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Pcrastination BS: How to do strikethroughs (line over text) in posts?

Can somebody tell my why strikethroughs (line over text) works in edit mode (the strikethrough is visible) but does not show in the posted comment? I'm on a mac.

 I've seen it in other peoples posts. Would be cool to be able to cross things of digitally :)



The strikestroughs shows up in a posted comment if I manually insert the <strike> </strike> in the html code. But that also screws up the formating (the spacing). This is so much procrastination I'm stopping right now.



Don't now how but I've solved it. Maybe some kind of browser/OS formating setting. Still screws up the formating though!


I'm on a pc but I find that it's browser related.  We're forced to use IE 6 at work and it doesn't work there, but works fine at home using Firefox.  


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I use Safari for mac, but I

I use Safari for mac, but I tried firefox and get the same results. The strikethroughs show up just fine in the edit box, but not in the posted comment.
I want to do some motherloving strikethroughs darnit! :)

Strikethroughs on Firefox 3.5.8 work

I'm on a PC using Firefox 3.5.8. The strikethrough feature works fine for me, although I cannot cut and paste on this version of Firefox on these posts.

I found this on google for you, it appears this is a known Safari issue:


That explains all the

That explains all the formating fuzz. Thanks Huma for the research!