from another member, then that message should be WITHIN that same email. Scroll down that email to read the message.  If you click "reply", your reply will go directly from your email address to the other person's email address, at which point the other person will now know your email address.  I've been a member here since June 2007, and it's always been this way, and it's continued to be that way even recently.

Your email address that messages get sent to ... is whatever email address you used to register with these forums. We used to be able to edit our profiles in order to CHANGE that email address, but as I said above, the ability to edit our profiles has been broken for the last 30 days.


(disclaimer, I'm not a moderator here. I'm just reporting what I've observed, but I have no real clue what's going on).


Edit to update: I emailed Pro about this and Pro replied to me that there is something that needs to be done to fix this, but it may take some time. Pro isn't able to work on it now, but will do it when able. Please be patient.


  Thank you for the


Thank you for the info! Good to know that it's not just my browser or something:) 



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