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Seeking accountability partner

Hello everyone! I'm looking for an
accountability partener (Howdy partener! ;-) ← this is me making
fun of my own mispelling, btw.)

Especially for the next week, but also
going forward.

Preferably via email or skype.

I'm male, in my 30s and trying to
handle work from home plus university. I'm in the central European
timezone (Berlin, Paris, London +1)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


It's an inside job...

Hi emilhaller,

I'm having computer issues at the moment, also, I don't know about Vienna but here in London it's wonderfully sunny, which has kind of thrown me!

Anyway, I think I gave you my mobile number, if you have whatsapp on your phone we could text each other for free, might be worth giving it a go?

I'm using my tablet to write this, so I'm not entirely without resources, but it's not ideal...


No problem. I'll contact you

No problem. I'll contact you later, ok? Enjoy the sun! And yes, it's sunny in Vienna as well :)

I'm applying :)

Hi Emilhaller,

I'm in the right time zone (London) and I'm definitely around next week until the 19th.

Female, 40's, single parent and studying (but it's the summer holidays so completely structure-less at the moment, which is dangerous), I need to do some major decluttering/home organising.


It's an inside job...

Just sent you a PM!

Just sent you a PM!