Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Accountability Partners / Sponsors

Post here if you are looking for an accountability partner or a sponsor, or if you can be one.

Looking For A Step Work Buddy


I'm still realtively new to PA, (<2 months) and this is my first 12 Step Programme, but looking to work the Step Programme. It's been recommended that you don't do it alone, so I'm looking for someone to partner up with.

I live in the UK and can be somewhat flexible when it comes to times, provifing enough notice is given, so I can manage my schedule.

If someone would like to work together, please get in touch.


Bursting Buddy (while chatbox is down)

Hey friends. I am totally embarrassed to post this, but I am having a hard time focusing without the chatbox (but THANK YOU PRO for working on it and everything! you are awesome). If anyone would like to work together in a mostly temporary way via text, e-mail, or instant message, that would be great! Message me :) Or reply here. Thank you!!

Email sponsor


I'm Alujna. I'm a chronic procrastinator and I'm looking for a sponsor I can do email check-ins with. Someone who can see through my bullshit. Not listen to my excuses and know when I'm lying.

That does not mean I'm starting this with the intention to lie. But I've been known to give excuses and back out mid way.

I will check in twice a day with emails. In the morning with my to do list and at night with my progress. Any time zone is fine.

I really do need a sponsor desperately. Trying to keep myself in check is SO NOT working.

Looking for an accountability partner/sponsor



I really want to face my procrastination problem and have already made a plan, which includes a clear goal, start & finish date, motivation, consequences for failure and so on.

I have always tried to tackle my problems alone, but I think it would really help to share it with somebody else and I'm sure I can be of assistance as well.


I am a man from Austria (CET). I am pretty flexible, though, so other time zones shouldn't be a problem. I could contact you for instance via Mail, Messenger or Skype.

temporary accountability partner/sponsor "light"

Ummm... I'm looking for an accountability partner or sponsor... well, maybe... and maybe just temporarily... and maybe the "light" version... or something... uh...

Ok, more clearly:
I've thought about looking for an accountability partner or a sponsor. But I'm not at all sure

Seeking accountability partner

Hello everyone! I'm looking for an
accountability partener (Howdy partener! ;-) ← this is me making
fun of my own mispelling, btw.)

Especially for the next week, but also
going forward.

Preferably via email or skype.

I'm male, in my 30s and trying to
handle work from home plus university. I'm in the central European
timezone (Berlin, Paris, London +1)

Seeking Accountability Partner (European time)

 About me:

Accountability Partner using MS Outlook Tasks.

Hi, I am looking for an accountability partner  through MS Outlook

We would send each other our Daily Task List and then send a completed report, therby maintaining accountablity for our Tasks.

I am on EST and my day is usually from 4 am to 8 pm but open to any TimeZones as am looking more for maintaining accountablity rather than live support.

Please feel free to post here or send me a message if you are interested.

Looking for Bookending buddy


I am looking for a female bookending buddy for AM and PM.  I am on the east coast.



Looking For Bookending Buddies To Check-In Or Co-Work With

I was looking through past posts & saw one that really spoke to me so I paraphrased & co-opted the title of it. A couple nights ago I had 3 wake up calls in two nights. Also, 4 in the last week. Then I got to really thinking about it & there have been 10 in the past seven months. Nothing earthshaking, but still significant. I will tell you about the last three.

Looking for a accountability partner...preferably UK with the time differences and all

Hello all,

I am new member here and have posted an introduction about myself and the issues that I have in the introductions section of the forum.

I am looking for an accountability partner...someone to check in with..someone to share issues with and generally feel like I am not facing this alone.

More information about me is in the introduction section but I am doing a phd part-time and then occassionally work.

Seeking Sponsor and/or Accountability Partner!

Seeking WhatsAp/Gtalk/BBM Accountability/Action Partner


I'd like to find an action/accountability partner where we'd stay in contact via WhatAp, GTalk or BBM if possible.

I don't always have access to my laptop and I sometimes find that I need the moral support or to check-in during random times of the day, but using my phone to get on PA is inconvenient because the website isn't compatible with my phone's browser and the chatbox doesn't come out right.

Seeking a partner who can talk via smartphone messenger

I'm 22 and I'm in law school. I have been doing pretty well overall with my procrastination (law school assignments are set up in such a way that it's almost much impossible to procrastinate and stay above water) but I am still having some issues. I'm living in my first apartment and sometimes if I am really on top of school work other things like grocery shopping and laundry get neglected. The reverse is also true-often I'll be "productive" in my apartment and neglect schoolwork until the last minute. 

Looking for accountability partner-female

Hi urgently looking for accountability female partner.  I am in the middle of crisis with my procrastination.  Please!

Seeking UK-based accountability buddy

Hi to anyone here who's looking for an accountability buddy. 

I'm looking for an accountability buddy, preferably UK-based if possible.
I would like to do either daily or alternate day check-ins (just 10 or 15 mins) by phone or Skype.

 About me - fairly new here, joined after reading recent article in the UK press.

Seeking Accountability Partner

Hello everyone,

I haven't been on this site in a quite a long time, but I've been oscillating between chronically procrastinating and working all the time, both of which are obviously unhealthy extremes. I mainly have issues with finishing schoolwork and writing articles. I don't have a preference for any specific backgrounds, however. I'm just looking for someone who will haggle me or guilt me into doing work until I complete everything. We can keep in touch through email, MSN or the PA chatbox.

If there's anyone interested, please let me know. Thanks.  

Seeking Accountability Partner for brief check-ins

Hello all,

I'm a 25-year-old woman living in California, and I'm looking for an accountability partner, someone to touch base with briefly a couple times a day.  I have a regular office job and can't check in during work hours, but mornings and/or evenings would be great.  I think a "live" check-in via some instant messaging system would be more effective for me than just responding to an email.  I'm open to using any messaging system, as long as it's a free one like AIM.

In UK, 9-10am riser, Seeking accountability buddy

I'm a (male) chronic procrastinator in the UK. I'm currently unemployed and have been for six months, after finishing a PhD which took more than 5 months to write up. It was a science PhD, so required me to be at work every day. Despite having generally terrible time management, I didn't actually procrastinate much while at work. It was hands-on work, which helped, and when I'm being paid to do a job (which it felt like) and there are people around to judge me for not working, I am well motivated.

looking to find accountability partner


I'm new to the community here. I too would benefit from an accountability partner, who can help me to; a) prioritise / triage what is most important-depsite the fear of doing it. b) that is willing to assist me in being accountable for doing it.

And in return I would do the same -as clasically I am very good at motivating and enabling others to make commitments, just not myself!!

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